All flip flops, all the time


This is too hard! Di naman sinabi ng LP ninongs ko ganito pala. Shiyet!

Oh, man. Tell me, didn’t you just see this coming?

I mean, Noynoy can’t even get his campaign team to work together — hence the Kris Aquino-Boy Abunda debacle that was the “Sulo” station-ID ad. It’s simply too much to ask Noy to stand on his own.

To this, we say: Sayang naman mga palakpak ng Makati Business Club loyalists! Atapang atao to promise NO NEW TAXES. Anak ng putakti, di pa nakaupo ay binabawi na promise.

Stay tuned. Maybe next week, Noy will change his mind again.



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5 responses to “All flip flops, all the time


    ay walang paninindigan sa pangako. ano susunod? babaliktad ka din sa pinangako mong “hindi ako magnanakaw”? oh noy! manindigan ka naman.

  2. Yes Noy

    Please verify how media packaged it in such a way that he looked as if he flip-flopped.

    Truth is, he didn’t.

    By the way, who’s your candidate in May again? And can they spell paninindigan?

  3. hay naku

    nonoy made a promise at the mbc. no new taxes, now binabawi niya. asan ang paninindigan doon?

  4. tnh

    @Yes Noy, please shut up. Malinaw na nga na nagflip-flop pinagtatakpan mo pa.

    @Oh Noy: Any more details/video about the Kris Aquino-Boy Abunda debacle that was the “Sulo” station-ID ad?

  5. ninja

    @tnh: ‘There is a haunting resemblance between Senator Aquino’s “Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa” music video and a real-life torchlit march of Hacienda Luisita’s workers days before the November 16, 2004 massacre. What could be worth all the blood that has been spilled? The answer lies in a contentious 30-year stock distribution scheme, a legacy from former President Aquino.’

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