ABS-CBN: In service of Kris and Noy (in that order)


We’ve known for so long that the Lopezes, through ABS-CBN, are unabashedly supporting the campaign of Noynoy Aquino — even if they claim this impartial slogan above as gospel truth.

There’s Kris Aquino using SNN and her other shows — I don’t know if this will mercifully end soon, but she has a telenovela out.

There’s Ted Failon — a rabidly anti-Villar attack dog who, surprisingly (rather, unsurprisingly), got to host a presidential forum at La Salle University recently.

Most insidious of all are news items that skew hard facts to favor Noynoy.

For instance:

ANC/ABS-CBN described the reception of the Makati Business Club members towards guest speaker Sen. Villar as “lukewarm.” Anak ng patatas! We were there and there was a standing ovation and lots of applause.

Of all the candidates at their campaign kick-off the other day, Noy had the longest spiel — no less than CES DRILON followed AbNoy around and even interviewed his yaya. But you need to understand this, of course, CES DRILON is the estranged wife of artist ROCK DRILON, cousin of FRANK DRILON of LP.


While ABS-CBN/ANC lionizes the wimp that is Noynoy, the network attacks Villar shamelessly by giving airtime to the negative assertions of the LP. Why can’t we have intelligent news? GMA7 is infinitely more fair in its news treatment.

I mean, C’MON!

Di kami bobo, ABS-CBN. You can’t dupe people into voting for your hollow candidate.

And you can never hide the fact that Kris CAN’T act her way out of a toilet bowl.



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6 responses to “ABS-CBN: In service of Kris and Noy (in that order)

  1. antivillar

    anoh bah toh! kitid ng utak bah ang uso?

  2. christy

    … I would have to agree on this…however, you should have made it more impartial than anti-Noynoy (“lionizes the wimp that is Noynoy”) since the article is showing the impartiality of ABS CBN… being neutral would have made it more credible at least, not favoring or being against one candidate…

  3. just so we know

    truly, aBIAS-cbn. very partisan. period.

    akala ko konti lng ang nkkapansin, ‘yun pala, hinde.. sa wakas!

    this was one of my reasons why i don’t watch tv patrol and bandila anymore. i never thought watching news on the FAMILYar side would be so obviously biased and unbalanced. tsk…tsk…

  4. no!noynoy!

    kung si noynoy ang magiging presidente, mahihigpit ang US sa mga visa kasi dadami ang aalis ng pinas!…waaaaa

  5. no!noynoy!

    kung si noynoy ang magiging presidente, mahihigpit ang US sa mga visa kasi dadami ang aalis ng pinas!…waaaaaa

  6. Maria Montoya

    LP = LoPez Group 😀

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