Hacienda Luisita: Relive the horror and tragedy




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3 responses to “Hacienda Luisita: Relive the horror and tragedy

  1. arm

    I simply wept seeing this. Ang mura ng buhay ng tao sa Pinas. Nakakaiyak.

    Sinong sasagot dito? Ang Cojuangco/Aquino clan? Pano sila nakakaharap sa taong bayan?

  2. a_s

    I was working at the House of Representatives at this time. Noynoy may not have been directly responsible for this massacre, but I was still disheartened to observe his lack of remorse when this was being discussed. He may not personally own a lot of shares, but I still believe it was his moral responsibility to do something after this carnage.

  3. Jhyms

    actually this video was one of the propaganda of the cpp/npa/ndf…all the workers that has been shot was found members of npa and according to the investigation they are shot at the back….i am very disheartened that they were made to be sacrifice by the cpp/npa/ndf in order to make an issue to distabilize the gov’t….T_T

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