RUFFA and the RAMA have been KRITCHIFIED!

Yup, the Kritch bit her. Now she's voting for Noy. Oh, snap!

It was much like watching a zombie or vampire movie where the last remaining uninfected humans make a desperate final stand against the monsters.

Then, as the protagonists turn to face the camera, they bare their fangs — they have been bitten.


When I saw Ruffa Gutierrez on the late night news mouthing the inane “PEACE, PEACE, PEACE! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!” lines of Kris Aquino, and saying the Rama also prodded her to make peace, then I said to myself ALL HOPE IS LOST.

The Philippine Star’s Ricky Lo writes thus:


Yes, Ruffa Gutierrez has accepted Kris Aquino’s apology for making her bara-bara (rudely interrupting) in their ABS-CBN show The Buzz. But the big question is: Will Ruffa show up this Sunday, March 14, which is her last day on the show, to bid her followers a fond farewell (see you on TV5 soon)?

Here’s Ruffa’s full statement:

Let us move forward with dignity and honor. Love, love, love! Peace, peace, peace! God bless us all!

I was reluctant to make a statement regarding such a small incident but since I felt the need to defend myself against unwanted rumors and ayoko na pong palakihin ito, I am saying my piece.

First of all, I hold Tito Boy (Abunda) and Kris in such high regard as professional mentors.

Secondly, I wasn’t reacting to just the video clip shown wherein Kris remarked, “Aminin mo, mas masaya dito.” Hindi naman po ako mababaw at pikon na tao. I always conduct myself as a professional to let small matters such as that bother me. That being said, the reason why I reacted that way, seemingly OA or not, is because aside from being understandably emotional since it was my last two episodes in The Buzz, the series of condescending remarks noticed by viewers through the years which I have constantly brushed off in the spirit of“pakikisama” also took a toll on me.

I invite you to view replays of past episodes on-line and you will understand exactly where I’m coming from. Offcam, sometimes Kris acknowledged my presence and other times (like that Sunday, March 7), I would be ignored.

I didn’t “walk out.” After what I thought was a commercial break, I felt tears were starting to well up. I went back to my dressing room to compose myself. But the tears wouldn’t stop.

Thirdly, my mom has nothing personal against Sen. Noynoy and the Aquino family. She never attacked the good senator’s character. Just like you and I, my mom has her own perspective and we should respect that. After all, we do live in a democracy.

Lastly, in the spirit of unity and as a nod to our long tenure on The Buzz, I appreciate and accept Kris’ public apology. I will always remember my three years on The Buzz with great fondness. I will miss everyone dearly!

(Note: Ruffa’s mom Annabelle Rama has also accepted Kris’ apology. As the cliché goes, all’s well that ends well. Added Ruffa, “I just want to make a graceful exit.”)



But hey, those of you who Tweet and followed the aftermath of the “uprising” against the Kritch on Ruffa’s Twitter account must have surely seen her sentiment — before promptly making her Tweets private.


This is from the Philippine Entertainment Portal:

Kris Aquino-Ruffa Gutierrez walkout issue spreads like wildfire even in Twitter

Isang sad face ang unang ipinost ni Ruffa sa kanyang Twitter account ilang sandali pagkatapos ng kanyang walkout sa The Buzz.

After an hour, nag-post ulit ng message si Ruffa at ito ang kanyang isinulat: “Just got home…my babies gave me the biggest hug when I walked in. This is what truly matters. Family n loved ones.”

Aniya, “Sana man lang I was given the chance to say goodbye properly to my colleagues on The Buzz who I’ve grown to love like family over the last 3 yrs. Kung may ayaw sa akin sa The Buzz, may mga may gusto din po sa akin. Sana nabigyan po ako ng chance para magpaalam sa mga nagmamahal din po sa akin. Kahit dalawang piraso pa sila, karapatan ko rin namang magpaalam ng maayos. I’m just trying to do my job.”

Dagdag pa niya, “This is not the first time. I’m also very diplomatic n can laugh about anything. Off-cam, the situation was far from pleasant. Yes, registered voters like me will certainly vote wisely. No need to make sira… I AM TEAM NOYNOY! But between now n the May elections, many things can still happen. It’s what name I will write that will clearly matter in the end. I would like to enjoy my time w/ loved ones now.

“Salamat po sa lahat ng tumawag, nag txt. Thank u. I leave everything up to God. Peace and love to all!!! I love you Twitterworld!”

KRIS SPEAKS UP. Sa parte naman ni Kris, nakikiusap ito sa pamamagitan ng kanyang Twitter account na kung puwede raw ay i-review at panoorin ng mga tao ang naganap sa “P.O.V.” segment ng The Buzz kahapon.

Aniya, “I invite everybody to review Buzz—my comment was said w/ affection & a sense of fun. Now if they will choose to lambast my brother who wasn’t even on The Buzz, makes me wonder what the true agenda is—para siraan si Noy?” (OHNOY: DEAR, WE DON’T HAVE TO. YOU’RE DOING A GREAT JOB ALREADY!)

Sa isa pang Twitter post niya ay ito ang kanyang sinabi: “I’d like to believe Filipino voters are intelligent & will continue supporting Noy because he is the best man for the job.” (OHNOY: FILIPINOS ARE INTELLIGENT. That’s why we will not let you or your brother get more POWER than you already have. It’s all gone to your HEAD, Kritch.)

RAYMOND SUPPORTS RUFFA. Bilang pagbibigay suporta sa kanyang kapatid na si Ruffa ay nag-post din ng ilang mensahe si Raymond Gutierrez sa kanya namang Twitter account. Si Raymond ay co-host ng Showbiz Central, ang katapat na programa ng The Buzz.

Ito ang ilan sa Twitter posts ni Raymond:

“Some people want all the spotlight & can be really tactless. I’m happy that my co-hosts here in Central show equal respect for each other.”

“When you’re trying to get the whole nation to be on your side, don’t be a bully.”

“Take it as a joke if it happens once, but being bullied every week is a different story. how do you spell P-O-W-E-R T-R-I-P-P-I-N-G?”

“I’m all about friendship, ask anyone, but there comes a time when you reach a saturation point, where you need to stand up & speak out. At the end of the day all you really have is your family. Spending some quality time with them tonight. Peace.”


How many actors, actresses, directors, producers, and people in showbiz secretly egged the Rama on as she went on with her tirade? How many more said “YOU GO, GIRL!” and clapped in front of their TV sets?

Kris needs to be bitch-slapped — the way she has bitch-slapped all of us on TV as we let her have her way with anyone that crosses her path.

Someone posited that a Noynoy presidency isn’t so bad, because Kris has promised to go abroad should her brother win. Oh, yeah? You REALLY think that’s going to happen?

Again, Noy and Kris are bound by a consuming passion for power and fame. They are lucky many do not see past the glorious facade of their parents.

Let’s try to imagine, if for but a moment, Kris and Noy STANDING ON THEIR OWN MERITS AND FOLLIES. Do you see them worthy of our admiration — even attention?

Yeah, I thought so, too.


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