10 things why you’re not voting for Noy — according to Noy

If you're not with us, then you're our ka-LABAN! Teka, ba't baligtad L ko?

In the tradition of Dave Letterman’s Top 10 List, OhNoy presents its first countdown. On our inaugural list is, of course, dedicated to our favorite non-starter!


10. You’re a dirty communist.

9. You’ve been paid by Villar.

8. You do not respect what Ninoy and Cory did for the country.

7. Unlike Jamby, you eat meat.

6. You’re a KAPUSO, not a KAPAMILYA.

5. You want the status quo to remain.

4. You’re corrupt!

3. You love PGMA!

2. You don’t watch SNN/ANC/The Buzz/TV Patrol/Failon Ngayon (did I leave anything out?)!

And the top reason why you’re not voting for NOY…




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19 responses to “10 things why you’re not voting for Noy — according to Noy

  1. Eldy

    I will gladly accept that I am Evil, but I will not Let “SataNOYs” to be our Next President

  2. Keeping2myself

    You left out “Wowowee”…:-)

  3. kace

    Are you serious. These reasons made me laugh. they are shallow and pointless.

  4. katie

    u missed kung tayo’y magkakalayo.:)

    nice post! I’ll be an evil this May.

  5. are you being sarcastic? kasi sayang itong post mo, proNoys do not get sarcasm and wit. For them you’re just plain EVIL. hehe

  6. Bunz

    Haha nice one! The best ones are no. 6, 2 and 1. I certainly won’t vote Noynoy for president. Mas pipiliin ko pa si “Ang Kapatiran” kesa sa kanya o kaya yung isang matanda (forgot his name) hahaha.

  7. hilaw ang dilaw

    evil na kung evil! lolz!

  8. erwin

    I will certainly vote for the people with Achievements & leadership qualities. Noy2x dont have those qualities. Nabutas na yung upuan niya sa kauupo sa senado ng 3yrs at 9 yrs sa Kongreso.. I / we dont want to repeat history. Pilipinas, Time to move on..

  9. ninja

    Ha ha ha! I love the sarcasm. Yes they look down at me as evil because I am not voting for Noynoy. I have been told very emphatically, “Maybe you’re not for Noynoy because maybe you are for Gloria!” #3 reason.

    Oh my! What a big insult! I should hide in my lunga now for shame, and also confess that I am evil to not consider Noynoy as my president.

  10. Evil na kung Evil…….. Mas mabuti pang maging masama kesa panigan ang NAGSUNOG NG UPUAN SA SENADO SA LOOB NG 3 TAON……

  11. ABCDEF

    evil? idol ko si darth vader, i’ll join the dark side kesa iboto ko si noy.

  12. khulet

    haha.. evil n din aq.. ms masaya un kaysa mkta mukha ni noynoy!!!

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