Hey sister, big spender!

Presidentiable sister Kris Aquino does it again.

Since proclaiming to all who cared to listen that she and her family were moving into a more modest home to raise money for Noy’s candidacy, Kris has apparently gone back to her lavish spending and lifestyle– which makes us wonder if she ever changed or sacrificed (even just a teensy bit) at all.

In her perpetual need for the spotlight, we have seen her declare on SNN that she has costly Hermes bags (minimum P700,000 a bag), and never lets us forget every sordid detail of her excesses. Most recently, Kris said she is about to take delivery of a customized nine-seat “coaster” or “mini-bus” (an imitation, in her words, of Vilma Santos’ own vehicle). Kris hastened to add, though, that she couldn’t afford a total imitation.


The Kris Aquino mobile has a microwave, oven toaster, flat-screen TV, and Paul Smith (a famous high-end brand, of course)- style stripes on its pink body. The captain seats, continued Kris, can swivel 360 degrees. The commode is yellow, of course, along with the sink.

It also comes with a full load of hypocrisy.

So, once again, the thinking man says: “How can you stomach asking for a minimum of P500 on your official Noy website when your sister is the queen of lavishness?”

Why don’t you give back some of that dough to the Hacienda Luisita farmers or workers you pay P9.50 a day to?


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