Noy: Pikon ba ako pare? Mar: Dapat nga ako napikon sa iyo e. Hayup.

A taste of his own medicine, and he whines right away.

How funny this Noynoy Aquino is.  He’s a spoiled little bunny rabbit who’s been so used to friendly moderators (Ted Failon) and venues (ABS-CBN and De La Salle Zobel) that at first sign of hostility or bias he goes nuts – declaring to the audience at the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry presidential forum he wished the forum “had a more unbiased moderator.”

Before I get into it, let’s read the piece. Here’s the original article, so you don’t have to follow a link.


Aquino annoyed by moderator’s bias for Villar

By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr.

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 01:57:00 02/17/2010

MANILA, Philippines—The sniping between Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and the moderator of a presidential forum was one of the few highlights in a staid debate sponsored by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI).

Aquino, Liberal Party standard-bearer, could not hide his irritation at the remarks made by journalist Antonio Lopez that he wished the forum had a “more unbiased moderator.”

Lopez’s bias appeared to be for Aquino’s main rival, Sen. Manuel Villar.

The forum was sponsored by the PCCI at the Marriott Hotel, across from Terminal 3 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City.

In his introduction, Lopez described Villar, Nacionalista Party standard-bearer, as a “self-made tycoon, former Speaker and Senate President, and former future President, probably.”

Lopez also fawned over Aquino’s cousin, Lakas-Kampi standard-bearer Gilbert Teodoro Jr., whom he repeatedly praised as a bar topnotcher.


By contrast, Lopez was uninspired in his introduction of Aquino, calling him a man with a good pedigree, grandson of a national hero, son of national heroes—former President (Corazon) Aquino and slain opposition Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.—congressman for nine years, and senator for three years.

“He will tell us what he is going to do,” Lopez said.

Lopez added that Aquino was somebody known for his “imagination.” He called deposed President Joseph Estrada “a man of action.”

Pro-Villar articles

After the forum, Aquino said he had no doubt who the moderator was rooting for. “He is favoring Villar,” he said.

Aquino showed reprints of Lopez’s articles heaping lavish praise on Villar. Lopez is BizNewsAsia publisher and president.

Aquino did not take too kindly being caught by surprise by Lopez who changed the order of the candidates queuing with their answers.

When Aquino complained that Lopez reversed the order of candidates giving their answers, the latter said: “A leader should be ready for surprises.”

Unfriendly moderator

To which Aquino shot back: “Especially if the moderator is unbiased like you.”

“I just hope there was parity. But I’m OK with that. It’s good to have yourself go through a test in an environment with an unfriendly moderator,” Aquino said after the forum.

The Liberal Party presidential candidate noted that Lopez had been against him and his family since the burial of his father in 1983. (Ninoy Aquino was assassinated on the tarmac of Manila’s international airport upon his arrival from exile. The killing triggered massive protests that led to the downfall of dictator Ferdinand Marcos.)

The questions focused largely on the budget deficit, smuggling, mining, energy, poverty and investment policy.

Lack of managerial ability

Villar indirectly took aim at Aquino’s lack of “leadership, managerial ability and experience” in implementing a platform of government.

The Nacionalista Party standard-bearer asked businessmen if they would leave their corporations to someone who they did not trust could do the job.

Villar also asked whether the businessmen would let the same person run government which, he said, was a thousand times more difficult than managing a corporation.

Investor confidence

For his part, Aquino presented his agenda in combating corruption which he believed was the key to creating investor confidence in the economy.

Aquino, who described corruption as “theft and a form of murder by a thousand cuts,” promised to clamp down on the “mafia.”

“We know who use and abuse the law either to coddle favorites or extort from the vulnerable. We know who the smugglers and the tax evaders are. We know who the kidnapping and bank-robbery syndicates are, too. With your help, we will take them down,” he said.


Aquino said his administration would welcome whistle-blowers and give them sanctuary.

Both Aquino and Villar refused to name their prospective Cabinet appointees.

Teodoro said he would retain Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral and Trade Secretary Peter Favila.

Eddie Villanueva, Bangon Pilipinas standard-bearer, said he would appoint two former socioeconomic planning secretaries—Cielito Habito and Solita Monsod.

Estrada said he would bring back to Malacañang the same Cabinet that served in his abbreviated presidency from middle of 1998 to January 2001. “They are all very competent,” he said.

Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon, Bagumbayan standard-bearer, did not name names, but gave three criteria—“courageous, honest and intelligent.”

Not like MBC

In his opening speech, Estrada lauded the PCCI for not imposing its influence on the government “unlike other groups,” apparently referring to the Makati Business Club (MBC).

He partly blamed the MBC for his ouster, nine years ago.

Estrada said he would repeal the agrarian reform law, privatize National Power Corp. and abolish redundant government agencies.

At the open forum, Estrada made reference to his experience as a former president. “Others are still promising what I have already done,” he said. With a report from Fe Zamora


The other presidential candidates simply display better demeanor than the codigo-wielding Noynoy. At the AIM forum co-sponsored by ANC, Sen. Villar didn’t raise his hackles when he was inadvertently called out of turn by moderator Ricky Carandang.

When former Sec. Gibo Teodoro was left by his lonesome to answer the tough question on GMA at the De La Salle University-Taft forum — along with some sensationalist barbs from the Jamboy herself — he answered calmly, not raising his voice or even looking remotely annoyed.

It has become even clearer that Noy has none of the qualities it takes to be President. If he wants all praises and complements why doesn’t he just run for presidency of ABS-CBN? I seriously doubt that he could do half as good a job as Charo Santos-Concio, though.

You can hand it to the Noy campaign for being consistent, nonetheless. The Aquino Facebook administrators are the same – they don’t take kindly to criticisms, and would gladly ban you from posting on their wall (though they welcome your addition to their fanbase). Kris is equally pikon – as we’ve seen how she reacts to criticisms.

Can you imagine this cadre of PIKONS running the country? Sounds like a recipe for Martial Law, if you ask me.



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5 responses to “And now… PIKONOY AQUINO

  1. anjentte santos

    haha pikon talga mga aquino kya wala kaong tiwala.

  2. Liliram

    Woohoo! U nailed it! Noy is truly pikonoy. His supporters don’t care about IQs, pati ba EQ irrelevant ?

  3. politicalamateur

    nice blog. keep them coming!

  4. Yep, I’ve read this news from the moderator himself a few weeks ago (can’t remember where I got it from though).

    Eto lang masasabi ko based on the article: it was written in the notes (guide or kodigo, whatever you call it) of the mod that it is up to him on how the candidates would make their speeches. And if I remember correctly, I think he mentioned that on the second round, one of Noy’s assistants gave the moderator a note to change the order of the candidates, since Noy has already spoken first for two times.

  5. speedbuster

    Looking at Noynoy at all angles…he is simply not a presidential material….electorate must look at him from all perspective and they will notice how bad a president he will be if given the chance…..knock on wood….

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