Desperation, thy name is Noynoy Aquino

Game over, Noy. People love your mom, but we love the country, too.


How desperate is your campaign? One of my friends got it right when he said to expect some crazy moves by Noynoy and his LP mafia brethren to drum up obviously flagging support for the necropolitician. Watch and learn, friends.

1. Watch for more staged Kris and James spats in the run-up to the elections. My source says Noy wants to appear as peacemaker and get between the crazy couple.

2. Stepped-up black propaganda efforts. We are seeing the fruits of these on ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which put great spins on non-stories so that their anointed Noy comes away with pogi points while assailing other candidates.

3. Shalani power. Never underestimate, however creepy, the romance of Noy and Shalani. Noy is expected to milk this angle for votes.

4. Showbiz-zy. Kris is pulling all the strings she can to get the support of all the actors she can get. It helps, of course, that she is an untouchable over at ABias CBN.

5. More absences in presidential fora. Can’t blame the guy. What can he answer except that he is the son of his parents — and that he will study whatever issue is thrown at him? Tsktsk.



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5 responses to “Desperation, thy name is Noynoy Aquino

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