LP boxing event: The undercard to a Noynoy Aquino presidency

All yellow breaks loose: This juicy story was conveniently overlooked by ABS-CBN. What say you, Ces?

Yet another manifestation of the chaos behind all the yellow/pagbabago rhetoric.

Hardly anything surprises me about Noynoy Aquino and LP anymore — particularly shameful events like this chaotic sortie in Olongapo.

First, a fistfight and shoving match ensued among LP supporters, then more violence on the stage as candidates vied for the LP blessing.

And when they interviewed the main man Noy? He didn’t know what was going on, then made an arrogant remark that they have so many supporters (fighting over their endorsement).

Anarchy and chaos: Coming to an LP rally near you.



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11 responses to “LP boxing event: The undercard to a Noynoy Aquino presidency

  1. AEK!


  2. Keeping2myself

    Wala ngang binalita yun abias-cbn tungkol dito. Nalaman ko lang yan sa GMA.

  3. Anna

    Anow sabe ni Kriskringkring?

  4. mulatpinoy

    I agree noynoy is quite arrogant, he really believes that he’s a shoo-in for the presidency all the while riding on the legacy of his parents, milking the popularity of his bratinella sister and banking on the media clout of A bias CBN…

    Let’s not be naive…they are conditioning the people to believe that he’s really popular to the point of having these yellow stickers sold in national bookstores…come on, let’s make intelligent choices, let’s not leave this country in the hands of oligarchs, especially one who does not know what a real land reform program is….

  5. anyonebutnoy

    Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.Noy2x maybe perceived as good but definitely he has done nothing…wala nga siyang magawa sa gulong ‘to.tsk…tsk…tsk…And you’re talking about leading this nation?

  6. wawawawa

    yan ba pagbabago? puro gulo sa partido. nakikisakay sa kasikatan hindi sa tunay an pagbabago. noon may pusher na kasama mga LP ngayon naman nag aaway.

  7. thank you for creating this blog.. it rocks!
    you’re really doing a great job! keep it coming!

  8. Philip

    i always enjoy reading this blog. it prevents me from fuming out my fury against Noy in other pages. coz you’re doing it for me already. salamat sir.

  9. Gerie2C

    it will be a very unstable noynoy government, sorrounded by people that they themselves do not trust each other…
    mas gugulo na yan when there is already political appointments.
    going in cycle again, paikot ikot, bayan ang nahihilo… while theLP are simply enjoying playing on the people.

  10. Dr. Chez

    I’m watching 7 later. Thanks for the eye opener.

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