“Ghost of a ghost” is a messenger of hate, not a change

I want to share with you this great letter from a Philippine Daily Inquirer reader named Raymond Villalobos (villa.raymond21@gmail.com) entitled “Noy just a ‘non-image’ thrust into the limelight.”

It goes thus:

THE news item titled “Noynoy needs to define what he’s running for, says analyst” (Inquirer, 2/2/10) hits the bullseye. It’s not what you are running against but what you are running for that counts.

Voters are finding it very difficult to remember what Sen. Noynoy Aquino did during all the years he was in the House of Representatives. The fact is that he was almost an anonymous politician and bench warmer in the House, unnoticed for being nondescript most of the time and not espousing any important public cause. In the Senate, he retained the same “non-image.”

Suddenly, when his fellow Liberal Party member, Sen. Mar Roxas, gave up his bid for the presidency because of his consistent low ratings in the surveys, Noynoy was thrust into the limelight. In what passes as a moment of inspiration (or desperation), Roxas nominated Noynoy to take his place.

By a sudden twist of fate, Noynoy has become a celebrity after his mother’s death. Now, at every opportunity, he invokes the memory of his father and mother, as does Mar Roxas. Unfortunately, our government is not a monarchy but a democracy. Hence, as the analyst said, Noynoy has to prove himself and not shadow-box behind his parents’ images.

Our voters now are very discerning. They will not vote for the ghost of a ghost. Noynoy must get real.

I couldn’t agree more.

* * *

If you don't have something good about your achievements, just shut up, Noy.

You can tell a lot about a person from how he conducts himself in public. I mean, the rest of us are told to be on our best behavior. We should always mind our manners, our elders admonish. Never swear, never pick your nose, never speak ill of others.

Yeah, totally hard, I agree.

But if we keep looking to better ourselves, we ought to have role-model public servants who should mirror the best — not the worst — about us.

The tandem of Noy and Mar has become a joke — no, correction, a bigger joke.

Reflecting the lack of substance of this hastily-forged love team, the campaign is falling apart at the seams. Reeling from a poor showing in recent surveys, Noynoy and Mar have shown they will do anything to stay on top.

Where is the spirit of Ninoy and Cory these days? Where is their legacy?

The Yellow Mob is trampling their memory with its campaign of hate — hate for Manny Villar and hate for Gibo Teodoro. The name calling, the insinuations — these actuations reveal the true character of these twin icons of ambition.

Noynoy’s recent commercials also reek of this self-righteous indignation. Departing from the station ID-flavored MTV shoved in our faces by the publicity-hungry Kris Aquino and her sidekick Boy Abunda, the Liberal Party attempts for substance, only to fall into quintessential trapo mode.

When Noy juxtapositions images of ideal and ugly reality, he arrogantly wants us to assume that he is the solution to our ills.

But how can he brag thus when he has always been, as Raymond above posited, the bench warmer? At least there was some truth in the “walang bahid” tag. Walang bahid kasi walang kahit na anong ginawa.

We laughed at Erap when he first ran (actually, we’re still laughing at him now) but the actor at least had a track record of public service (I use the term loosely, of course).

Noy is the epitome of what ails this country — the dynastic politics of surnames and nothing much else.

Now, the desperate LP mafia dons are, as it were, LEVELING UP their efforts. But as they cannot point to achievement or qualification in Noy, they are resorting to mudslinging the candidates that are their own man and are perfectly qualified to lead.





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2 responses to ““Ghost of a ghost” is a messenger of hate, not a change

  1. princess dchanted

    Guys I just have to share this. I heard that Mikee Cojuangco hired a web development group called Voncore to build a website to help discredit Manny Villar in the May 2010 elections.

    The Voncore team met Mikee at her house to plan the website, which was to use a familiar URL like mannyvillar.org to attract curious voters, then deliver black propaganda to them. When you check the Voncore website, the CEO Rogelio Santos Jr. is a fan of Noynoy on Facebook so it’s not out of the question.

    Wow. It took guts to blow the whistle on this operation.

    This is very disappointing. Is this the “change” he is proposing? He’s pretending to be Barack Obama but the difference is Obama respected his opponents even in the heat of battle. Noynoy doesn’t respect anyone, least of all the Filipino people. He’d even stoop to outright lies and mudslinging to gain a few percentage points.

    Noynoy uses so much negative campaigning. Ngayon na tapos ang usapan sa C5, umimbento sila ng Villar-Arroyo connection. Mag-hi-hijack pa siya ng Villar domain name.

  2. Alfred

    I can’t imagine the country being ran by that nutcase. If he has nothing to be proud of except his parents, he has no right of even running for that position. Ninoy would have been a good president if given the chance but sad to say, it was not possible. Is he really proud of his mother’s term as president? Come on, look at what happened to the country, it only became from bad to worse. Have you listen to his speeches? It’s full of anger, hate and all the negatives in the world. Everything and everyone is bad except them. For our future’s sake, we just can not have that kind of president. If he has to take a neuropsychiatric test, the ones that are being required before being hired in Government service and other private companies, I am sure he will be labeled as “High risk “, that is, HIGH RISK to fail. So everyone must unite and rally behind one man who is best suited for this position. LET US GO GREEN! LET US VOTE AND CAMPAIGN FOR G1BO!

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