Kris, Globe, Ted to Noynoy’s rescue!

James: Okay Kris, you can get off me now. I won't go to our neighbors anymore. Seriously!

By now, you all know about that icky, shameful “sugod” episode Kris performed for free in Valle Verde. That poor girl (yung sinugod, hindi yung nangsugod) must be suffering all sorts of embarrassment right now — to say nothing about her mother who had to endure verbal abuse from a Kris Aquino who obviously is lacking in manners and tact.

The Inquirer questions the timing of the latest ho-hum episode in the sham marriage of Kris and James. I say it’s perfect timing! It’s hitting two birds with one stone!

1. Kris has a new telenovela out. They need ratings!

2. Noynoy’s campaign is stalling. They need ratings!

* * *

From OhNoy’s reliable sources: Globe Telecoms has lent 20 IT professionals to the Noynoy Aquino campaign. Now, you need not wonder any further why Noy’s online presence is strong.

To this we say: your woe-is-me act rings hollow. We can see the support you get from people and corporations — people and corporations that will want their investment back if you (GOD HELP US ALL) win in May.

* * *

Is there a more ardent Noy supporter than Ted Failon? He’s the most loyal lapdog in ABiaS-CBN; a hatchet job to all Noynoy contenders — particularly Sen. Villar. I heard him interview NP’s Gilbert Remulla on the radio this morning. Though he was trying to moderate his obvious sarcasm, it shone through. He had to get the last word in — and try to cast the NP stand in a bad light. Tsktsk.



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8 responses to “Kris, Globe, Ted to Noynoy’s rescue!

  1. Gilbert

    Napapansin ko din mga banat ni Ted, pilit pinasasama ang ibang presidentiable. Nawalan tuloy siya ng kredibilidad.

  2. JM


    LOL. as if your opinion matters.

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