The New York Times tells it like it is

At the Aquino/Cojuangco Kingdom, serfs work feverishly to buy Queen Kris another Hermes bag.

There was an upswell of Filipino pride once again last Sunday as Pacquiao demolished the peek-a-boo Clottey (obviously more concerned about staying upright than notching a win).
It was a good day to be a Filipino — at least until the Kritch did her scripted afternoon drama on the Buzz (previous post).
Kritch might have stolen a little thunder and a little dignity from our day, but nothing could have prepared us for an international embarrassment that confirmed what many of us have been saying for SOOOO LONG. Yesterday afternoon, we spotted this piece on the web.
The New York Times’ intrepid Japanese-Canadian reporter Norimitsu Onishi did tons of research and nailed priceless quotes from a range of people as he penned: “For Philippine Family in Politics, Land Issue Hits Home.”
Here’s the link, as I want you to appreciate just how embarrassing this is for our country.
Bloggers everywhere can have a field day referencing this article for Noy and his family’s many slip-ups and inconsistencies.
  • AGRARIAN REFORM IS A FLOP: “Despite the government’s assertion that a two-decade-old land distribution program has been a success, most farmers in the Philippines have yet to benefit significantly. The uneven ownership of land, this country’s primordial problem, continues to concentrate economic and political power in the hands of large landowning families (AQUINO/COJUANGCO RING A BELL?) and to fuel armed insurgencies, including Asia’s longest-running Communist rebellion… Though Mrs. Aquino (CORY) made land reform a top priority, she allowed landowning families to eviscerate her distribution program. Critics say there is no greater example of the failure of land reform than her own family’s estate.
  • NOYNOY IS LYING WHEN HE SAYS THEY WANT TO DISTRIBUTE THE LAND TO THE FARMERS. “For the past five years, the family has been fighting in the Supreme Court a government directive to distribute the 10,000-acre Hacienda Luisita — the second-biggest family-owned piece of land in the Philippines, about 80 miles north of Manila — to 10,000 farmers…” WTF! THEY’VE BEEN FIGHTING TO KEEP OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL.
  • BIGGEST EXAMPLE OF DECEPTION: “Criticized for his family’s position, Mr. Aquino, 50, the front-runner in the presidential election, announced recently that the family would transfer the land to the farmers after ensuring that debts were paid off. “It will be theirs clear and free,” Mr. Aquino said in an interview in Manila… But Mr. Aquino’s cousin, Fernando Cojuangco, the chief operating officer of the holding company that owns the plantation, said that the extended Cojuangco family, owners of this plantation since 1958, had no intention of giving up the land or the sugar business. “No, we’re not going to,” Mr. Cojuangco, 47, said in an interview here. “I think it would be irresponsible because I feel that continuing what we have here is the way to go. Sugar farming has to be; it’s the kind of business that has to be done plantation-style.”
  • THE STOCK DISTRIBUTION OPTION IS A NOT-TOO-CLEVER RUSE TO SKIRT LAND DISTRIBUTION. “What is more, lawmakers, most of whom come from large landowning families, included loopholes in the (LAND REFORM) program, critics say. ‘Because of the loopholes, landlords have been able to find all sorts of ways and means to recover their land,’ said Roland G. Simbulan, a professor of development studies and public management at the University of the Philippines. The biggest loophole, critics say, was a stock and profit-sharing program that Mrs. Aquino agreed to under pressure from large landlords. Instead of redistributing their land, about a dozen families, including her own, were allowed to turn farmers into shareholders. The government eventually found that the Cojuangcos had violated the agreement by failing to share profits with the farmers and ordered that the land be distributed, said Mr. Pangandaman of the agrarian reform department.
So, yeah. ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer can go prop up Noy with all the airtime and column inch he needs, while the world at large shakes its head at this hollow shell of a man trying to pretend to know how run a country yet clearly is CRIMINALLY LIABLE for the injustices on his family’s own ill-gotten land.



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6 responses to “The New York Times tells it like it is

  1. yeah i agree its a terrible things to have someone or family manage at thier will all your country’s wealth( mostly for themselves first!)

  2. honorato perez

    Noynoy’s PR is working harder lately. The Kris Aquino monologue and lately a black propaganda disguised as a letter,

    and as a commentary

    same content from two different writers. Iba ka talaga Noynoy. Lahat sana ng baho ng pamilya mo lumabasQ

  3. Honorato

    The New York Times on Wednesday said it is standing by its Hacienda Luisita story where it quoted a Cojuangco family member as saying that the clan will not let go of the 4,500-hectare plantation – a claim that runs contrary to the campaign promise of presidential aspirant Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III (Liberal Party).

    Carlos Conde, New York Times’ correspondent in the Philippines, made the statement after Aquino said in an interview that his cousin, Fernando Cojuangco, was possibly misquoted in the article.

    On his Web site, Conde said the interview with Cojuangco, chief operating officer of the holding company that owns Hacienda Luisita and Central Azucarera de Tarlac, was recorded on tape and could be made available to the public.

    “We stand by our March 16, 2010, story on Hacienda Luisita. Our interview with Mr. Fernando Cojuangco . . . was recorded. If Mr. Cojuangco wishes the tape to be released to the public, we will gladly do so,” he said.

    Fernando is the son of Aquino’s uncle, Pedro Cojuangco.

    Aquino, whose presidential bid is being hounded by the non-distribution of the Cojuangco-owned land to farmer-beneficiaries despite the existing Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), said the younger Cojuangco apologized to him in a text message and expressed doubts that he was quoted accurately in the article.

    “Nag-apologize siya, sabi niya mukhang negative ang sense. He was wondering if he was quoted accurately (He apologized, he said his statements seemed to reflect a negative sense, he was wondering if he was quoted accurately),” Aquino told reporters in Naga City where he was campaigning at the time.

    Regarding a part in the story where Fernando reportedly questioned whether the CARP is indeed the centerpiece of the administration of Aquino’s mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, the senator said he “cannot imagine” his cousin “talking that way about [my] mother.”

    “All of us were brought up to respect our elders. He as a lawyer should have studied the matter. I really am not sure if he was taken out of context,” Aquino said, noting that the Cojuangcos had arrived at a “unanimous decision” that running the plantation in its “present scheme” is not a “sound venture.”

    Aquino had earlier vowed to ensure the distribution of the plantation’s lands to farmer-beneficiaries by June 2014, the expiration of the extended CARP.

  4. Emmanuel

    I strongly believe that Noynoy Aquino CANNOT perform well as a president. We will just experience economic quandary and catastrophe if he’ll be elected as president. He’s just nothing but a crap. Ninoy was Ninoy. Cory was Cory. It never happened that Noynoy is Ninoy or that Noynoy is Cory. But this man’s gonna do and say everything just to win. This person has been known to be autistic and he really is.

  5. Patriotic

    Akala ko ba si Money V.Liar ang nag iiyak sa TV kasi dami daw black propaganda laban sa kanya sa internet? Liar talaga ano mga katoto?

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