The cure for Noy’s emasculation is the presidency

Anyone keenly observing the goings on in the “presidentiable derby” should see what rings hollow in the campaign of Noynoy Aquino. There is a discrepancy between fact and fiction; between declarations and act.
However, to say that Noynoy is seeking the presidency on a whim is missing the point.

You have to credit the man with ambition or, more correctly perhaps, what some may call a big chip on his shoulder. It’s not that I don’t understand, either. On the contrary, I realize where he’s coming from.

You start with his parents, who are now huge parts of history. The Aquino name as represented by Ninoy and Cory will forever resonate with concepts of democracy, freedom, and, well, the color yellow.

Undeniably, Ninoy and Cory cast a long shadow on the generations that will come after them – none more than their children. After all, when people unite in admiration for your parents – even calling your mom a “saint of democracy” – you feel both proud AND a little pressured.

And when you’re the only son in a brood of girls then, wow, the pressure must be unbearable.

The mantle of leadership that Cory left behind ought to have gone to Noy. He should have been the figure of authority, the guardian of his sisters. I say “ought to” because we all are privy to where the true power now lies. Yes, it’s with Kris – the youngest and richest among the siblings – who now wields the power of the media like a sword to not so subtly prod people into doing her whims.

When Kris publicly emasculated Noy at the memorial mass for her mother, Filipinos could almost feel a physical pain of shame for the only brother. Kris didn’t want Noy to marry, and she wanted to obligate him to take care of her son Josh. Yes, she was, in fact, trying to condemn him to perpetual nannyhood.

Kris wasn’t done with her appeals at the lectern, either. She kept commenting on Noy’s lovelife and other details through her personal bullhorn that is SNN, until Noy finally put his foot down – although I suspect it must have been one of the other sisters who told Kris to shut up and leave their brother with a semblance of dignity.

When Liberal Party elders saw erstwhile presidentiable Mar Roxas slide down in the surveys, they panicked. The voted, and the verdict was clear: they took back their support for Mr. Palengke and went for Mr. My Parents’ Son. It was no heroic, selfless act by Mar; it was shoved in his face by the Liberals. You could see it in Mar’s face at Club Filipino. He was pained. He looked shamed and betrayed.

But it was Noy’s turn at the bat now. The man who was never a leader, never his own man, was suddenly chosen by peers and elders because they had seen the Cory magic at work in her death. A light bulb flickered to life as they saw the smiling Noy at his mom’s wake and funeral – shaking hands, mingling, smiling and thanking the throngs who braved the rain and the hours of queuing and waiting.

Noy could save the Liberals from defeat.

He now had a chance to shine and, friendship with Mar (and ex flame Korina) be damned, Noy was going to seize the moment. Never mind that Mar and his family shelled out untold millions of pesos in the campaign. The smell of the presidency is much too strong for Noy.

I love my country too much to allow this travesty to happen. This is not some arena to be pissed on or experimented on in one man’s quest to find his testicles. I love Ninoy and Cory as much as the next guy, but I know in my heart that Noy is nothing like his parents.

In the final analysis, the presidency is Noy’s chance to be what he has never been – a man. God help us all if we give him that opportunity.


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