Dirty, despicable, and dumb

Full steam ahead, losers.

Each new day brings us new reasons NOT to vote for Noynoy Aquino.

With the hypocrisy of a seasoned trapo — much like the LP circle of elder Gollums led by Frank Drilon — Noynoy Aquino styles himself as an agent of change yet reverts to the low-life tactics of the people around him.

With May fast approaching, the desperation in the confused ranks of his campaign team has made them resort to their only other option — DIRTY TACTICS. In the absence of any real achievement on Noy’s part, LP is forced to turn to the strongest opposition and attack him like the rabid dogs they are.

While other candidates (with the exception of Jamby the vegetarian) are campaigning on the basis of their track record and platform, Noy has definitely chosen the road less traveled — less traveled because it is the recourse of losers and pretenders.

Next comes the return of the insidious monster that is Kamaganak, Inc.

A lot is at stake with the return of a Cojuangco to ultimate power. Peping Cojuangco will flex his muscles anew, Paul Aquino will be on the prowl for pretty young things again, even the Jaworskis will be back in the proverbial saddle of authority.

Speaking of saddles, it’s terribly tragic but apparently true that the once angelic Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski has been conscripted to the one big, nasty, dirty fight.

As they say, where there’s smoke…

Mikee Cojuangco Leads Black Propaganda Campaign for Cousin Noynoy

NASTY MIKEE: Why, Mikee? Who talked you into doing it? Tell us.
The buzz in the blogosphere is that Noynoy Aquino, through cousin Mikee Cojuangco, engaged a web development firm called Voncore to design and develop a black propaganda website to help take down Aquino’s chief rival Manny Villar in the May 2010 elections.

According to its company website, Voncore is owned by Rogelio Santos, Jr, a US-based entrepreneur who also happens to be a fan of Noynoy Aquino on Facebook.

The whistle-blower hinted that a briefing for the project was held at the residence of Mikee for the development team.

The plan was to copy the look and feel of Manny Villar’s website and use a close-sounding web address — reportedly mannyvillar.org — to draw voters to the site, and then bombard them with black propaganda content once there.  This is a tactic known as “phishing”, and commonly used by Internet hackers to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information from unsuspecting users.


Someone forwarded to me a reported move to discredit the story. Said the “Gordon” fan — sure, like why would you even bother to defend the reprehensible?:


Here goes the defense:

also heard this rumor and since Im in the IT industry i tried to check it out. I ran several common iterations of the mannyvillar URL (dotorg,dotcom,etcetc) and it seems none of them are for sale so I guess this strategy ( if someone tries it) wont do ss well. (THAT MEANS THE COMPANY BOUGHT THEM ALREADY, STUPID — PEDRO)

You have to hand it to the villar camp, its good IT strategy to purchase as many domain names as you can to protect yourself from cyber squatters.

He also has a lot of sponsored links which prob means he put good money into buying online ads to funnel all traffic into his main website. In any case this kind of strategy of mimicking websites is very low tech.

With the reported billions that Manny Villar has been spending on his media campaign Im sure his IT team will spend an incredible amount as well to not let something like this happen. thanks for reporting it though.



Apparently, this IT company Vonscore is also maintaining the website of Gawad Kalinga — the leadership of which supports Noynoy Aquino.

Mr. Rogelio Santos Jr., CEO of said company, is apparently not too popular with his employees and is known for abusive policies like working his people to the bone.

Lucky for us, he’s pretty dull in terms of secrecy — the reason the news leaked out in the first place.

How do you like the monster you created, genius?



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3 responses to “Dirty, despicable, and dumb

  1. Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

  2. Tommyboyblue

    I have been a voter on both Here in the U.S. and now back home, but i have never been so appalled and disgusted like i do with Noynoy Aquino, I mean this guy has nothing to offer,and comes with so much suspicious background,my dog could even see the diabolical intention,fuming out of this candidates ear..I mean, with the country in so much trouble ,And then this….pleaseeee !!! this moron is so embarrassing and ridiculous, that our country will never see the light of day,if this man ever gets elected…IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST TRAGEDY OUR COUNTRY WILL EVER FACE….MAY GOD HELP THE PHILIPPINES—

  3. des

    I so agree to this article.. I just hope many would be able to read this before the elections.. Wake up Philippines!! We do not want that stupid, incompetent moron ruling our country..

    if Noynoy wins, it’s gonna be so embarassing.. ugh..

    I can just imagine people joking around, “Hey, can’t believe you’re smarter than our President!”

    I mean, duh… He’s so dumb and even I can say that my IQ level is far far far above him.

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