Noynoy’s LP is sending Mar to the palengke

L is also for LAGLAG. Tsktsktsk.

Word has it the Liberal Party members are running around like headless chickens these days.

First came the admission that their earlier ad campaign went pfft because it did not connect with the electorate — never mind that it was as dumb as crap thanks to geniuses Kris and Boy.

Second is that this “team-up” was founded on shaky ground to begin with. You all know how it went, the LP Gollums panicked when Mar fared poorly in the early surveys, then rode on Cory magic to pull Noy out of its hat. And now that the Noy magic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, fingers are pointing this way and that.

Third, Kamaganak, Inc. provides further chaos by getting into the power jostling mix. People close to Noy are already thinking about what they can get out of the administration to be. GOD HELP US!

Fourth, there’s supposedly a “rift” between Homer Simpson, er, Noynoy and Korina’s hubby. LP is now exploring an “unofficial” pairing with Jejomar Binay. Where does that leave Mr. Palengke?

There’s some logic behind this, of course, with the known affinity of the Makati boy scout with the later President Cory Aquino.

More significantly, LP Gollums are actually behind this machination. They are now afraid of Mar Roxas after unceremoniously neutering him in public.

It is no secret that Mar is actually doing better in the polls than Homer, er, Noynoy.




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2 responses to “Noynoy’s LP is sending Mar to the palengke

  1. I’ve heard of this ‘rumor’ last month:
    Erap will concede and join in supporting Senator Noynoy Aquino, only if LP would allow Mayor Binay to win as VP. I know this isn’t what’s said to be happening, but still, it’s highly connected.

    This blog post of yours does affirm that something fishy is going on in LP!

    But the Nacionalista Party’s still strong so.. I think the public should still be cautious.

    • eye star

      What I heard is the opposite. Since Erap and Villar share the same color, battlecry, and positioning, it will be easier for Erap to turn over his gloves to the NP. I also heard that Manny has offered Erap 2 cabinet posts and P2 Billion for his endorsement.
      That’s really beyond sleazy, way even below the TRAPO belt of disgusting politics.
      I hope that if this rumor is true, that Erap will have even just an ounce of decency to turn away from this Money Vilification.

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