Top 10 apologies of Hacienda Luisita farmers to Noynoy

And a-one and a-two and a-three: "Pasensya na! Sorry na! Ipagpaumanhin niyo na!"

WTF is this world we live in? We are all expected to kowtow and bow to the Kritch and her evil twin AbNoy — even if they are the offending parties.

We saw Ruffa apologize to Noynoy on national TV, following her declaration of “PEACE, PEACE, PEACE! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!” to Kris.

Of course, this is all GOOD, GOOD, GOOD for the Aquino campaign — and the transgression and arrogance of the Kritch are swept under the rug again.

For one brief shining moment, though, we were utterly overjoyed as someone FINALLY SOCKED IT TO THEM. Who would’ve thought the unlikely heroine was going to be the RAMA?

But with the apology, someone told me — and it made me shudder — “WHAT’S NEXT? THE FAMILIES OF THOSE MASSACRED FARMERS AT HACIENDA LUISITA ARE GOING TO APOLOGIZE?”


Yes, I can imagine how that would be like:


10. Sorry for bitching about our P9.50 daily wage. We can’t subsist on crap, lies, and unfulfilled promises.

9. Sorry for talking to Howie Severino’s investigative team on GMA7. They were the only ones from media who bothered to listen to and tell our story. ABS-CBN sent us Marc Logan; he just made a joke.

8. Sorry for dragging Ballsy into this mess. She cast the first stone, of course, by saying these hurtful words:

“Palaki nang palaki ang kanilang pamilya. Hindi nakakaya. Magkano lang ang kanilang kinikita? Siyempre pag hinati yun , siyempre paliit ng paliit,” said Ballsy Aquino-Cruz when asked about the root cause of the conflict between the Cojuangco family and the Luisita farmers.

“Just like any other company, fine if it (Hacienda Luisita) gains profit, and sorry if does not. Just wait for the next time.”


7. Sorry for not joining your Tarlac proclamation rally. We were too busy looking for stuff to eat and to feed our children.

6. Sorry for the Mendiola Massacre getting airplay again. Pattern daw kasi.

5. Sorry for not being too happy with the Stock Distribution Option you forced on us. We can’t eat paper.

4. Sorry for raising a fuss when your mom Tita Cory exempted this land from her agrarian reform efforts.

3. Sorry for contributing to the Leftist rage against you. By the way, how do you spell FEUDAL SYSTEM?

2. Sorry for asking for our fair share in the sale of SCTEX. We own 33 percent of the Hacienda; how can we get a measly P450 per farmer in the P83 million sale?


1. Sorry for getting in the way of your goons’ bullets.



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4 responses to “Top 10 apologies of Hacienda Luisita farmers to Noynoy

  1. purple haze

    bakit ang Hacienda Luisita lang ibinukod sa pamamahagi ng lupa? kaswapangan yan.

  2. Oh, I like this. I haven’t read the whole post yet, but I like it. Sometimes I wish it was already June so we could see what happens. But when I think about it, I get a headache. Masyadong malaki na talaga ang problema ng Pilipinas kaya kailangan nang baguhin.

  3. bong

    flock of the same feather stick together. noynoy aquino+evil cbn=greed

  4. Kawawang Magsasaka!

    Posts like this really makes me sad. We need social justice.. Where’s the justice for the Hacienda Luisita farmers? This has been going on for more than two decades already.

    And yet, many Filipinos are voting for Abnoy to be president!

    What a sham!
    What ignorance!
    What indifference!

    They are like sheep, following where ABiaS-CBN leads them.

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