Mr. Mar Roxas: Climate change rejectionist

ONE EFFIN’ PERCENT. Somebody give him a red tide-infected clam, please.

Yup, this dry ricefield doesn't look pretty urgent, right MAR?

Oh, snap! Ignorance, it seems, comes in pairs.

Did any of you watch VP candidate Mar Roxas make a fool out himself last Sunday on national TV?

La Consolacion College in Manila was the chosen venue for Mar’s foot-in-mouth feat, for ABS-CBN’s Harapan: Vice Presidential Debate. You’d think Mar would be in home court, with the self-righteous and omniscient Ted Failon once again manning the mic.

But perhaps that smugness was what doomed the erstwhile presidentiable Mar.

Mar squared up against NP’s Loren Legarda and delivered a stupid question that would have made Fernando Cojuangco feel a little better after his own KATANGAHAN during his New York Times interview. Now, the COO of Hacienda Luisita has company.

From the ABS-CBN news article: “For his part, Roxas asked Legarda why she chose to focus on climate change as a campaign platform when other, more pressing problems needed more attention. In response, Legarda said climate change remains a gut issue especially since the Philippines remains one of the top 10 countries in the world most at risk from it.”

Seems innocuous enough — unless you know what was conveniently omitted from that article.

Here’s what Mar asked of Loren:

“Senadora, matagal na po kayong nasa public eye, 20 taon bilang brodkaster, tumakbo bilang senador, tumakbo bilang bise presidente, tumakbo bilang senador muli, at kilala na po kayo sa ating buong bansa. Sa halalang ito, yung inyong pagtangkilik sa environment ang siyang pinaka sentro ng inyong programa. Bakit po ito ang sentro samantalang ang Pilipino — ang Pilipinas — ay less than one percent ng problema sa kabuuan ng climate change?”

WHAT? Can you repeat that stupid question? No, wait. I’m getting a headache.

“My God! Doesn’t Mar feel the heat on his sorties? That’s climate change!” ranted my friend, clearly agitated by the statement.

But I don’t blame Mar one bit. He’s probably so used to air-conditioned environments like the big Araneta home in Cubao or even their spiffy Gateway Mall, that he cannot relate to the very real problem of climate change.

While we’re at it, didn’t you notice how PIKON he was (just like one Mr. Noynoy Aquino) that he bristled at questions hurled against him? Funny, too, how he went overtime asking Loren (Loren didn’t peep about it), then when Loren did the same, Mar was quickly on it?

He said (puffed up with righteous indignation, too): “Senadora, ito ang sagot ko. Unang una, yung hindi marunong sumunod sa patakaran, palagay ko di rin marunong dumisiplina sa sarili.”

Someone ought to slap that silly sarcastic grin off his face.

Yes, Mar does use PI. That's parliamentary language for spoiled brats.

* * *

In other news:

It was also interesting to note that LAKAS-KAMPI’s Edu Manzano did not appear in the forum. “Why should he? ABS-CBN coerced Pinky Webb to separate from him if she wanted to keep her job?” said my friend.

WTF?! What about Kris Aquino? Ah, you can’t be separated from your brother. It’s a freakin’ two-for-one deal.

Besides, the KRITCH is a major stockholder of ABias-CBN.



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5 responses to “Mr. Mar Roxas: Climate change rejectionist

  1. OH Noy groupie


  2. dark fiend

    stufid mar..does he considered that our country is also classified as agricultural?


  3. lulwut

    I don’t go into mud-slinging but the Mar Roxas Pic IS EPIC!!!! hahahahahhahahhahahh

    GRABE!!!! Sakit ng tiyan ko!!!

  4. elisha

    this post is very funny indeed.

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