Hindi ako magnanakaw! Pero ibang usapan ang Kamaganak, Inc.

My eyes burn each time I am subjected to Noynoy’s commercial where he declares to all and sundry he will not steal.


There are five things I will do for the country. Um, ah, teka... SCRIPT, please!

It’s so easy to deliver those lines. I mean, I can do that.

Thinking Filipinos, though, can easily see the twisted logic the Noynoy campaign hinges on. Never mind the necropolitics, but hey, if the presidency hinges on INACTION (meaning, NOT STEALING) then, heck, I CAN BE PRESIDENT!

And don’t believe the crap he won’t steal. Do you people still remember Kamaganak, Inc., that mafia of relatives who sponged off the country when Tita Cory (God bless her soul) was in power?

There’s the feeling-pogi Paul Aquino with his lavish lifestyle during those days. He had numerous pretty young things, too — among them a flight attendant.

Let’s not forget Tingting Cojuangco, too — socialite cum writer-wannabe. Imelda Marcos is still reportedly fuming at the sight of Tingting because Mrs. Cojuangco stole a lot her jewelry in Malacanang right after People Power. OH, YES.

Hindi ka magnanakaw, Noy? Baka habang naglalaro ka ng Ragnarok ay ninakawan na ang kaban ng bayan ng KAMAGANAK, INC.



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5 responses to “Hindi ako magnanakaw! Pero ibang usapan ang Kamaganak, Inc.

  1. hahaha ragnarok! baka nga o2jam pa nilalaro nyan eh. our country is doomed kapag sya president. tsk tsk tsk…

  2. Juan A. Change

    pwede pong magtanong, anong specific case, specific raket, specific issue, specific amount po ba ang ninakaw nung mga kamag-anak,inc. nung panahon ni cory?

    specific as in:

    erap = BW stocks manipulation, jueteng payola
    fvr = centennial expo
    gma = ZTE, hello garci,

    salamat po.

  3. Cory Aquino = Hacienda Luisita Farmers’ Lives and Rights.

    I think that goes beyond any mandated piece of public property.

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