United against Noynoy Aquino

These thumbs will be turned down if we give this inept candidate the PRESIDENCY.

It’s been very heartening to get support from all over. Thank you.

More than anything, it should bring out the clear message:

It doesn’t matter who you’re voting for. We all know it will be a tragic day if NOYNOY AQUINO is elected as President of our hapless country.

I am sad that many of our countrymen — intelligent ones at that — have fallen into the yellow trap. I don’t have to tell you how they are lured by the artificial image on the screen that is Noy. Well, yeah, let’s review the selling points.











If we analyze, this is pretty compelling stuff — stuff for Peter Jackson movies, in fact. Why, we can make this into a trilogy.

The message, if you believe the fanatics, is that Noynoy Aquino is the MESSIAH.

The problem with this, of course, is that he’s not.

One of the more compelling arguments against Noynoy is this: IF PRESIDENT CORY HAD NOT DIED, WOULD YOU HAVE EVER CONSIDERED NOY AS PRESIDENT MATERIAL?


However, the comeback of the Noynoyistas will be just as strong: YES, AND THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT SOME PEOPLE THOUGHT ABOUT CORY AQUINO VIS-A-VIS NINOY’S DEATH.

Okay (as favorite turncoat Ngoyngoyera Conrado de Quiros says): There’s the rub.

But, not to worry. The argument should not end there. There are sound responses to this kind of flawed reasoning — a reasoning that again hinges on emotion and ignores (sounds like ignoy) sound judgment.

> When Cory was made president, we lived in a different time — a time when we, indeed, could simplify the fight as between good and evil: between a homemaker and a tyrant. Today, the public is faced with a plethora of choices better than NOYNOY AQUINO. We are in a sound democracy — notwithstanding the excesses of the GMA administration — and we do not need to SETTLE for NOYNOY AQUINO.

> Since we are bringing up the subject of history, let’s take a closer look at NOYNOY AQUINO. He consistently harps about the sacrifices of his family, the legacy of his parents — and how he will continue the fight against corruption. PRAY TELL, NOY: What did you ever do in the past to prove you continued the fight against that? The presidency is not for those given who suddenly experience a “eureka” moment — as in “EUREKA, I CAN WIN!” Tell us and convince us why we should vote for you. What have you done in the past that shows you can run our country? Did you maximize the mandate given to you as a congressman and senator? DON’T GIVE US THAT FISCALIZER CRAP. Show us a tangible record. OH, I FORGET, YOU DON’T HAVE ONE.

To choose and vote for NOYNOY AQUINO is to unknowing deny ourselves a good president, yet again. After the enthusiasm and allure of yellow ribbons, interminable “L” signs, sloganeering, and the hysteria, the next president, if it is (GOD HELP US) Noynoy, needs to buckle down to work in Malacanang.

I know in my mind and heart that he is woefully unprepared for that task.

And we cannot afford that.



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25 responses to “United against Noynoy Aquino

  1. I'm _______

    Nicely written! Whoever you are, I am given hope that I’m not the only who has realized the yellow menace is NOT A LIE. If you don’t mind, can I ask who are you supporting for president?

    But in the end, I think our president should be ANYBODY BUT NOYNOY. (ou can also add Erap with Noy too if you want.) 🙂 More Power!

  2. Paolo

    trabaho ng NPA yan,,, make use of sympathy

  3. dark fiend

    this article draws a smile in my face 😀

  4. noone

    You are correct in saying, we are yet again going to deny ourselves of a good president if NO-noy wins.

    Stop the Yellow menace!

    Yellow is not the color of the Philippines, its Blue, Red and White! 🙂

  5. misk4r

    blue RED and white is the color of our flag..

    no brainer here.. Sen. Richard Gordon tops every other candidate..

    Pagbabago Sigurado.. Transformers 2010

  6. Akumatenshi

    would definitely cross post…summarized everything in the forums…:)

  7. msg

    Sen Gordon is the most qualified of all. kakainin ng buhay si noynoy ng mga achievements at track records ni sen gordon


    sabi nila voting should be a black or white thing- no gray area but in this case wherein there seems to be no clear choice for president and everyone is basically riding on popularity, i as a voter believe that i am left with the sole option of choosing the least evil, which is gordon. although he also has his share in issues of “alleged” corruption and bata bata system, he’s a true transformer and disciplinarian. but i doubt his electoral win. sana nagpahinog pa siya ng konti.


    also, i firmly believe that Kritch is by far the most inconsistent person I know. after making OA ngalngal on The Buzz about thinking of leaving the show, today’s episode showed her in her typical “nangmamata” look with a hint of arrogance when she said “bakit ako aalis?!” stupid girl. whoever asked u to leave the show in the first place? ikaw lang naman nag-bring up no’n di ba? one hell of an excuse para maisingit mo na naman Kuya mo and promote him for free. months ago on SNN u promised na for the sake of fairness, u will not talk about Noy in ur shows and even asked the staff not to feature anything about your Kuya so that u wont be accused of being biased. they did that naman kaso ang problema ikaw naman tong bring up ng bring up! u r so consistent at being inconsistent! y do u always contradict urself? may split personality disorder ka ba? nakakaloka ka na!!!!!!!

  10. intelligent guy

    nice one..intelligent persons rooting for Noy…i guess i know how you classify yourself, no doubt.

  11. I’ve been reading some articles in Noynoy’s blog and I noticed that the Noynoy fans look up to him like a Messiah. Sugo. Which he isn’t, really. What I can’t understand is that ‘he is the good from this good vs evil fight’. Anong point don? Heck, they even compared him to Obama (di pala ko dito dapat magtanong, dun pala sa blog nya dapat para may sumagot sa tanong ko).

    Malapit na ang eleksyon, sana mas magbasa at manood ng news ang mga tao. Discernment should be done. I’m quite disappointed that some smart people didn’t think quite enough for them to firmly cast their vote on this man.

    Ang tagal ko nang umaasa na unti-unting umunlad ang Pilipinas, pero kung ang magiging resulta ng eleksyon ay di kanais-nais, aba, wala nakong masasabi don. But. Hope is still not gone.

  12. Alberto D. Pempengco

    Noynoy Aquino has been a FULL-TIME LAWMAKER for the last 12 years.

    Output: Zero Laws Passed.

    What do you think will happen if Noynoy Aquino becomes our FULL-TIME PRESIDENT for the next six years?

    God help us!


    gotta admit though, Sen. Roxas gave a solid performance on Sunday’s Harapan. didn’t really give us a clear platform but he did extremely well at deflecting Sen. Loren’s attempts at character assassination.

  14. Keeping2myself

    I was totally against Noynoy from the moment he announced his candidacy. I questioned his motives, qualifications, and track record. I didn’t even know about the Hacienda Luisita controversy and the SCtex fiasco.

    Thank you for the education.

  15. amafraidofnoynoy

    I simply cannot understand why people would even consider noynoy for president.

    please, let us see through the smoke and mirrors show of noynoy and kris.

  16. Jruz


    Actually, I had totally forgotten that he was a senator. He was out of the radar on anything for so long. They say that he attended all session, but I’m betting he just slept through all of em. I’m betting if his mother hadn’t died people would have forgotten he even existed.

  17. panday

    according to his latest radio ad, sya na raw ang may utang sa mga pilipino dahil sa pagsuporta, pagmahal at pag-alaala sa kanyang mga magulag.

    noynoy, it’ll be enough payment for the filipino people if you stop pretending that you can lead this country.

  18. I'm _______

    Narinig niyo ba ang sinabi niya ngayon? Pagod na aw siyang maghintay ng debate vs. Villar. Narinig niyo a ang sabi niya nung March 12, 2010? Hindi na raw siya magdedebate kasi wala namang nakikinig doon at “waste of time” lang. Ano ba siya? hilo?

    • wawawawa

      nagflipflop na naman.

      • ‘nlabo naman o. Pero ang tanong, may makikinig o manonood pa ba ng debate nila ni Villar kung sya mismo ang nagsabi na ‘waste of time’? E bakit sya napapagod sa pag-aantay? Akala ko ba ‘waste of time’ lang ang mga debate? Tsk.

  19. michel

    walang pagbabago kahit pa sino umupo. the government does not exist anymore if you ask me.

  20. ally

    We can’t deny that we all have one thing in common…we are against noynoy as president…pero marami pa rin sa ating mga kababayan ang madaling mapaniwala sa matatamis na salita ni noynoy…mga taong malapit kay Cory…at mga taong di nakaka-alam sa hacienda luisita massacre…if only they knew the real deal behind noynoy…..perhaps they’ll think hundred times before considering noynoy as president…i can’t imagine life here in the Phillipines for the next 6 years if noynoy wins…

  21. Rex Ian Sayson

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to share a reflection I’ve been going through some time now about “wasted votes”. Is there really such a thing?

    Which vote is a wasted vote? The one used to give the best candidate a fighting chance, or the one used to let a supposed front-runner’s backers control the outcome with unscientific surveys? Having generated the largest business portfolio for my previous company using market research, it really bothers me that the methodologies behind the various election surveys seem so loose that the results are practically useless except for whatever agendas those who paid for the surveys may have.

    For example, if Noynoy A is really the front-runner, how come most people I speak with are supporting Gordon?

    Obviously since I’m not a Villar-ionaire I can’t do a proper survey myself at this point, but it’s very worrying – look at the financial crisis caused by believing too much in credit ratings paid for by the companies being rated themselves – how much misery has been caused by this ill-placed compianza? Should we peg our faith in getting the leaders we deserve on unscientific surveys, or should we peg our faith on finding the best fit candidate for our country’s needs?

    What would you like our country to have achieved 6 years from now? How do we measure the achievements we would like our people to have accomplished in 6 years, 12 years, 24 years, and what kind of proven accomplishments let us know which candidates are the best choice?

    I am sure different voters will have different criteria, and different results, but I hope you’d help spread the word to let the best candidate win, and not necessarily the ones pre-selected by paid-for survey companies. Personally, I’m impressed with this platform and the values, qualifications and experience behind it http://bit.ly/cABGn9

    Just to share, where I’m from, I can go jogging at night, there’s a functioning public library, LTO transactions take 15 minutes, public school students have international-standard classrooms, and it doesn’t even need to collect the same taxes as Makati. Do we want to just survive in our country, or really live?

    I believe our people will make the right choice if we just remind ourselves to stay focused on what this election is about – our future, our dreams, and our loved ones.

    May the best candidate win.

    What do you think? Please spread the word to everyone you care about also

    Cheers 🙂

  22. Optimus Prime

    Why did Gordon used the thumbsign and the color red to signify his movement? Wasn’t it from Ako Mismo? A political move perhaps? Quite deceptive in my part.

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