Eksmyuskee? Noynoy is clean? Patawa naman you!

Remember the 5 reasons you should vote for me. Ninoy, Cory, Kris, Shalani, and Boy!

Let’s answer what the other side has to say — or wants to sell — about their non-candidate.

1. Cory Aquino was a “housewife.” How can we doubt that Noy is not ready when he has been a legislator for X number of years?

We forget that Cory was more directly impacted by the influence of Ninoy — his ideals, his visions, what he was fighting for. Cory was there all the way. Saka, in fairness, ay mas magaling naman si Cory kay Noy.

Just like his hair, Noynoy’s achievements are THIN. Fiscalizer my ass.

2. Noynoy is just like Cory. He heeded the call of the people to run.

Ano kamo? If by people you mean the LP trapos like Frank Drilon, then you don’t have squat to stand on. Cory ran because of OVERWHELMING CLAMOR from the people. If memory serves me, a campaign to get one million signatures was even mounted to convince Cory to run. The LP opportunists pushed Noy to run because Mar Roxas fared poorly in a survey. Plain and simple. Never mind that the man and his family ponied up so much dough and effort already.

3. Walang bahid si Noy.

Granted we live in Lala Land where it doesn’t take any skill or qualification to be president, except for being CLEAN, then I’ll indulge you.

* Hacienda Luisita — from the massacre, to atrocious living conditions for the workers and farmers, to the unconscionable Stock Distribution Option. How can Noynoy boast of a clean record? Here’s also a bit of disturbing trivia: Noynoy became Deputy Speaker of the House on November 8, 2004. The Hacienda Luisita massacre happened November 16, 2004. Go figure.

* SCTEX otherwise known as the Arroyo-Aquino Friendship Highway — The Aquinos think that we’re all stupid; that they can get away with theft. How can they overvalue the 83 hectares they sold to the government at P100 per square meter when other land of this type fetches only P10 and no higher? All told, the Cojuangcos and Aquinos got P80 million. This happened, of course, when the Arroyos and the Aquinos were still giddily in love post EDSA II. What else? The government paid for the PRIVATE Cojuangco/Aquino access road from SCTEX to the Hacienda to the tune of P170 million. Wow.

I will quote a report thus: “The Luisita management itself admitted that P80 million of the sales proceeds went to HLI, and P 3.9 million went to another Cojuango-Aquino owned corporation, the Tarlac Development Corporation (TADECO); the farmers on the other hand, received no more than P 1 for the transaction. Even with the unjust 33% the farmers are supposed to own out of 4,915-hectare land, this amount is clearly inequitably computed. Is Noynoy to deny that he benefited from this transaction when P80 million, given their shares in the company, translates to more than P2 million for each of the Aquino siblings? In the spirit of transparency and integrity, can he?”

3. He is surrounded by able advisers who also helped Cory. Yakang yaka!

They helped Cory, all right. They helped blight her administration. Kamaganak, Inc. ring a bell?

I’ll quote the report again, as the guy says it so much better:

The Time Magazine in 1990 wrote, “While the President herself is considered incorruptible, critics accuse her of turning a blind eye to family and friends who are said to be enriching themselves at the public’s expense.”

In December 1989, the late Jaime Cardinal Sin warned of “a social explosion” because of “unceasing reports of the abusive roles of presidential relatives.”

Some of these abuses were mentioned by Bobby M. Reyes in his 30 March 1995 letter to the Pearl S. Buck Foundation: In January 1992, then President Aquino approved the sale of 67 of Philippine Air Lines (PAL) stocks to her Tanjuatco and Cojuangco nephews, resulting in a loss of more than $300 million worth of public funds. Like the Hacienda Luisita, the purchase was consummated through the assistance of the Philippine government, this time through loans from 3 government-owned banks, using the PAL itself as collateral; 38 companies owned by Marcos’ brother-in-law, Kokoy Romualdez were transferred to Cory’s brother-in-law, Ricardo Lopa; the billion-dollar company, Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company, was transferred to Cory’s Cojuangco nephews.

Noynoy Aquino is half-a-century old. He was not exactly innocent when all these transpired. The next time he talks about integrity, it would be best he explains what he intends to do with his relative’s lack thereof.

It is abnormal for a grown man to conveniently have such short-term memory.

So, yes, Noynoy will have these corrupt advisers and relatives at his beck and call while he racks up the points during his marathon Internet gaming sessions.

4. I love Noy because he is so PALABAN! He is not afraid to say bad things about Arroyo and everyone else! He is not beholden to her.

Esmyuskee? How hypocritical can you get?

Take it away, repapips!

His aunt, former Sen. Tessie Aquino-Oreta, heads the Early Childhood Care and Development Council under the Office of the President; another aunt, former Gov. Margarita Cojuangco is the President of the Public Safety College under the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG); and yet a third aunt, Lupita Aquino-Kashiwahara is President Arroyo’s image consultant; uncle Paul Aquino, now the chief political officer in Noynoy’s campaign, is the CEO of Energy Development Corp. under the firm Philippine National Oil Co., a position he held even before the PNOC was privatized; the present Environment and Natural Resources Secretary, Eleazar Quinto, is married to Kashiwahara’s daughter; uncle Jose “Peping Cojuangco” is the President of the Philippine Olympic Committee which has First Gentleman Mike Arroyo as its biggest and most consistent benefactor.

Again, again, again? Never again!

As a blogger so profoundly put it: EPIC FAIL=NOYNOY AQUINO!



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4 responses to “Eksmyuskee? Noynoy is clean? Patawa naman you!

  1. kelly

    hahahaha!!!!!!!!! u got it! noy is such a looser!!! lets expand this words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. imho

    like! like! like! ROFL:))!

    also, i don’t seem to understand that one of the reasons why most of the people would vote for him is because of his willingness to continue the ‘fight’ started by his parents. and when asked about what ‘fight’ that was all about- he couldn’t even explain it in concrete terms. vague.. (plus the above statements equals fail.)

    by the facts stated and the way sen. aquino behaves, decides, and answers (watch those presidential forums and debates), are we still going to give him our VOTE?

    eksmyuskee… patawa naman you!!! (make that three snaps in a Z-form).

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