Show me your Jamby and I’ll show you my middle finger

There! It's official! I WILL CAMPAIGN FOR NOY! WOOHOO!

I’ve been to more than a couple of presidential fora, and when both Noy and Jamby are there, you can bet the last of Noy’s hair that they would inevitably consult with each other.

In fairness to Jamby, she had declared not too long ago that her primary reason for running is to assure Villar doesn’t win. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who the beneficiary of this selfless dedication and effort is.

Jamby has gotten herself in heaps of trouble, though, in her eagerness to deal the Villar campaign a blow. (she has also been all too willing to take potshots at Gibo, truth to tell).

You remember that galunggong debacle (vegetarian my behind). You also remember the Juday row. I mean, come one! Judy Ann Santos is not to be messed with. That was an incredibly cheap “I have seen the light” statement that Jamboy let loose in the UP forum — referring to the use of celebrities for campaigns. Juday should have had a stronger comeback, if you ask me, although that would have cheapened Mrs. Ryan Agoncillo to the level of the Jamboy.

As the campaign grinds on, we have been witness to the lengths and depths the Noy and LP will take to get our votes and to secure themselves power for six agonizing years.

That’s why I don’t understand where this self-righteousness is coming from. You mean to tell me that these people are supposed to stand for GOOD while the rest of us non-Noys are EVIL?

Jamby is the face of evil — spewing nothing but hatred and sarcasm.

Noy is the sarcastic face of evil — seducing all with his facade of innocence and integrity when his hands are bloodied by his family’s oligarchic greed.

One asks, what does Jamby stand to gain with her/his (smiley here) undying lapdog loyalty to the Ngoyngoy?

Me thinks it has something to do with her continuing campaign to hog the holdings of the Madrigal family who were left the massive wealth of her Tita Chito when she passed away.

You can bet that part of the deal with Noy means intervention in this not too savory case.

If Noy does stand for good, one wonders why he aligns himself with characters of such unsavory intentions as Jamby.

But then again, standing for GOOD and actually DOING GOOD are mutually exclusive terms in the warped world of NGOYNGOY — who doesn’t hesitate to commandeer the legacy of his parents while himself never doing anything more than marathon Ragnarok sessions and interminable naps at the Congress and Senate.

Fiscalizer, ‘ika nga.



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4 responses to “Show me your Jamby and I’ll show you my middle finger

  1. voltes-tron

    show me your jamboy and ill show you how to properly execute a drop kick to the face, jamby’s of course.

  2. panday

    i would understand jamby if she lost because of juday. well, that’s one ungrateful public servant we’ve got there.

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