Apocalypse Noy

Will we let chaos reign again?

Wow, what a doghouse campaign Noynoy Aquino is running.

His Nazi moderators on his official Facebook account are giving us a taste of what to expect from a Noynoy presidency — the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Chaos, Incompetence, Greed, and Hypocrisy. Feel free to add more horses as you see fit.

Let your voice be heard: Support this Facebook account that tells all from behind enemy lines. Here’s the account description:

“The Noynoy camp employs people who work round the clock to monitor posts on their ridiculous Facebook group. What’s more shocking is that they even delete friendly posts which are not even anti-Noynoy. THIS REFLECTS THE IMMATURITY AND POLITICAL STUPIDITY of the Noynoy Facebook group. THIS MEANS THAT ONCE HE IS ELECTED TO THE PRESIDENCY (GOD FORBID), NOYNOY WOULD NOT BE OPEN TO CRITICISMS AND DISSENTS.”



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    Very interesting site. Please keep me updated. Thanks!

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