Which is closest to Tarlac? Quezon City, Manila, or NEW YORK?

NGOY and CHAR: Don't ask them. They're clueless.

The answer may surprise you.

It’s apparently New York (the city, not the street) — as in the United States of America.

That, at least, should be the response you expect to get if you go to the ABS-CBN newsroom in Quezon City, or the Philippine Daily Inquirer offices in Manila.

That’s because it took a publication a world away to report something on the injustice that has long been perpetuated on hapless farmers and workers at the Hacienda Luisita. Hats off to GMA (the network, not the president) which has been among the voices in the wilderness who dare to tell the true story about the machinations and ambitions behind a supposedly selfless drive for the presidency.

You can find one of the GMA stories on Hacienda Luisita here:


Media control is a big ace up the sleeve of the Liberal Party mummies, and is easily the single most effective way to brainwash the substantial youth sector.

The youth, after all, are most susceptible to the yellow crap of Ngoy and Char.

No, it’s not an affront or insult to young people.

The real EDSA revolution is something Ngoy and Char don't know anything about.

Let me digress a moment first.

Even as LP spin doctor and strategist Serge Osmena stresses a negative campaign (waging dirty tactics against rivals), other image handlers portray the Aquino-Roxas tandem as the only pristine alternative to corrupt competitors.

They hijacked the yellow color of Ninoy and Cory.

They hijacked the yellow ribbon that first stood for a nation eagerly awaiting for Ninoy Aquino to come home in 1983.

They hijacked the Hindi Ka Nag-iisa slogan.

They hijacked the image of goodness versus evil.

How does all this imagery resonate with the youth? Easy. The young are idealistic and gravitate towards absolute (in Noy’s case, imagined) heroes or role models.

The young, God bless them, do not have an experiential memory of EDSA. They also do not recall how difficult the Cory years were — years marked by interminable power outages, numerous coup attempts, and massive corruption by Kamag-anak, Inc.

Today, it would be in terribly bad taste to bring up the Cory years, of course. But we are constrained to correct the misrepresentations by her bold (and bald) son — almost romanticizing those years of yellow.

Yes, we are a nation grateful to Ninoy and Cory, but let’s not distort the truth, please.

So let me admonish the youth to do your research. Ask your elders who were there at EDSA. Ask those who went through the Cory years at Malacanang.

The emotional appeal of Noy is so easily debunked.

“Thinking” is the last thing LP wants us to do. Let’s not give them the satisfaction.



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6 responses to “Which is closest to Tarlac? Quezon City, Manila, or NEW YORK?

  1. Suzy Santos

    Great insight! Wake up young people! Do not be blinded by the Yellow Ribbon drama! laos na laos na yan! sobrang gas-gas na ka-ek-ekan na yan! Puhleeze!

  2. Macario Sakay

    Youth must learn from history or it will always be a vicious cycle of politicians using the people for their own glory….
    There is much information you can research and be informed…
    Vote wisely and VOTE WITH CAUTION!

  3. I'm _______

    I am one of the young ones constantly bombarded by Yellow Propaganda. Even my classmates have been brainwashed. I am therefore really really grateful that I’m not one of the victims of the yellow menace, although I would want other people to realize this. NO TO NOYNOY

  4. panday

    has anyone seen a noynoy ad which didn’t say a word or two about his father and mother? that’s because he has nothing to talk about without them. he has no achievements (despite his long years in public service) to show but that of his parents. if noynoy truly loves his parents then he might just as well let them rest (they deserve it!), and start being his own man. fact is, ninoy is not noynoy. cory is not noynoy. and the spirit of edsa 1 is definitely not noynoy.

  5. hilaw ang dilaw

    i grew up during the cory years. i would have to agree on you. that’s the time when the infrastructure of this country deteriorated. rivers and creeks became so polluted because gov’t. officials are so busy with their logging business. and who can forget those 24 hour or more black outs. i started the morning dark in my high school classrooms, went home and still dark, wake up the next morning still dark. crapppppyyyyy days, even worse than the martial law times.

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