There will never be justice in Luisita under Noynoy

We knew this one like the back of your hand. Noynoy is the hypocrite par excellence. How can you live with yourself knowing you had a hand in the Hacienda Luisita massacre, and that the money you get from the hacienda is tainted with blood of poor, oppressed people?

Tama na, sobra na, wag na tayong magpaloko!

Slip of tongue betrays Noynoy plan to save HLI


A slip of the tongue of Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino in a sortie to Davao City last Friday had betrayed his real intention of protecting his family’s interest in Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac if he wins the presidency in the May elections, Cavite Rep. Crispin “Boying” Remulla said yesterday.

“Noynoy’s excuse that as President he cannot order government to meddle in the affairs of a corporation like Hacienda Luisita Inc. (HLI) is very lame. What is that saying in Tagalog? Pag gusto may paraan, kapag ayaw maraming dahilan (If there’s a will there’s a way but a refusal has many excuses),” Remulla said.

Remulla said the next President only needs to implement to the letter the extended and amended version of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program law or CARPer to effect genuine land reform at Luisita.

“Noynoy had shown his true color, and the weakness of his character to oppose his relatives, the affluent members of Kamag-anak Inc. who want to bring us back to the dark days of the Aquino presidency marked by corruption, scandals and instability,” Remulla said.

Signed by President Arroyo last August, CARPer rendered illegal the stock distribution option (SDO) of the original CARP law passed under the Cory Aquino presidency that allowed Hacienda Luisita to escape land distribution.

“The SDO allowed Noynoy’s family to keep control of Luisita by making the farmers co-owners of the estate, but only on paper. In lieu of actual land titles, the farmers received worthless pieces of paper from the Cojuangcos,” Remulla said.

“I say worthless because the farmers who hold the stocks never had an equitable share in the income generated by Luisita. A case in point was the fact that each of the farmers received only one peso from the P83 million paid HLI as right-of-way (ROW) for the SCTEX project,” he said.

Noynoy, for his part, reportedly received P2 million of the P83 million SCTEX ROW fee, with P50 million said to have been used to finance his 2004 congressional election bid, leaving mere crumbs for the Luisita farmers.

Remulla said Noynoy’s not voting in favor of CARPer already exposed his real agenda at Luisita. “Noynoy and Kamag-Anak Inc. want to keep Luisita, now more than ever because its interconnection with SCTEX ballooned its worth from P8 per square meter to at least P1,000,” he added.

“As early as 1995, the Cojuangcos with one of its own as Tarlac governor had nearly 4,000 hectares of Luisita reclassified from agricultural to mixed use. As early as 2001, they had been cooking the diversion of SCTEX to serve Luisita. They are fooling no one.”

“Noynoy’s family has no intention of losing Luisita, which had become our country’s Little Palestine because of the farmers’ blood that had been spilled there. Let us not forget for even a minute that it is Noynoy’s family who lords it over the miserable lives of thousands of farmers at Luisita.”

“Has Kamag-Anak Inc. not done us enough damage that they now want a malleable, no make that a puppet, President in Noynoy?” asked Remulla, who added that aside from the overpriced ROW payment, the Cojuangcos were also “blessed” with a P170-million interchange built using taxpayers’ money though it only serves the business interests of the family.

In the early 80s, the government and the farmers won their case in court against the Cojuangcos, seeking their compliance with the term of the 1957 GSIS loan made by Jose Cojuangco Sr. to enable him to buy Luisita for P5.9 million.

The proviso was that the Cojuangcos would redistribute Luisita to farmers in 1957 and that they would just keep ownership of the sugar milling company Central Azucarera de Tarlac.

In 1989, in what was seen as a conflict of interest, the men of then President Aquino withdrew government’s own case against her own family. She also issued at least two decrees as revolutionary president to pave SDO’s implementation in Luisita.

Aquino then signed into law CARP, which cemented the unjust SDO as a scheme.



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3 responses to “There will never be justice in Luisita under Noynoy

  1. Boyingying Clown

    really? wala namang kwenta itong sinulat mo. puro kalokohan. patawa ka!

  2. The Full Truth: Noynoy and Hacienda Luisita (Must-Read)

    A summary of well-researched articles published on GMANews.TV.

    Noynoy’s well-documented involvement in Luisita:

    1. Noynoy Defends Military and Police Action During Luisita Massacre
    Noynoy spreads lies about the massacre.

    2. Noynoy’s Escorts Tagged in Shooting of Luisita Farm Workers
    Witness calls them “mga bata ni Noynoy Aquino,” “mga private army ni Congressman,” and “parang security guard, parang bodyguard.”

    3. Noynoy’s “Superhighway”
    5 years before Noynoy’s presidential campaign, a witness testifies that Noynoy told Luisita farmers to say yes to his SCTEx Luisita road project.

    4. SCTEx Investigation
    Government overpaid P247 million for Noynoy’s project.

    5. Hello Garci and Luisita
    Hello Garci comes out while Gloria’s Task Force Luisita is investigating the case.

    6. Cory and Noynoy Praise and Defend Gloria
    Even after Gloria’s “I am sorry” speech.

    7. Noynoy Votes Against Playing Garci Tapes

    8. Cory and Noynoy Drop Gloria Abruptly
    Just 8 days after Noynoy protected Gloria. The same month Task Force Luisita submitted the findings and recommendations of its investigation, which led to the government’s decision to order the distribution of the hacienda.

    9. Still No Justice for Massacre and Murder Victims

    10. Still No Land Distribution
    Jose Cojuangco Sr., Cory’s father, received large loans to buy the hacienda, on the condition that it would be DISTRIBUTED TO THE FARMERS BY 1967. Now, 43 years later, the land has still not been distributed. There has never been any valid reason why this was not done and many people have been killed for demanding justice.

    Read the full story at:

    Please share this with your family and friends by email, Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, Friendster etc. Feel free to copy and paste.

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