ICE FOR SALE: How a Noynoy supporter sells yellow!

I’ve always wondered how a conversation between a Ngoyngoy supporter and an undecided intelligent voter would go.

Now I know. 🙂

Luisita, Luisita! Ay, teka, charrrrrrrrr! Photo taken a few seconds before Noynoy drooled on his shirt.

PRO-NOY: Hey you! Have you decided on a candidate na?


PRO-NOY: Oh, great! Vote for Noynoy Aquino, ha? He’s my candidate!

UNDECIDED: Good for you. May I ask why you’re voting for him?

PRO-NOY: That’s easy! I love Tita Cory, no! I even made pila during her wake. Andaming tao! Laban! Laban!

UNDECIDED: Yes, I know. I went to that wake, too. I, uhm, made pila too. I’m asking you why vote for Noynoy?

PRO-NOY: Ninoy is a hero! Cory is virtually a saint and an acknowledged icon of democracy!

UNDECIDED: Yes, and you’re not answering my question. Let’s talk qualifications.

PRO-NOY: How can you not be for Noynoy? Don’t you love the Philippines? Don’t you appreciate what Cory and Ninoy died for? Didn’t you cry when they died?

UNDECIDED: I did! I love Cory and Ninoy as much as the next guy. Cory and Ninoy are NOT Noynoy.

PRO-NOY: Kung ano ang puno, yun ang bunga!

UNDECIDED: You mean like Kris Aquino?

PRO-NOY: Baby James is sooooo cute when he says “Noynoy” at the end of the supah-dupah commercial, di ba? Then he makes the “L” sign pa! He’s so bibo!

UNDECIDED: Let’s focus here.

PRO-NOY: Qualifications? Ano ka ba? He became a congressman and is a senator!

UNDECIDED: What legislative work did he do?

PRO-NOY: He’s a fiscalizer, no! How can you not know that? At chaka every time Kris and James fight, he makes them bati! Noy’s so galing talaga!


PRO-NOY: Haven’t you seen that so many people are wearing yellow baller bands and yellow shirts? So many yellow ribbons and stickers are all around you!

UNDECIDED: Is popularity a basis for voting?

PRO-NOY: Hindi ba?

UNDECIDED: You’re still not convincing me.

PRO-NOY: Who are you thinking about voting for ba?

UNDECIDED: I’m looking for someone who is qualified for the job.

PRO-NOY: Haven’t you been listening to me?

UNDECIDED: I have been and, frankly, your arguments are not convincing me.

PRO-NOY: At sino naman balak mong iboto? Yung pinsan ni Noy, yung mayaman, yung dating pangulo, yung taga Subic, yung pamangkin niya, yung vegetarian (oy, kampi namin yun!), yung titser, yung pastor, o yung na-disqualify?

UNDECIDED: Actually, they all seem to be more qualified than Noynoy.

PRO-NOY: Oy ha! You’re too much na, ha! Basta Noy tayo, ha. Yung walang bahid! Siya lang ganun!

UNDECIDED: What about the Hacienda Luisita massacre? What about that anomalous SCTEX deal? Kamag-anak, Inc.?

PRO-NOY: Hindi ka mag-iisaaaaaaaa (flashes “L” sign and sings a la Regine Velasquez)

UNDECIDED: Hay, mag-isa ka na nga at yang Noy mo!




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26 responses to “ICE FOR SALE: How a Noynoy supporter sells yellow!

  1. khulet

    kulet nun ah…
    sbagay.. wala nmn kc tlagang masasabing achievement c noynoy…
    mron pala.. maging masunurin kay kritch!!!

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  4. This is funny. At para sa mga aalma na hindi to totoo, they should go to some websites and read the comments. Facebook, magandang example.

  5. Philip

    that’s why i love this page. the best!

  6. panday

    yes noy, any comments?

  7. Go to and learn about what Noynoy is all about. This article is a 4 part series explaining in detail about Noynoy and KAMAGANAK INC. Read and learn so that you can explain to others what a mistake it will be to vote for Danding…este…Noynoy Aquino.

  8. purple haze

    any incompetent person can be a presidentiable basta sikat at malakas sa survey. alam niyo naman ang iba, di baleng wala nagawa basta sikat. easy win kasi ang gusto. hindi iniisip ang bansa. dapat ang motto ni noy ay “Di baleng tamad, hindi naman pagod”.

  9. Edward Yee

    hahaha, accurate and funny!

    halos lahat ng reasons na naririnig ko for voting Noynoy ganyan. Basta maka rason lang kung anu-ano sinasabi!

  10. Anonymous

    lolz, its up to you guys kung sino gusto nyong iboto nyo..

  11. Hahah....

    Nice one… totoo nga. 😉

  12. chuva


    i can very well relate. hahaha:D

  13. Katherine


    very true?

    he is not qualified for a job! definitely not!

  14. None of the above

    All presidential candidates are not qualified. Everyone is pretending that they’re good people. If they’re really good at heart, di natin nakikita yun but once they’re in the position na, they tend to forget all the promises. Though they’re mindset is huwag maging corrupt na tao, but once the candidate win for the position, the corruption itself tempt the president to do something bad that’s why the people will be complaining and regret why binoto pa nila yung tao na yun. We can vote wisely, we can choose someone we think is qualified or karapat dapat maging presidente but we can’t stop them na ma tempt sa lahat ng evil sa politics

  15. kamote

    A bili bili ng yelo!

  16. YeKiS


    Natanggal ang antok ko!

    Actually ganyan talaga ang mga supporters niya.

    Dahil kay Mama at Papa kaya daw nila iboboto si Noy.

    Puno at bunga daw. I’ve heard it several times.

  17. Hindi Ako UtoUto


    si noynoy SUMASAHOD AT TUMATANGGAP NG PORK BARREL for 12 years AT WALANG NAIPASANG BATAS! at isa pa siya sa mga highest spender sa senate..

    if that is not corruption,
    tell me what it is???????????

  18. wawawawa

    new definition of incompetence = noynoy aquino. role model ng mga ibang gov’t employee na pumapasok lang pero alang ginagawa pero sumasahod.

  19. Silent curse

    sana tamaan si noynoy ng kidlat habang nagsisinungaling na sya ay malinis.

  20. roi

    Salamat sa Diyos at natagpuan ko ang post na to. 😀 sharing it on facebook, if it’s alright. 🙂

    Mabuhay ka, Pedro Damuho. 😀

  21. I totally agree with the other comments. The reason mahirap ding tirahin si Noy, eh dahil WALA SIYA TALAGANG GINAWA na ma titira. It all boils down to this: Noy Noy may or may not be a good man, but he is definitely an INCOMPETENT leader.

    Also, Manny VIllar was in TV Patrol tonight. He showed their “home” in Tondo to those skeptics who continue to doubt his roots. He vowed to tour Noy Noy in his then neighborhood given that he gets a tour of the Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita.

    Noy Noy is no saint. He is not a competent leader either. What other reasons to vote for him?

    Read more:

  22. ray bueno

    I totally agree with you people who knows how incompetent Noynoy is for the presidency.
    Please don’t vote for someone who had second thoughts about running for the highest post in the land. But do not consider Villar, the string puppet of GMA.

  23. ling

    i love this post! sapul na sapul!

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