ABias-CBN has field day over Sen. Villar no-show

Honorary LP members Ted Failon and Pinky Webb when not wearing their sarcastic faces

As expected, pro-Noy network ABS-CBN is spinning yesterday’s events to discredit top Noy rival Sen. Villar.

Ted Failon and Pinky Webb, over at Tambalang Failon and Webb, were pretty obvious in their show of disdain for the Villar supporters – choosing texts from the public that were consistent with their views. I mean, give me a break. If you’re going to pretend to be “walang kinikilingan,” then, at least, please try.

You could even see Pinky Webb’s sarcastic looks when she and Ted were interviewing Gilbert Remulla and Satur Ocampo this morning on Teleradyo.

Then there were the Tweets on ANC that, again, slammed no one else but the Villar supporters.

What about Jamboy’s “Corruption, corruption!” outburst? What about Mar’s out-of-turn interpolation? His shameless campaigning?

Answer this: How many shares do the Aquinos own in your biased network?

Ey, Ted. Fix your wig. You’re on TV, for crying out loud.

And don’t keep claiming your views are the views of the Filipino people. Speak for yourself, baldy.



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2 responses to “ABias-CBN has field day over Sen. Villar no-show

  1. Pinky Webb Panig sa Mamamatay Tao

    Kaya si Pinky Webb against kay Villar eh dahil may kamag-anak din siyang mamamatay tao..remember Vizconde massacre?

    Talaga namang bagay sila ni Abnoy, killer ng mga magsasaka. Sana nga lang, wag maniwala sakanila ang taong bayan.

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