The Yellow Army: A foretaste of persecution and intolerance

Laban, laban, laban! Skinheads and Noyheads share intolerance.

First off, my apologies for being out the past few days. This is not all I do (contrary to the “paid hack” comments) and have to take care of a day job, as well. It’s been infinitely tiring, too, to keep answering the stupid questions of Yes Noy and punching holes in his arguments  (I’ve almost given up on them

As for Yes Noy and his minions forever badgering me into revealing who my candidate is, may I repeat that I will not be bullied in my own blog.

If I had wanted to campaign for a candidate, then I would have named my blog appropriately. OH NOY is a crusade to ensure that Noynoy Aquino, that pretender to the throne, shall never get a chance to screw us over.

Yes Noy, why don’t you just open your own blog and name it yesnoy? I checked, and the slot’s still free. Then you and your fellow Noy devotees can have fun there, pretend that your candidate’s the shizniz, and run it much like the way Noy’s official FB account is run – no critics, no negatives, and banning pretty much everyone who raises so much as a peep against your beloved.

We should take it as an indication of how our society will be if the spoiled brat that is Noynoy gets elected. That pikon, who prickles at survey results and biased moderators, also has an army of pikon revisionists of history that ascribe superhuman powers to their Noy.

Whereas the other candidates stick to highlighting their achievements, Noy’s army – uhm, stick it to them.

Again, you can’t blame them. You can only speak of Cory’s and Ninoy’s achievements for so long. At the end of the day, only Noy will be responsible for what he says.

And as we’ve seen, it’s not really very much.



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14 responses to “The Yellow Army: A foretaste of persecution and intolerance

  1. ellen

    well said…

  2. rey

    sayang si noynoy. he didn’t prove himself to me.

  3. Oh Noy… ang superhero na HINDI ARKILAHIN!

  4. I thought they’re with the word democracy??? But what happened to their fan page? They can’t even accept protest against them, is this what they call democracy? Go to Gordon fan page, they are entertained giving you information about issues you know and posted. This is what they called discipline…


    sabi ni bongV, Tamad na. Sinungaling Pa. Walang Achievements? It’s so easy to prove.

  6. Placibo effect

    Well said..
    I have been wondering why that Yes Noy keeps asking who is your bet for the election. So he could level with you by throwing criticism at your candidate… cheap talk and low life, that’s Yes Noy.

  7. Yes Noy

    Well said, well paid. What took you so long my friend? Filed VL or what? Hahahaha…

  8. Yes Noy


    Don’t sound too defensive about not revealing your candidate okay?

    I know you know 2 things will happen:
    1. I’ll find out who your donor is
    2. I’ll dissect your candidate


  9. Yes Noy

    “OH NOY is a crusade to ensure that Noynoy Aquino, that pretender to the throne, shall never get a chance to screw us over.”

    Yea yea whatever…

    You know what’s funny? You spend a lot of time digging dirt and you can’t even tell us who SHOULD be the one sitting on that throne.

  10. Yes Noy

    The ONLY way to make yourself legit is to tell everyone who you rooting for. Otherwise you will always be considered PAID. That’s P-A-I-D! Yes sir!


    I will wait. Ladidadidadida…

  11. koolangot

    I believe on the contrary, YesNoy is the one who’s paid by the Yellow Army to defend his idol in this blog. Remember, this is OhNoy’s blog. He can easily delete comments here since it is also moderated. If he wants to impose strict rules in this blog (including deleting YesNoy’s comments) he can do it anytime he wants – but he didn’t. Personally, I like it since we’re seeing first-hand how a fanatic member of the Yellow Army reacts to the truth about their idol.

  12. voltes-tron

    hahaha yes noy is BUTTHURT! LMAO

    he keeps asking who is Oh Noy’s candidate so he can mudsling at that candidate. what a cunt.

  13. Philip

    again, pathetic Noynoy mercenary na naman. hahaha, because he can’t defend na kasi Noynoy kaya he wants to attack another candidate. tama ba Yes Noy?

  14. noone

    robots ang mga NO-noy FAN-NUTS-tics! They are programmed to do just one thing, come hell or high, to be blind/deaf of NO-noys incompetence and to promote NO-noy as the saviour! DEfault na ng program nila yung black propaganda pag tinanung na sila kung ano ang nagawa ni NO-noy. hahahaha. They can see the “evil” of others, pero yung evils ni NO-noy and his puppeteers e hindi nila makita! Double standard BS! Wake up NOYbots! It only takes a douse of cold water on your face to get rid of the trance you are all in!

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