These yellow ribbons can’t vote

The guy's all thumbs.

An anti-Noy voter pulled me aside the other day and expressed her worry about the Yellow Army.

She said: “Aren’t you worried that it seems so many people are pro-Noy? Surely, you have seen all the yellow ribbons, yellow ribbon stickers, yellow shirts and all the positive news items on the Inquirer and ABS-CBN!”

I smiled and nodded my head.

“What are you smiling about?!” she said, obviously getting mildly irritated.

I led her to the window of our building. We could see the cars whizzing (or rather, crawling) in the street below us.

“See that taxi with the yellow ribbon?”

“Yes,” she replied, perplexed where I was going with this.

“That taxi CANNOT VOTE.”

She smiled.

I continued: “See that big bus with the faces of Noy and Mar? That bus CANNOT VOTE as well.”

That’s what we all should remember.

This is war — a war that the yellows are trying to fight with lies and false impressions.

When you see workers at Araneta Center sporting yellow baller bands, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll all be voting for Noy (or even Mar). When you feel down with the shameless partisanship of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN for Noy and Mar, cheer up with the thought that these organizations — even if everyone of their employees are required to vote for the mama’s boys — are way outnumbered by the rest of us.

But in fairness, I know for a fact that a lot of ABS-CBN employees are not voting yellow and are royally turned off by the station’s less-that-subtle support for Ngoyngoy. Same thing with PDI.

Speaking of yellow, have you guys seen the gigantic yellow ribbon atop that Araneta Center building that you can see from EDSA? It reminds us of our big enemy and how these oligarchs and hacienderos want to dupe us again. Well, every time you see that big-ass yellow ribbon, remember the blood that smears it — the massacre victims, those killed after that massacre, and those that were silenced because they dared to speak up.




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9 responses to “These yellow ribbons can’t vote

  1. no!noynoy!

    Respondents : 4,947 individuals

    Methodology : Random pick, Sector-representative

    Target Sections : Luzon (2,958); Visayas (5,621), Mindanao (1,581)





  2. politicalamateur

    Yes, they may litter the metropolis with all those yellow ribbons, but you don’t get my vote. Nor my family’s. Nor my neighbor’s. Nor my close friends’. Whenever I see those yellow ribbons, I am reminded of a cult. Blind faith. And these guys are the illustrados!


    may magrereact diyan sa survey mo, sasabihin hindi totoo kasi si noy daw ang dapat laging no.1….

  4. Caesar

    Here are some points to consider for you Noynoy fanatics:

    Good vs Evil battlecry is full of bulls#!t, Noynoy is not a saint…

    Your parents are heroes, that doesn’t make Noynoy a hero also…

    Laziness and mediocrity in his years of public service…

    Haters and Opportunists are back…

    …If Noynoy Aquino wins, prepare of for the return of the DARK AGES…

  5. noone

    Badtrip na dilaw yan!!! Kahit saan! KAhit ano! merong dilaw! Pati ngipin nila dilaw! hehehe

    Mga yellows! mga duwag! mga duwag magisip ng tama at nararapat! *Sigh*

  6. intelligent guy

    of course taxes or buses don’t vote, how stupid naman. unless someone would register a mysterious taxi name to vote, i know someone who is capable in doing just that to be assured of a position.

  7. bloo

    Every time na may nakikita akong naka baller na yellow-blue, immediately branded na sila ng utak ko na “hindi nag-iisip” (ayaw ko namang maglagay ng bad words dito ahehe).

    Nothing about abnoy looks credible. Kahit nga ads nya, napaka plastic. Pati yung mukha nya hehe.. Laging asa sa script, pano na lang kung international conferences na? No comment na lang ba?

    Bakit ba nakadawit pa rin pangalan nila Ninoy at Cory? Eh hindi naman sila yung tumatakbo bilang presidente..

  8. Tommy

    Noynoy Aquino has shown that he only used his position on matters that involves his family, and the only speeches he made in congress then was all defensive statements, all he did was destroy the credibilty of those who worked all their lives in the land,that were truly theirs to begin with, The farmers will never get their land,the families and their loved one will never get justice for the massacre…BUT WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS ANIMAL TO MANIPULATE OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM FOR THEIR OWN USE…NOYNOY HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING FOR THE COUNTRY, HE IS OUT TO ROB OUR COUNTRY,EXPLOIT OUR PEOPLE, AND PUT OUR COUNTRY IN A SITUATION WERE WE CANNOT RECOVER EVER AGAIN, NOYNOY AQUINO IS A VERY DANGEROUS MAN, AND IF YOU PEOPLE COULD NOT SEE IT NOW, YOU WILL NEVER SDEE IT LATER, UNTIL EVERYTHING YOU CALL CIVILIZE LIVING IS ALL GONE….MAY GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES FROM THIS EVIL MAN…

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