The Bandila “Hot Seat”: Hot Sh!t

Ces shows her true color. What did you expect?

Where does it end? By “it” I mean the brazen, unconscionable use of a TV station to promote the twin publicity goals of Noynoy Aquino .

  • To depict Noynoy Aquino as the sole salvation of the Filipino people.
  • To discredit the opposition by any means possible.

The Bandila “Hot Seat” segment is ostensibly designed as a venue to know the slew of senatorial candidates better. Yeah, public service/affairs stuff.

But ABS-CBN – in this case represented by the infinitely biased Ces Orena-Drilon (rhymes with Frank Drilon) – has rendered it into a lovefest for everything yellow, and a bash-a-thon for perceived main rival Manny Villar.

Try to sit through an “interrogation” with Ces and Henry Omaga-Diaz and it’s like giving a couple of card-carrying LPs valuable airtime.

What does this pair (particularly, Ces Drilon) do?

  • They ask leading questions from out of nowhere to discredit the main rival, while being friendly and accommodating to the yellows.
  • They let LP candidates (like Frank Drilon) pass the 30-second time limit with nary a reminder, yet get on the case of other candidates faster than you can say “BIASED.”

Even posts purportedly from Ces’ Twitter (or, as Ted Failon puts it: “TWEETER”) accounts are full of the same bias.

One may be forgiven to ask what the heck is Ces doing interviewing Frank. They are cousins-in-law, and Ces should have, as any person of integrity, inhibited herself from the process. Or news head Maria Ressa should have yanked her from that segment.

But we live in strange times, indeed, when men of dubious character aspire to lead us, and people and corporations with vested interest show their true colors.

If Filipinos are conned in May by the yellow mafia, I wonder how many of us will be left laughing and flashing “L” signs once the reality of Noynoy the Incompetent sinks in.

Should that tragic day happen, let us remember the shameless role ABS-CBN, this hypocrite of a network, played in the deception of the masses.

I’m thinking about making my own placard with the following text: YOU ARE TO BLAME, YOU SICK ABS-CBN F*&KS. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? YOU CAN SHOVE YOUR SELF-RIGHTEOUS NETWORK UP NOYNOY’S ASS! XOXO, Oh Noy.



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9 responses to “The Bandila “Hot Seat”: Hot Sh!t

  1. adolfo mortera

    Yes, the Hot Seat of Bandila is a clever ploy not to level the playing field for all candidates, but to prop up the LP and its arrogant, self-righteous presidential candidate, Noynoy. Last night, it was Ompong Plaza of Erap’s party in the hot seat. From out of nowhere, Ces asked Ompong what he thought about the Villaroyo “alliance,” and as expected, Ompong allowed himself to be used, saying Villar is the secret candidate of Arroyo. Ces’ other questions centered on the resignation of Gibo as Lakas-Campi chairman and, with palpable malice, hinted to Ompong that it’s all because Gibo sensed he is losing the party support in favor of another “secret” candidate, Villar.

    I switched to Channel 7, this time it’s Perlas being interviewed in “Kandidato,” by the team of Malou Mangahas, Igan, and Howie Severino. Notice their professional handling and objectivity of the questions from the trio, in contrast to Ces’ slanted questions favoring Noynoy.

    Channel 2 stinks!

  2. Kilo

    Tang-ina mo ces drilon! tang-ina mo noynoy!!! tang ina nyo ABias-CBN!!!

  3. maggie

    the L sign now has a new meaning….”LOSERS’….

    i wasn’t able to watch the Bandila episode, but I was never a fan of ABS-CBN before and the more so now…they are so biased …well I cannot blame them…if not for Cory, the Lopez-owned station would not have been given back to them when Cory became the president….so much for “utang na loob”…

  4. Obesity Jessica Sago

    ABS CBN is the world’s most irresponsible media. I’ve stopped wathching their NEWS & Current affairs programming. They’re just paying utang na loob to Cory who gave ABS CBN and Meralco back without the singkong duling as payment. I’d like Gibo to win so that matapos na iyang survey survey na iyan na wala namang credibility.

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