Meet our newest superhero: NEUTRALNOY!

Manila Standard Today columnist Emil Jurado got it spot on when he tried to explain the erosion of support for Noynoy “Son of Ninoy and Cory” Aquino.

“… the dimming of Aquino’s star may be attributed to his being a candidate “against” something, not “for” something. More people are also becoming aware of his lack of track record and competence.”

When you go on national television to say nothing aside from running after crooks and vowing not to steal, then you’re standing on pretty shaky ground.

Jurado continues: “And when Noynoy says in his informercial, ‘hindi ako magnanakaw (I will not steal),’ we just have to see the faces around him salivating for a return to power. And then we remember the many anomalies perpetrated by Kamag-anak Inc. during his mother’s time.

Yes, Aquino says he is running AGAINST graft and corruption, injustice, poverty (as if that can be solved in our lifetime), and insurgency. All these are motherhood statements. Come to think of it, what’s Noynoy running FOR?

He has nothing to show us, really. His stint as a legislator has been untainted all right, untainted with accomplishments. He relies solely on the alleged legacy of his famous parents.

The problem with the Noynoy campaign is that it’s anchored on hate and vindictiveness.”

Ironically, the Yellow Army fancies itself as standing for good against evil. Noynoy’s more rabid supporters delude themselves into thinking they are the messiahs of the Philippines — it is only them who are thinking for the good of the country.

Mired in this hopeless, deluded mindset, Noynoy supporters mistakenly assume we are in the same situation as we were in 1986.

No, there is no dictator to topple. Though we hate GMA and her cronies with a passion, we are not in the chokehold of dictatorship or even martial law.

But that’s how the LP Mafia want to spin it. They want to create an impression of chaos and present themselves as the only option to get us out of it.

If Noynoy was so ardent about doing good and standing up against evil, what explains a non-existent record in the Senate and House?

I mean, he was just going with the flow the whole time. Walang bahid ng abilidad. Walang pinakitang kakayahan.

Now, all of a sudden, he is the man who can do no wrong (or good)?

He is our newest superhero –NEUTRALNOY! Neither here nor there… neither good nor bad. He’s just, well, IS.

God help us all.

PS: Here’s the link to Emil Jurado’s article:

I will do neither bad nor good -- I AM NEUTRALNOY!



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11 responses to “Meet our newest superhero: NEUTRALNOY!

  1. Marco

    A person who is being controlled by his sister and cannot even make a decision for his self.
    What more if he becomes the President of naghihingalong Pilipinas??
    Ginagamit lamang siya.

  2. kellydavid

    “EFFECTIVE Leadership is not about making speeches or being LIKED, LEADERSHIP is defined by RESULTS not ATTRIBUTES.”

    12 years in public service + 9 bills filed + 7 million for bills + yearly pork barrel = ZERO results on laws passed..

    Luisita Massacre and Mendiola Massacre…

    Nuff said…

  3. Philip

    so self righteous for him to claim that he is the “good” battling against “evil”. So self-righteous and blasphemous for them to claim that – I think Bro will not be pleased. Reminds me, really, of the Pharisees who were so self-righteous and self-conceited during their times that Jesus hated them so much. They’re accusing all other people not on their side as “evil”. Am I evil too, because I’m not on his side?

    Another thing is his new set of advertisements, the road, the bahay, and health care service. With that, I have to commend him for making such interesting observations. But i just wish that he also gave some realistic strategies on how is he going to implement those motherhood statements. Tuloy ang laban his ass, his late mother Cory wasn’t even able to stop his Kamag-anaks ruthless greed.
    “May demokrasya wala namang kuryente, buwisit!”

    • ninja

      My observation too about being so self-righteous like the Pharisees. 2000 years after Christ tried to correct that kind of attitude, here we still are.

      Noynoy contradicted himself in his ad when he said to Bongbong who criticized Cory Aquino for not doing anything, “Look around you.”

  4. orange camote

    From brazen landgrabbing to sleek siphoning of more than P6-billion people’s money to P20 worth of erasing and stealing children’s integrity,God help this country if Villar wins. We will be worse than the pit we were in during Marcos’ time. I’ll take character anytime.Diana’s brother was right. True goodness is threatening to those on the other side of the spectrum.

    • ninja

      I really don’t buy the proposition that we have to vote for Noynoy to keep Villar out of the presidency. Though Villar’s character is questionable, he is definitely more able than Noynoy. Look what happened to Erap. The country does not become better because of mere character. Kung character lang, si Perlas nalang!

      In all counts, Noynoy is at the bottom of the list, except in popularity because of his family.

  5. ninja

    OOps, reposting the correct comment:

    I really don’t buy the proposition that we have to vote for Noynoy to keep Villar out of the presidency. Though Villar’s character is questionable, he is definitely more able than Noynoy. We don’t want another inept president like Erap. But neither will the country become better because of mere character, with Cory as example. Kung character lang, si Perlas nalang!

    In all counts, Noynoy is at the bottom of the list, except in popularity because of his family.

  6. Jared

    I really don’t buy the bull he and the rest of the LP are throwing at us. Napaka-vengeful ng dating, akala mo kung sinong na-torture or kung ano man. He’s so insensitive and assuming pa! At the wake of Former Secretary Boncodin akalain mo ba naman na sabihin nya he was planning to appoint her as part of his cabinet officials, same thing with Tony Lopez whom he called the “bias” moderator where he said he’d give Lopez full access in Malacanang when elected. The nerve of this person. And please, let’s not call him autistic, kasi I have an autistic cousin and have met autistic people that are gifted. To call Noy Noy autistic is an insult to these people.

    • des

      ooh.. yeah.. good point.

      i feel awful for calling Noynoy an autistic..
      i so agree that it is an insult to these gifted people.

      so he’s just plain incompetent moron to me now.,

  7. rickybob

    Noynoy’s performance: 9 yrs in congress @70 M pork barrel + 3 yrs in senate @200M in pork barrel + salaries,allowances, office rental.etc = P2Billion…NOT A SINGLE LAW PASSED??? what is that? is it not CORRUPTION!!!

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