People Power is not Ngoyngoy Power

Another lie that they're selling. Level Up na ang kasinungalingan at panloloko.

What the hell is happening here?

First he robbed Mar Roxas of his presidential bid, then he robbed his parents of their legacy of greatness, then he is robbing Filipinos out of their hard-earned money by asking for donations.

Now, NOY AQUINO and his minions at the Liberal Party are robbing us of the precious memory that is the 1986 People Power revolution.

Again, nothing surprising for a desperate party with nothing to offer to the people except for regurgitated slogans and a nebulous fight for democracy. Any thinking Filipino is right to ask thus: IF YOU KEEP EXTOLLING THE AQUINO LEGACY OF DEMOCRACY, WHY DO YOU KEEP HARPING ABOUT IT NOW? HAVE WE LOST IT? AND IF WE DID, WASN’T NOYNOY IN A POSITION TO KEEP IT FROM HAPPENING? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THOSE YEARS AS A CONGRESSMAN? AS A SENATOR?

Filipinos who know and respect the lessons of history surely must see through this marketing gimmick of Noy and LP. It is insulting on an epic scale.

Said Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo: “Ang EDSA I ay isang specific na event na hindi pinangunahan ng isang partikular na grupo. Walang may franchise sa EDSA I. It is not theirs (LP).”

It’s a valid point.

I am deeply offended that Ngoyngoy and the Liberals now hijack the one good pure thing we can always look back to for inspiration. ONCE AGAIN, HINDI SA INYO ANG PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION! Hindi lang ang mga Liberal ang lumabas sa kalye, humarap sa tangke at sundalo.


Let us campaign not on the basis of revisionist history but on solid, proven track record and a comprehensive platform.

Of course, in the case of Noy, that might be too much to ask.

Let’s not be taken for a ride, fellow Filipinos!



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25 responses to “People Power is not Ngoyngoy Power

  1. From the start this is what I found problematic in the LP campaign: the use of a precious memory or set of artifacts to win the favor of the people.

  2. Maria Elizabeth Embry

    (tweaked by Maria Elizabeth Embry)

    Hacienda Luisita, 42 years Blowin’ in the Wind (1968-2010

    How many more Hacienda Luisita farmers must die

    Before we can call ’em owners of their land?

    Yes, ‘n’ how many Laws they must passed

    Before you can call it an Agrarian Reform Law?

    Yes, ‘n’ how many more farmers the guards must slay

    Before you can say it is enough?

    The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,

    The answer, indeed is blowin’ in the wind.

    How many times must Hacienda Luisita farmers fight

    Before they can see the end of their plight?

    Yes, ‘n’ how many ears must one man have

    Before he can hear the farmer cry?

    Yes, ‘n’ how many massacres will it take till Noynoy wakes up

    That too many Hacienda Luisita sakadas have died?

    The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,

    The answer, indeed is blowin’ in the wind.

    How many years can the Hacienda Luisita farmer’s plea exists

    Before it’s heard by y’all?

    Yes, ‘n’ how many years can Hacienda Luisita farmers complain

    Before they’re allowed to be right?

    Yes, ‘n’ how many times can some people turn their heads,

    Pretending they just do not see?

    The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,

    The answer, indeed is blowin’ in the wind.

  3. Buddy Vergara

    This was sent to me.

    Please take time to read this.
    No offense meant to ardent supporters of Noynoy, some of whom are my close friends. Just a point of view of a non political observer.

    In every election, the easiest choice to make is, who you would not vote for. This year, it is profoundly difficult because for me the easiest identifiable candidate whom I would not vote for, (aside from Erap of course, for who would vote for a convicted plunderer) is a leading candidate, with the widest of margin in the survey, Noynoy. He probably will be the next president and so, in my heart, I tried my best to consider and reconsider my decision, yet I became more convinced that he is my best choice on whom not to vote for. These are in my thoughts:

    He is clean and honest
    He really is unblemished, squeaky clean and immaculate.. . His record for nine years speaks for himself. I am reminded of a friend of mine, a cocky but very articulate and bright Solicitor General . At a certain time before he started winning his cases, his critics had a heyday criticizing the way he handled his job. They said, he had a perfect record of losing all cases. Thus, his record was clean and unblemished of victory. Like this solicitor general, Noynoy has also no record of dishonesty simply because he has no record of accomplishment at all. He was one of the prominent members of the committee of silence. I goggled his name to find out if, except for his name, there was anything he did that he should be proud of. I am sorry that I found nothing. It is time he reveals what he had done in congress for nine years, plus two years in the senate, to deserve the presidency. When he ran for Senate, he simply relied on his family name and the
    endorsement of his mother. Being in the Senate with no accomplishment will not hurt the nation except the wasted money paid to him as a public servant. But to be president and not knowing what to do is probably as disastrous as a corrupt president.

    He comes from a good stock
    A prominent columnist of the Inquirer believes that since hero’s blood runs in his veins, he is a natural hero and would do nothing to shame the good name. The prominent columnist also said that what we need is a good heart and correct values and Noynoy fits to the T. Of course heritage is a plus factor but unfortunately, this is no assurance that he too will be as upright as his parents.. We do not have to look far. Look at his sister. She even gloated and flaunted her sexual indiscretions and gave press interviews of her indecent acts, in spite of the fact that at that time, her dear mother was very much alive. She fueled salacious gossip about her sexual escapades that she grabbed the headlines for days of the local papers. Not only that.. She proudly proclaimed that she will have to do a wash over of sorts, on the personality of Noynoy. To be fair, since Noynoy is not the sister’s keeper, he should publicly open how he spent his several
    hundred million, probably billions of pesos, if cumulatively taken together, of pork barrel. Joker and Lacson did not spend a single centavo on their pork barrel allocations. Moreover, Noynoy has not been battle tested; we do not know how he will react to temptation, simply because he has not been where the action is. He can not honestly and truthfully say that he is goodness personified and all others are evil just because he is the son of Cory. It is sheer arrogance and hypocrisy to make such claim.

    He comes unprepared
    Before the death of former Pres Cory, nobody considered him of presidential caliber, not even for vice president. His party mates knew of his capabilities and did not even look at his direction when they then considered their standard bearer. Noynoy himself, conscious of his own limitations, did not even dream of being one. When his mother died and there was public mourning, all of a sudden, his party mates in spite of knowing his limited capabilities, and taking advantage of public sentiments, pushed him to be a candidate to the noble office of the presidency. This factual milieu clearly shows that his popularity is solely and purely for sentimental reasons, the death of Pres Cory. His supporters are praying to high heavens that the public sentiments on his parents would not wane and that the public would not see through the real Noynoy. Stripped of all sentimentality, there is nothing in his bio data that shows he is capable of the challenges of the
    highest office of the land. His biodata is uninspiring, to say the least. Aside from his public office due to his lineage, he was a sales person of Mondragon Industries, and a member of the board of directors of a security agency which the family owns. How in heavens name will he run the country?
    Pres Cory’s landmark of achievement in her administration was her Land Reform program. Our own 24 hectares of irrigated rice land in Kinamayan, Davao del Norte was subjected to land reform and my Dad wanted to fight it out but I counseled him to surrender the land as I explained to him that ultimately the entire country will benefit from this pestering problem of unjust distribution of wealth. He understood the situation that each of us had to make sacrifices for the common good. This is not a unique scenario in Mindanao, then known as the Land of Promise . Little did we know that Pres Cory distributed all other people’s landholdings except her own Hacienda Luisita. She asked all of us to make sacrifices, except her own family. Her tenants protested and in the ensuing protest several tenants were mowed down. The tenants were unarmed and no casualties were suffered on the side of the soldiers trying to disperse the tenants. Of course, Noynoy is not
    her mother’s keeper, nor do I intend to diminish her mother’s role as our leader who toppled the dictatorship.
    But when Noynoy declared his candidacy, he was asked point blank, what he planned to do with Hacienda Luisita. He had no ready answer but promised to give a stand soon. Three months passed and still no answer. Is he really prepared?

    The argument goes, that since the people lost trust in the present leadership, Noynoy comes as a white knight, enjoying the trust and confidence of the people. But why should we trust Noynoy? Has he done something to deserve our trust?” Trust is earned, deserved and not bestowed nor inherited. We are now bombarded with propaganda about the goodness of Pres Cory, to the extent that Noynoy propagandists even go to the limit of declaring her a saint, in the hope that people will also view Noynoy as saint- like. The Liberal Party had even formulated its battle cry: “this (the election) is a fight between good and evil”. My goodness, don’t you agree that a man who pontificates that he represents goodness is really suspect of some loose screws somewhere.

    Noynoy ‘ s handlers forgot the basic need of a responsible candidate-the need to have an advocacy. It should be pointed out that Noynoy has no advocacy at all in his public life. He won his senate seat solely upon his family name, like Loi Ejercito, Pia Cayetano , Bong Revilla and the like. This is very important to those who are very discerning. We do not know to what directions we will be going, with him as a leader. It is fearsome to have a president who is not only unprepared and unqualified, but also to be under the control of unknown advisers and heaven forbid, under the tutelage of his movie star sister. It becomes more dreadful because his popularity is seemingly sustained, thanks to the biased and twisted reporting of our media and most especially of a very large TV network who all have their interests to protect.

    The above mentioned points are correct.
    I am simply saying that Noynoy is “ Not Worth to Vote for ” because:
    1. He has no capability to govern
    2. He relies solely on the name of his parents
    3. He has no advocacy
    4. He has no achievement on his own
    5. He is pure creation of media
    Sadly, only Noynoy has all these attributes among all presidential candidates.

  4. Jane

    Agreed. Para narin nilang sinabi na hindi ka para sa pagbabago kung hindi si Noynoy ang iboboto mo. Hindi ka Pilipino kung hindi si Noynoy ang iboboto mo.

    And even the ballers of Noynoy! It says, “PINOY FOR NOYNOY.” …NOT! Very fallacious. If I am not for Noynoy, would that make me less of a Filipino? Would that make me not anymore a Filipino? Hindi lahat ng tao kaya nilang lokohin dahil hindi lahat ng tao nagpapaloko.

    • ting

      jane, alam mo korek ka jan…akala nila sila ang may ari ng Pilipinas…inangkin na nila ang EDSA, pati pagiging PINOY, kanila rin lang…..LOSERS…..

  5. politicalamateur

    You bet , they are thieves ! “Hindi ako magnanakaw”? You are stealing a moment of Filipino pride. You are abusing the memory in the name of your political interests. USER, LOSER!

    • ting

      correct, and Noynoy is stealing the people’s money by not doing his job as a Senator. He is paid by the taxes of the people, yet he did not perform…in a corporate world, if you’re not a performer, it’s either you don’t get a merit increase, you get demoted or simply axed….LOSER talaga si Noy….

  6. Philip Guerrero

    eh si cory nga ba talaga ang namuno sa people power? e diba it was manong johnny, FVR (my favorite president ever), and cardinal sin? and aquino reaping the fruits of the formers’ efforts? and how on earth they have the right to claim People Power as theirs?

  7. jansen

    You’re a pathetic loser… full of shit.. and anti-Noynoy…. This is your opinion, but at the end, Noynoy will emerge as winner of them all. Majority of the Filipinos still believe on him, and he’ll follow his family’s unblemished legacy.

    • Really? Majority of Filipinos? Have you been reading the papers? Unblemished family legacy? Again, are you reading the papers? C’mon Jansen. Baka dapat siguro magbasa ka muna bago ka humirit. Stay informed so that you make good decisions in whatever aspect of your life.

    • michelle

      tatawanan kita jansen at lahat kayong supporters ni noynoy pag nanalo siya at wala siyang nagawa kundi tumameme at magpaka-safe habang inuuto ng sangkatutak na alipores niyang kailangang bumawi dahil sa pagtulong sa kanyang pagkapanalo.

      • read

        @jansen, ano ba yan, winner talaga eh noh.. pustahan tayo wala kang mababangit na ginawa niyang mabuti…. wala gusto mo lang sa kanya dahil in ang yellow, dahil na aliw ka lang isipin na mabait siya…. anu ba yan

    • gigi

      family’s unblemished lagacy? …wala bang ibang reason para iboto si noynoy. bakit masama ba ang family ng ibang presidentiable?

      • jennie

        oi, meron pang isang rason kung bakit maraming boboto kay noynoy, at eto ang winner since i’ve heard this from a lot…and i mean A LOT…of people. and their favorite reason is “ah, basta!”

        “why vote for noynoy?!”
        “ah, basta!”


  8. Philip

    KRIS is campaigning for Noynoy in Pilipinas Got Talent audition tours.

  9. Dilaw na Mantsa

    Hala! Bastusan na ito. People Power is not solely owned by one oligarch family.

  10. Hi, I applaud your blog for informing people, very interesting article, keep up it coming 🙂

  11. eye star

    1. He has no capability to govern

    In what book can we readily find a minimum requirement for a man to be deemed ready for the Presidency? Nobody can claim that he or she could ever be ready for the Presidency. Look at GMA! She claims to have been ready since she was born, but what did she do when she got there? Everyone knows the answer to that no-brainer.

    2. He relies solely on the name of his parents

    A man’s riches and past experience cannot be the standard set to be effective leaders. We have had too many “great minds” that history has proven to be the worst Presidents. Many Filipinos would be proud to have Ninoy and Cory as their parents. I wonder what your parents have sacrificed for this country?

    3. He has no advocacy

    His advocacy is to give completion to the promises that was started by our forefathers, continued by his parents, which, by the way, will benefit you, your children, and grandchildren. (Unless of course, you have already safely secured them in another country which is what most non-patriotic Filipinos end up doing out of despair.)

    4. He has no achievement on his own

    Achievements are subjective. If we compare him to Lee Kwan Yew, then he has a long way to go. If you compare him to GMA and Erap, then he has done more for this country than both of them combined. Have you ever taken the podium in Congress or the Senate, in order to subvert the abuses of an overpowering administration? If that does not count as a substantial contribution to national development, then I don’t know what else would.

    5. He is pure creation of media

    This is the worst and the dumbest argument of all! He is not a creation of media. The idea of having Noynoy as President is a result of the desperate account of a nation bereft of opportunity, justice and trust. Noy is only a VEHICLE by which the people are screaming out to the world that: We are tired of the abuses, tired of the empty promises, and maybe, just maybe through him, this desolute nation can be revived into a united sovereignty once again. No other candidate embodies what Noynoy is, and what Noynoy will become!

    Last point, Noynoy is NOT the answer to the country’s woes. We, the people are. The fact of the matter is, there is no other candidate out there that can and will ably represent the hopes of the people except Noy.

    • Be a good leader and everyone will follow. one name… GORDON!

      • gigi

        No other candidates can and will ably represent the hopes of the people? @ eyestar. Do you know Gordon? Nkapunta ka nba ng Subic?… compare subic to tarlac…hmn?

    • eyestar,

      “His advocacy is to give completion to the promises that was started by our forefathers, continued by his parents, which, by the way, will benefit you, your children, and grandchildren. (Unless of course, you have already safely secured them in another country which is what most non-patriotic Filipinos end up doing out of despair.)”

      Just because some Filipinos are working/ living in another country doesn’t mean that they’re not patriotic/ nationalistic. Don’t stereotype them for that reason. I think you should know that these people really have no choice because of the lack of opportunity in the country, thus leaving her unwillingly. I would speak on behalf of these people, whether they are immigrants or OFWs. Some of us who have rendered our brains and skills to another country are still hoping that the Philippines would be as good as the developed countries (though not as good as the first world ones). Hope is still not lost. And some of us are still proud to call ourselves Filipinos despite what’s happening there.

      Alam ko ipinagtatanggol mo si Noynoy, at naiintindihan ko yon, pero sana lang wag mo idamay at sabihing walang pagmamahal sa bayan ang mga taong lumisan dahil kinailangan lang talaga. At sana malaman mo, na kahit andito kami sa ibang bansa, karamihan pa rin sa amin ay gustong bumalik dyan at manirahan nang pangmatagalan. Sana malaman at maintindihan mo yon.

    • read

      @eye star…. ang mga sinabi mo. kakatawa, mas pinatibay mo lang ang stand ng blog na to… hahaha wag na tayo bumoto ng matalino! tanga nalang basta mabait! ganun ba? noynoy is a vehicle…. what? oo sigaw ng mga pinoy sa boung mundo kung gaano tayo katan#% …. dahil pwde maging presidente pala ang taong walang nagawa para sa bansa… hayop

  12. noone

    People Power is something no politician is entitled to claim as theirs. Where will they be without those people, who went out and braved the uncertainties? Cory was just a vehicle, an avatar, for the many faceless Filipinos who wants out from oppression and regime change. These people were for Cory because there was nobody else. We heeded their call for boycotts because we wanted change.

    LP doesn’t own People Power, it is not a franchise!

    NO-noy Fan bots are all sentimental fools! This is no drama! I want to spit on their faces every time I hear they are voting for NO-noy because of Cory and Ninoy. Had they, these sentimental fools, forgotten how it was during Cory’s time? Most of the NO-noy fan bots are first time voters, who knew nothing of the Kamag Inc., those brownouts that crippled businesses, the numerous coups. These fan bots are fans of teleseryes and what’s in. They think that voting for NO-noy makes them an In-crowd. Voting is never an In-thing to do in the first place.

    You vote for someone who you think can make our country better off in the future. With that statement, why would they vote for somebody with no credible achievements in life, a so-so student and legislator or an incompetent one for that matter?

    Saan mo NO-noy dinala ang pork barrel mo?! Saan mo NO-noy dadalhin ang Pilipinas pag manalo ka…or san ni Drilon dadalhin ang Pilipinas pag manalo ka?!

    These puppeteers of NO-noy have been lingering the political arena for so long, their political careers are already spent and they see NO-noy as their vehicle to once again ignite their dying careers.

    God bless! 🙂

  13. Urgent


    URGENT INFO: There is an ongoing collaboration between AQUINO and ABS-CBN to make it appear that there will be failure of elections this coming May so that they can resort to PEOPLE POWER and eventually install Aquino as president without having to win the elections. This move has been made due to Aquino’s dwindling survey numbers.

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