The Liberal Party and Noynoy: A bunch of unoriginal opportunists

Let's be Frank, Drilon: "You see, the people love the color yellow. That's the best way to get them. That is our platform!"

Granted we believe that Filipinos are actually stupid enough to be swayed by the ABS-CBN station ID masquerading as a campaign ad for Noynoy Aquino, I am not surprised the least that the no-brains behind it are presidential sister wannabe Kris and her mascot-manager Boy Abunda.

That explains a lot of things actually: the lack of substance, the flawed imagery, the preponderance of coerced star power, and everything else that made it the shallow production it was.

But then again, Kris and Boy have every right to screw it up because I’m thinking they paid for it.

Such imagery could have worked in another time and framed by dire circumstances.

When Cory offer gave in to the will of people to take on the mantle of leadership, it was a genuinely needed change at the right time. Doy Laurel, who was supposed to run for president himself, recognized the more important need to unite the opposition against the tyranny. The late former vice president bowed to the popular will – and history proved him right to have done so.

These are strange times, to say the least. Even as the LP criminals led by recycled politicians such as Frank Drilon have hijacked the spirit of EDSA and everything it stands for, they have stolen the lessons of history and perverted it into their own self-serving storyline. The people did want Mar Roxas to slide down to VP, the LP mafia did — spooked by a survey that Noy now tries to play down.

If you are to believe these crooks, it’s as if Tita Cory anointed them herself as guardians of democracy. These festering relics of Kamaganak, Inc. that blighted Cory’s administration are supposed to be our saviors now. Wait a minute. You mean to tell me their run then wasn’t enough? Haven’t they inflicted enough pain on us already?

* * *

It’s really disgusting how Noy continuously invokes the spirit of his parents, yet goes on tirades against his competitors (including his own cousin) in a sustained campaign of hate.

Stay classy, Noy.

And don’t tell me you don’t have money for ads. Come off your high horse and admit you earned soooo much from the shameless SCTEX project that could have helped improve the lives of the oppressed serfs (yes, serfs) at your beloved Hacienda Luisita – the same hacienda that provides for your sister’s jewelry (AS SHE ADMITTED ON NATIONAL TV).

Such hypocrisy makes we want to puke.

You and your henchman (yes, henchman) Jamby surely deserve each other. Maybe that’s why you don’t want to marry that poor girl Shalani. You and Jamboy look better together.



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4 responses to “The Liberal Party and Noynoy: A bunch of unoriginal opportunists

  1. HYPOCRISY should be spelled HYPOkrissy.

    Hey, love your last line. :))

  2. Jaime Lim

    i still believe the majority of Filipinos are not that shallow to fall for the rhetorics of the Aquino camp. Superstars and moviestars will NOT put food on my table. Fearless forecast from where I am sitting: it’s going to be Villar-Roxas !!!

  3. I hope my fellow Filipinos think NOYNOY as NOYNOY…. Not as NINOY!

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