A Noynoy Aquino supporter STILL doesn’t get it

Change one vote a day, someone told me.

Change one vote a day from Noynoy Aquino to someone else and you can go to sleep thinking you’ve done your part for your country.

I harbor no illusions of grandeur or self-promotion (else I would have revealed my name a long time ago), and I do not delude myself into thinking this blog I initially designed to vent the truth against the official ABS-CBN and Inquirer candidate would attract the attention it has from equally discerning voters or voters to be.

On the other hand, you could see I have been subject to some sort of yellow prosecution from the unthinking supporters of the idiot who promises to continue the fight against corruption — even if the only thing he can show you at this point is a sorry, achievement-free stint in Congress and the Senate.

Anyway, you can see how much in denial a supporter of the Ngoyngoy is below. I culled this from the comments section, from one jasper.atienza@yahoo.com. No, I do not publish his e-mail address so we can shower him with love and affection just like what the other YELLOWS do. Anyway, let’s see his brave comment:

Every blind supporter make we want to print this sticker suggestion from utakngtilapia.com and stick it on his forehead.

“Sabihin niyo insecure lng ung ibang mga kandidato kce maganda ang pinagmulang pamilya ni Sen. Noynoy..unlike sa ibang mga presidential candidate madumi ang records nila..At first naman alam na ng buong bayan kung ano ang pinaglalaban ng kanyang mga magulang.. Sina Ninoy Aquino pinagpalit niya ang kaligtasan niya para lang magkaroon ang kalyaan ang mga pilipino..Si Pres. Cory din wala naman siyang kaalam alam sa pulitika oon pero she tried her best para mapatakbo ang Pilipinas ng maibalik ang demokrasya ng bawat pilipino..Kaya nga si Sen. NoyNoy ang dapat iboto kasi alam niya kung paano pinaglaban ng kanyang magulang ang ating pagiging malaya..at lumaki siya na alam ang tama at mali..Kaya tigiltigilan niyo na ang paninira..”

Break this MOFO down PUNTO POR PUNTO:

“Sabihin niyo insecure lng ung ibang mga kandidato kce maganda ang pinagmulang pamilya ni Sen. Noynoy”

— Magandang pamilya? Surely he’s not talking about Kris Aquino — who has serious mental issues to deal with — among other problems ranging from tactlessness, impropriety, self-righteousness, blatant opportunism, etc.

“.unlike sa ibang mga presidential candidate madumi ang records nila”

— Ah, so the Aquino/Cojuangco clan is the picture of righteousness and honesty. Jasper, why don’t you go to Hacienda Luisita and ask the poor farmers there if they agree with you. Read my other posts here based on FACT, and see if you will still maintain your ignorant view.

“At first naman alam na ng buong bayan kung ano ang pinaglalaban ng kanyang mga magulang.. Sina Ninoy Aquino pinagpalit niya ang kaligtasan niya para lang magkaroon ang kalyaan ang mga pilipino..”

— No argument with the Ninoy comment, but what’s the relevance with Noynoy? Say it with me: NOYNOY IS NOT NINOY.

“Si Pres. Cory din wala naman siyang kaalam alam sa pulitika oon pero she tried her best para mapatakbo ang Pilipinas ng maibalik ang demokrasya ng bawat pilipino”

— These are different times. There is no dictator to overthrow. You really think people will stand for it if GMA holds on to power? Don’t we, as responsible voters, have the obligation to choose the best? We do not have to SETTLE for Noynoy. We don’t have to settle for MEDIOCRITY packaged in YELLOW LIES.

“Kaya nga si Sen. NoyNoy ang dapat iboto kasi alam niya kung paano pinaglaban ng kanyang magulang ang ating pagiging malaya..at lumaki siya na alam ang tama at mali..Kaya tigiltigilan niyo na ang paninira.”

— Magulang, magulang, magulang. It’s always the parents, huh? Alam niya ang tama at mali? E di dapat noon pa nila binigyan ng hustisya ang mga pinatay sa Hacienda Luisita. Noynoy is a model of inaction. People want to make light of the Hacienda Luisita issue by arguing that Noynoy has a small stake in it. Granted there is truth to that piece of horse manure, he should do something to CORRECT a WRONG if he does know TAMA and MALI. What did this jackass do? Nothing.




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30 responses to “A Noynoy Aquino supporter STILL doesn’t get it

  1. Suzy

    So what else is new? The follower is like Ngoy-ngoy, dumb and dumber! Duh!

  2. Anthony

    include Philippine Star in the media supporters of Noynoy

  3. NO TO NOY

    I love this. What he said was what everybody thinks about NOynoy. What you said is exactly what I want to publish on my blog, but can’t for some private reasons.

    Galing! I will link this to my blog, because you are my outlet. 🙂

  4. abcdef

    noynoy’s ads are all about whining. instead of whining noy, do something. kung hindi natulog ang puwit mo sa kongreso at senado, at pinakita mo na may silbi ka, eh hindi ka basta basta matitira.

  5. mulatpinoy

    Yes, its sad that big media outlets like Abias CBN and PDI are using the power of the media to condition our minds that Noynoy is the best and the only choice we have…

    I feel bad that even respectable journalists like Solita Monsod and Conrado de Quiros are blinded by this yellow fever, something that has infected some parts of the Filipino population and has produced rabid, frothing at the mouth, zombie-like supporters…I thought media was supposed to be impartial….I can’t believe the lengths his supporters would go to just to defend their object of affection, some even resorting to half-truths to make their candidate as “clean” as possible, kulang na lang, ilagay sa pedestal, punasan ng panyo at sambahin… Clearly, an abominable result of the union of dirty political tactics of trapos and the hype and fantasy spinning abilities of showbizlandia…

  6. new day

    You know, Noynoy fanatics have the same style – when faced with facts they resort to name-calling or expressing litany of their love for Ninoy and Cory or discussing stupid survey results or worst of all, playing deaf & mute.

    • Iskong Mulat

      Don’t forget the tactic na “I hate Villar, so I go for Noynoy coz he’s the one na leading sa survey.”

  7. jeanne

    this post must be delegated to all… 🙂
    i know how you feel, even my colleagues are too deaf and blinded to actually embrace the truth. may this be a step to convert mindless individuals to actually think and response to our advocacy.

  8. jc

    you are obviously out to destroy noynoy’s name. thus, the website. so who do you wish for us to vote? i am not a noynoy supporter but dude, get a life.

    DUDE, I HAVE A LIFE. And stop fishing for my chosen candidate. You sound like a Noynoy supporter. — OH NOY.

    • panday

      jc, ngoyngoy is the one who has his black propaganda machine on the loose. his villarroyo project is simply working wonders for him, when in fact he’s the one who has more links to the arroyos compared to villar. he’s the one out to destroy other people’s names and that is because he can’t say something worthwhile if he just talks about himself.

      • Romeo

        JC, it is up to you prove that these issues raised against Noynoy are false. I just have one question to you though. The basic unit of a society is the family (Husband and Wife plus children). How can Noynoy lead a country when he has not managed even a household?

    • anthony

      get a life???

      the most incompetent candidate among the presidentiables could become the next president!!!!!

      and he might win because media are overhyping, or even deceiving, the public with survey results that purport to feel the “national social pulse”.

      if Noynoy wins, we will not be able to get a life!!!! because for the next 6 years we will simply be trying to survive a Noynoy presidency!!!!!!

  9. anaZ

    very well said.
    indeed, this jasper guy is a member of the you-will-be-saved-by-the-yellow-dumb-guy fans club, and it discourages me, especially here in our city, which is popularly proclaimed “ciudad amarillo” or “yellow city”.
    tsk. and until these supporters prove to us the “worthiness” and “competence” of NA, i would still believe that NA is just plain trash.
    dear author of this blog, i am pleased to tell you that your blog is one of those i always want to read.
    I am very amazed with how you construct your articles, and it inspires me to write too.
    I am always visiting your site for updates.

  10. genial

    Yes, he is just one of the idiots who are gullible! It just shows he is well-read by saying Cory was a saint and that ngoyngoy is fit to be a leader.
    Honestly, everyone I meet I try to dissuade from voting for that Big Pretender. If they don’t like my candidate, I just tell them to vote for anyone but ngoyngoy!

  11. Jim

    lahat nang punto mo ohnoy, ay sapul!
    di dapat manalo si Ngoyngoy. LP warlords would just control his policy making.

  12. Edward

    Tama, maraming supporters ni Noynoy walang matinong (logically) masabi talaga. Nadadala sila sa herd-effect o appeal to emotions kaya pag napunta na sa realm of logic at reason, nawawasak at binabalik nila sa realm of emotion.

    Sa mga Noynoy websites and Noy blogs, yung mga comment ko about Hacienda Luisita na-momoderate parati eh wala namang offensive na nakalagay at pure facts lang. Nung isang araw may nagpost na dinedefend pa rin yung SDO ni Cory Aquino. Chinallenge ko yung mga assertions niya (usually yung mga hirit nila ay nagtatapos lang sa mga gawain ni Noynoy being “legal” at hindi na ineexplain kung bakit siya fair or moral) at sinabi ko na sinisira ng SDO yung spirit of CARP. Ngayon hindi ko na mahanap yung post. Nabura.

    Ituloy mo lang yung blog mo, you’re opening lots of people to the truth!

    Parang gusto ko ngang “to let the battle occur on their ground”. I-challenge yung mga posts nila para magising yung mga supporters. Bahala sila kung magbura sila nang magbura o kaya mag censor at mag-censor. Halos kaluluwa na nila ang nakataya dito

  13. Maerap ng maNOYNOY

    Dami ko kakilala mga noynoy supporters. Mga edukado naman. Pero di yata alam panu magRESEARCH. How sad.

  14. intelligent guy

    Hacienda Luisita is not solely Noy Aquino, it seems that the anti-noy imbecile supporters never knew the difference. you keep ranting about it and it seem to me you have not really researched on the issue OBJECTIVELY, all sides covered…. JC is right, get a life. Support your candidate in the cleanest way possible, don’t overdo it by destroying other candidates not of your liking. You are acting like a malfunctioned child who’s out of control cause he cannot get what he wants…

    • purple haze

      sabi noynoy he promotes social justice, asan yun justice sa mga namatay sa HL? hindi ba mahalaga ang buhay nila? ano yun, kayang ayusin ni noy ang pilipinas daw pero sariling bakuran hindi malinis-linis? truth hurts.

    • really?

      Yes, Hacienda Luisita is not soley Noynoy’s but he’s PART of the system and he CAN do something to stop the atrocities being committed in the hacienda. But he won’t and he never will.

      • intelligent guy

        it’s entirely useless to explain things over and over again to close-minded individuals….. just support your candidate will you, without attacking other candidates…. Have you tried it or it never crossed your minds? Philippines would never move forward if people would always resort to black propaganda in order to pull others down…Crab mentality!!! What have you done to the country lately to pretend you knew better than anyone and your choice for the president or vp is much better than the others????

    • Lito Munoz

      Sadly, if the Luisita affair is just being propagated to ruin Noynoy, i would side with him. But i cannot for the love of God understand why he has not done anything about it in the 12 yrs that he has been a legislator not to mention the power and influence his family has. In fact, i wonder why his record as a congressman and senator shows almost nothing. Nothing at all.

  15. Mr._________

    @^yung nasa taas

    Hindi mo rin ata maintindihan na kahit pa maliit o malaki, kasama si ABnoy sa mga may-ari nun.

    Kahit pa .00001 percent, kapag alam niyang mali ang nangyayari, kakalabanin niya. Biro mo, taga roon siya, kapamilya niya yung mga nandun, tapos naging kongresista siya dun- Kung maayos siyang tao at sendaor, kapag alam niyang mali, hindi na siya makikisali sa mga ginagawang loopholes ng pamilya niya- gawin niya ang tama.

    Kahit pa nga hindi sa kanya yun, kailangan niyang maging boses ng mga nandun. Bakit?

    Kasi unang-una, naging kongresista siya ng lugar na yun. Kung hindi niya matugunan ang problema ng Luisita, e tanga siya, o nagmamaang-maangan sa totoong realidad. Ang realidad na ang Mga Cojuangco na kanyang kapamilya ay hindi nakapagbibigay na maayos na sweldo at buhay sa mga “serfs” nila.

    Kahit pa maliit ang stocks niya dun, kailangan niyang ayusin yung

    Kaya sa susunod na magcomment ka, isipin mo muna.

    dapat natin tandaan: Kung gusto, palaging may paraan, kung ayaw, palaging may dahilan.

    At oo nga nakalimutan ko: Ang pagkakaalam ko diyan, may SDO pa at exclusion ang nalalaman ng mga Aquino/Cojuangco. Loophole yun. Kung maayos nga si ABnoy, pinigilan niya yun. Siya ang pinakamalapit sa issue na yun tapos wala siyang gagawin? Inuulit ko, tanga siya o nagmamaang-maangan lang

  16. weeboy

    pati mga nasa liberal party eh nagfefeeling mga dakila at mga nasa tama. feeling nila eh wala silang ginagawang korupsyon lalo na ung neric acosta na yon na halatang halata na inutusan ni abNOY para batuhin ng batuhin si villar ng kung ano-ano. hindi ako pro-villar, in fact kay gordon ako at hindi ko iboboto ang isang taong madilaw na ayaw maghain ng plataporma bagkus ay puro paratang at paninira ang sinasabi.

  17. Not a noynoid

    Noynoy himself resorts to negative campaigning.

  18. Fisherking

    Mr D@muh0,

    Good job in mixing humor with biting and agonizing truth about Mr. NO-y NO-y aquiNO! and his cohorts who dress themselves as wolves in sheep’s clothing. You have become a voice for those MAJORITY who fear a future MARred with abuse of power, corruption and nepotism and IDIOcracy.

    Thank you for standing up and persevering though unpopular with the sick people infected with “yellow-fever”.

    I just hope that the majority will realize the threat and just unite behind 1 candidate, Oh dear GOD, ANY candidate OTHER than this miscreant we fondly call NgoyNgoy Abnoy.

    Philippines, we will need all the luck and blessings we can get should the useless fool becomes the next president. Be wise, be informed, be open-minded and COLOR-blind. Do not let the shimmer of Yellow and Gold get your better judgement.



  19. yellow lie

    “Ah, so the Aquino/Cojuangco clan is the picture of righteousness and honesty. Jasper, why don’t you go to Hacienda Luisita and ask the poor farmers there if they agree with you.”

    And I was like roflmao… Banal na Banal ang clan na iyan… tignan mo naman ang Kris walang bahid LOL

  20. Mr._________


    Hanga ako sayo. Kahit pa Gordon ka, nakikta mo parin ang kasamaan at kabaliwan ni Noynoy Aquino- Kahit pa si Villar ang kaaway niya at hindi ang presidentiable mo.

    Kay Villar ako- pero naniniwala ako na anybody should win, basta wag lang si Noynoy.

    • swardita

      in the first place hindi dapat tumakbo si noynoy. walang alam yan. walang achievements sa career. tama ba yon?

      maraming boboto sa pinas at hindi na mawawala ang mga yan!

  21. elisha

    Dapat d lang si noynoy pati si mar wag iboto dahil sa vat at cheaper medicine na pabor sa malaking kompanyan ng gamot!!!

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