Now showing: A Dangerous Life – on Holy Week. Seriously?!

The bottom line that escapes so many.

You better believe it: nothing is sacred to Noynoy Aquino or ABS-CBN.

But would it be too much to ask to keep this holy time of the year Noynoy campaign free?

The last time I checked it was Jesus Christ who was nailed onto the cross – not even Ninoy or Cory.

The last time I checked, it was called the Way of the Cross, not the way of Noynoy.

But since nothing is sacred, nothing is beyond these selfish bastards, why, Holy Week is now seen as another occasion to brainwash the voting populace.

A Dangerous Life, a stylized movie about the assassination of Ninoy Aquino and the People Power that followed it, might seem innocent enough to others, but the insidiousness of its timing should be obvious.

Even if we have no problem with this movie, why, pray tell, show this at THIS TIME OF THE YEAR? The three-part airing will be on the holiest of holy days – Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Black Saturday.

If you know the true color of ABS-CBN (YELLOW, of course), then it’s easy to make sense of this move.

They want to belabor a point that, saints help us, seems to be working on at least the survey level.


Holy crap.

I think it’s about time someone seriously lobby for a public, widespread boycott of this SHAMELESS NETWORK.

Shame on you, ABS-CBN!



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35 responses to “Now showing: A Dangerous Life – on Holy Week. Seriously?!

  1. adolfo mortera

    ABS-CBN, your slip is showing! I wrote about the network’s inappropriate showing of “A Dangerous Life” last night in my FB. Where is delicadeza that the network champions – daw? Where is fairness which it trumpets in its Eleksyon 2010 segment – daw? The network seems to believe that the “halo” around Cory and her being an “icon” is transferable to Noynoy’s shiny top. It’s all s–t, if you ask the miserable Luisita farmers.

    See my link below re my FB post last night on “A Dangerous Life..”

  2. anybody but noynoy

    i totally agree. shame on noynoy

  3. liza

    Sad but this how low can you go with Philippine politics. Talk about Boto mo Ipatrol mo? Shame, showing off your network’s true color by being political during lent.

  4. panday

    why not do a showing of the luisita massacre documentary instead? which would be more appropriate as it’s showing the ‘kalbaryo’ of the poor luisita farmers.

  5. I'm ___________

    Why does ABnoy have a 9-percent lead over Villar? Can’t the voting population see through the yellow galor and holiness to see a wimp?





  6. Suzy Santos

    Three words: kapal ng mukha! again, may I say Ninoy and Cory themselves would have turned in their graves for this shameless use and abuse of their “names”.

    as the le chic of Forbes would say, Que horror!

  7. Oh no! Aquino’s life in the holiest of holy days? WTH! What’s behing this family? ABS-CBN, please don’t be biased.

  8. honorato

    In the Luisita Massacre, makikita niyo na hindi mga magsasaka ang unang nagpaputok ng baril.
    Automatic ang ginamit nila Noynoy.

    • elisandro

      just wondering..could the bullets that killed the farmers have come from guns used by security guards of BSA, the security owned by noynoy….?

  9. I am about to vomit. I am outraged! Shame! Marami kasing benefits ang ABS-CBN and other Lopez owned companies pag Aquino ang nanalo.

  10. mulatpinoy

    Is ABias-CBN so desperate in wanting Noynoy to win that the Holy days are fair game?

    Well, what can I say… do we really expect Christian-like values from a network that is supporting a candidate who’s jumping point for his campaign is maligning the reputation of Villar…maybe he really needs to because he is so lacking in credentials and accomplishments…ang manira ng kapwa ay makaKrisyano na pala ngayon, tell us Noynoy why we should vote for you and leave your family and the other candidates alone…

  11. Silent curse

    No I’m not surprised with such indecent tactics by ABSCBN to cheat us with showing Ninoy in these holy days. They are bound to do that. They do not listen to others who would jeopardize their noynoy agenda. They like to criticize others but careless with their own action. They condemn the SC for allowing GMA to appoint a CJ. They breathe condemnations on GMA day and night. They are only good in condemning others but not seeing their actions because they are shameless.

  12. Philip

    never in my life had i been this fumed out in total outrage.

  13. iamvlicious

    I hope ABS-CBN should have an ounce of delicadeza. How could they air this docu film a few weeks before the elections and during Holy Week pa?

    This is a clear campaign strategy. That’s how I see it. We all know who the protagonist in the story is. Plus pogi points na naman yan kay Noynoy who does nothing but use the memory of his parents. Ang kapal na talaga.

    ABS-CBN, mahiya naman kayo. You have gone too far this time. You found a way to get around the campaign ban this Holy Week. What would be next? Eskapo naman three days before the elections? The Buzz live at EDSA shrine?

    Kapal niyo talaga. Kiss ass kayo sa network na yan!

  14. ABS-CBN is obviously taking advantage of the power they hold. Such act (of airing A Dangerous Life) is also an indicator that THERE IS TRULY NOTHING to Noy Noy but a POPULAR last name.

    Thank you ABS-CBN for shouting the OBVIOUS.

    Also, Manny VIllar was in TV Patrol tonight. He showed their “home” in Tondo to those skeptics who continue to doubt his roots. He vowed to tour Noy Noy in his then neighborhood given that he gets a tour of the Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita

    Read more:

  15. oysterhalfshell

    Section 6 of the Fair Elections Act requires COMELEC to ensure that television broadcasting entities shall not allow the scheduling of any program or permit any sponsor to manifestly favor or oppose any candidate. ABS CBN is in clear violation of the law.

  16. see how wily abs, the lopezes, the aquinos and all their cohorts are in playing the game.


  17. Gerie2C

    i was also making calls on the “garapal ng pamumulitika” wala ng takot sa comlec, wala na ring hiya sa tao pag itinuloy ng abs-cbn ang showing ng ” A Dangerous Life”…
    the network will only dishonor the name cory and ninoy had earned in philippine history by A DANGEROUS LIE…

  18. Kiroii Senko

    What a moronic thing to do! Of all days, they decide to feature it during lent. Did I sleep too long that Noynoy’s parents were canonized as saints? Paying gratitude is what the Lopezes are doing… wonder how and when they got their tv station back? Ask Mama Cory. That’s how and when. Shameless shameless. You just gross me out!

  19. ana q.

    what’s the fuss, guys? abs normally airs classic films during Holy Week.

  20. Eralyn A. Hintay

    Grabe!!!Maging eye opener naman sana ito sa mga Filipino na unfair ABSCBN!!!

  21. lenz

    kesa naman gumastos sa sandamukal na ads na walang kakwenta kwenta.

  22. cec

    Hmmm this is definitely interesting. I must agree that this is quite biased.
    The Lopezes of ABS-CBN are for Noynoy Aquino. With the elections so near, people would always think that anything Aquino or People Power related would be a campaign for Noynoy. I also very much agree that the Holy Triduum (thurs, fri, sat) is not the right time to show A Dangerous Life. This is a time for God, not really for our country.
    But I also have another point of view, this movie reminds us of democracy for our country, something very important to every citizen in the Philippines. You know the saying “God first, then the rest such as country, family , yourself will follow”? I am a true believer of God and I have hope for our country. We just need to make changes in the gov’t and the people. Poverty and sin lie within the people.
    If you think that this is a shameless move of abs then so be it, for that is your opinion. In my opinion, however, repeatedly showing ads of ‘nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura’, (all about being mahirap, tapusin ang paghihirap sa 6 na taon…that’s bogus! You can’t remove poverty in such a short time.) and ‘galing at talino’ (magaling at matalino nga! Marami namang utang na loob kay PGMA) are even more idiotic.
    I believe that Noynoy is honest and that is what we need in a LEADER (not a manager) today. He just needs everyone’s support and cooperation to make our country worth staying, living, and dying for.
    Have a meaningful Holy Week and a Happy Easter to follow. Let’s take a break from all these politcial ramblings and turn to God. If you don’t like what’s on tv, then just turn it off right?
    Peace be with you all and God bless!

    • panday

      villar didn’t say he can eradicate poverty in 6 years. it’ll take longer than that of course.

      gibo is the administration candidate so what do you expect? unfortunately for him, that’s his weakness as well.

      how can noynoy be the leader that this country needs when he didn’t really think, want, and work to be a leader UNTIL cory passed away? and i think this is what’s honest: that all noynoy supporters are really supporting him for what his parents stand for, and not because of what he can do. our country has millions of problems and we need a leader that will ACT on them, not to be honest with them. call me pilosopo, but noynoy has shown us before that he did not intend to help the country. so why suddenly he’ll be the one who can solve this country’s problems?

  23. Macario Sakay

    Naipalabas na nila…
    dapat ipag luksa natin ang kamatayan ng isang responsable at mapagkakatiwalaang network sa ating bayan…
    nag pakita na nang tunay na kulay, at mas pinili pa ang maging tautauhan ng isang politiko kesa sa patas na pamamahayag…
    Nakakahiya para sa mga volunteers ng “boto mo ipatrol mo”… sinira nyo and tiwala ng volunteers sa isang tunay na pagbabago.

  24. abcdef

    those days are over. gumawa na lang ang abs cbn ng tungkol kay gma. ay teka, di pala pwede kasi makikita na walang kwenta si noynoy. makikita na ally siya ni gma nun.

  25. idiot blogger

    hey blogger!!!

    mukhang ikaw yata ang abnoy!!! hehehe. kulang ka siguro sa pansin kaya wla ka ng magawang kwento para sa blog mo. anyway stock holder ka ba ng abs at magrereklamo ka sa format ng programming nila. Binabayaran mo ba sila para magpalabas sila ng storya na gusto mo? kung sa tingin mo bias sila kay noy e di wag ka manuod. Tanga!

    sa mga nagsabi na allies sila ni GMA at Noy….isang tanga ka din. pano naging mag ally yun e sabi nyo wlang ginawa si noy sa senado.

    puro kasi kayo satsat eh. ganun tlaga ugali ng tao kung may pinapanigan. E kung mka noy kayo e di sana wla ang mag kwento na kgaya nito.

    BOBO lang ang gumagawa ng gnitong klase ng blog.

    alam ko hndi ma post ang comment na ito kasi e delete mo rin. hehehe

    sa comments mo na wlang kwenta hindi kaya ikaw ang nag mukhang bastos sa panahon ng Holy week?

    isipin mo naman ang gagawin mo baka ka gumawa ng strya.

    No words can further explain the owner of this blog.

    i rest my case.

  26. cec, Si Noynoy may utang na loob din…kina Drilon, kina Mar, atbp., which is sad, ksi while G1BO has galing at talino, Noynoy has nothing much to be proud of except for his parents’ name and sacrifice. What if wala sina Drilon, Roxas etc? What if he wasn’t born an Aquino?

    While G1BO is just using whatever advantage he may have to advance his political career, he does it with balance. G1BO is a gentleman, he campaigns using his galing at talino, not Mama and Papa or EDSA 1. Nothing is exaggerated with his campaign, he presents a platform, which he knows by heart.

  27. ana q.

    question: oh noy!, how are you related to the professional heckler, pray tell?! Either it’s really true that “great minds” think the same, or write the same, as the case may be, or maybe there’s a fishy connection somewhere?!

  28. Macario Sakay

    Tagumpay ang channel two na pag-awayin ang mga mamayan… at sa kaguluhan pareho nilang (ABiaS-CBN, Abnoy at Bilyar) magagawa ang gusto nila… lokohin parin ang mamayan…

    sila sila rin naman nandyan, magiging magkumpare at kumare parin sila ang mamayan wala magagawa.

    Ganyan na ang ating nakagihasnan sa ating mga ninuno… mas gustong magpagamit at makipag-away sa kababayan…

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