Kamaganak, Inc. will rise again if we let Noynoy Aquino win

Sibling revelry: At left is KAMAGANAK INC., beside him is SHOWBIZ, INC.

Did you know that right after mom Cory Aquino became president in 1986, Noynoy Aquino set up a security agency to provide services to government firms?

If you think there’s nothing wrong with this then, yes, you deserve a president like Noynoy.

Here’s the Manila Standard piece, in case you haven’t read it yet:

Aquino’s agency bagged govt contracts in 1986

by Christine F. Herrera

SHORTLY after the People Power revolt brought his mother to power in 1986, Liberal Party standard bearer Senator Benigno Aquino III established a security agency that provided services to government corporations and even a company of taipan Lucio Tan.

Aquino, then 26, used Arlegui, the official residence of the President and her family, as the address on the incorporation papers of Best Security Agency Inc., a company that carries his initials and which he ran with his uncle, Antolin Oreta Jr.

“What could I do? I lived in Arlegui at the time. What is so illegal about that?” Aquino said.

Oreta, husband of former Senator Tessie Aquino-Oreta, acted as chairman and president of the BSA board. Cipriano Lacson was director-treasurer, while Aquino, George Gaddi, Bienvenido Reyes, Alexander Lopez and Jacob Acuna were directors.

Lopez is the son of former Manila mayor and now Manila Rep. Mel Lopez Reyes is now a Court of Appeals justice.

At one point, the agency had close to 1,000 security guards, but now has only about 300, according to Aquino.

In those days, business was good for Aquino’s agency, which secured government contracts with the likes of the Philippine National Construction Corp. and the facilities and buildings of sequestered companies under the Presidential Commission on Good Government.

Its other big clients were AsiaTrust, the Tanduay Distillers of taipan Lucio Tan and Uniwide.

Aquino, who no longer sits on the company’s board, said there was nothing wrong with its operation.

But his critics said the company represented a conflict of interest and violated the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act of 1965, which made it “unlawful for any person having family or close personal relation with any public official to capitalize or exploit or take advantage of such family or close personal relation by directly or indirectly requesting or receiving any present, gift or material or pecuniary advantage from any other person having some business, transaction, application, request or contract with the government, in which such public official has to intervene.” (Highlighted by Pedro “Oh Noy” Damuho)

“The BSA bagged government and private contracts because the incorporators were the son and relatives of the sitting President,’’ a source said.

“Aquino was then a presidential son and he was unmindful of breaching ethics. He even used Arlegui as his address. We fear he can do worse once he gets elected as President.”

But Aquino said there was nothing illegal in his and his uncle’s business, considering that he was in the private sector when his mother was President.

“I was very conscious about conflict of interest. My mother had responsibility over the entire government. I didn’t want them to be able to say anything bad about my mother,’’ Aquino said.

For this reason, he said, he had to turn down offers for several government contracts.

“In one instance, I was approached by then Environment Secretary Fulgencio Factoran Jr. for the [Environment Department] to tap our security guards or blue guards as forest guards,’’ Aquino said.

“He insisted he needed trusted people. He asked me twice, I turned him down twice. It was a big loss to the company but I just had to do it.’’ Besides, he said, being forest guards entailed great risks.

Aquino said he could not have possibly done wrong because his mother kept reminding him not to betray the people’s trust.

“My sisters and I were always told by our mother of the rule, which was to be truer than Caesar’s wife,’’ he said.

“That has become our mantra in knowing what is morally right and wrong in dealing with government and private businesses. So I was very careful.”

Aquino said he ended his involvement with the company in 1993, and even before he was elected congressman, in 1998.


Those blind Noynoy Aquino supporters question the truth of the existence of Kamaganak, Inc. But anyone following the news during the time of Cory Aquino’s administration knows full well how the term came to be. Well, this story is one that directly links your precious Noynoy to an anomaly.

Conflict of interest, anyone?

What a self-righteous donkey’s behind this Noy is.

Methinks that if he wins, Kris will be named CEO of ABS-CBN. The rest of the relatives will get cushy positions in whatever industry or field they fancy.



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36 responses to “Kamaganak, Inc. will rise again if we let Noynoy Aquino win

  1. msg

    kulit kasi ng mga noy supporters. iresearch nila about kamag-anak inc ng makita nila ang dumi.

    • era

      totoong totoo kamag-anak inc..at siguradong sobrang saya nila pag nanalo si noynoy..sana naman huwag maging bulag mga tao..mga supporters ni noynoy maawa naman kayo sa bansang Pilipinas..huwag naman po nila lalong pahirapan ang mga mahihirap..

  2. Can u provide the link to the manila standard article? Can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

    And keep writing!

    Here you go, celeste! 🙂 http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/insideNews.htm?f=//2010/march/26/news3.isx&d=/2010/march/26

  3. Corina

    Grabe and he has the gall to accuse the other candidates of corruption…ano kayang tawag dun? minor corruption lang, enriching himself and his relatives while his mom was president…magmalinis ba?

    When Ninoy and Cory were still alive, his only well-known designation was anak ni Ninoy and Cory and now that the couple is gone, he is still only known as anak ni Ninoy and Cory at oo nga pala, kapatid din ng “high” in morality and humility na si Kris Aquino… For the most important job in the land, the expectation that the noble qualities of his parents will rub off to him is the only quality the blinded noynoy supporters are holding on to… ano yon, bato ni Darna na pwedeng ipasa? pathetic!

    • brokenglasschip


      sana nga hindi magbubulag-bulagan ang mga noynoy supporters. tingin siguro nila na namamana ang pagiging presidente.


      wag naman sana.

  4. Jared

    As true as the cloudless summer sky is blue. As my uncle calls it, they’re a family of “mandurugas”, hiding behind a gentle facade of “god-fearing” people when what comes out from this nicotine-mouthed man are words of hate and revenge. I hope NA supporters would open up their eyes, ears, minds and realized they’ve been duped big time by this con man!

  5. It’s not just the Kamag anak Inc. Pati na ang mga buwaya katulad ni Frank Drilon who used to be called the Little President during Cory presidency. He’s to blame for all the palpak policies of Cory Admin. Now, he wants to position himself as another Little President to AbNoynoy.

  6. fucking losers

    Kamaganak inc? Has it fallen in the first place in Philippine society? Face it. The issue is about corruption… the candidates who presented themselves fail miserably in this department and what makes matters worse is the arroyo stooges have jumped to villaroyo. Noy has the highest trust rating because that’s what the nation wants i.e. someone to trust. Can you trust a villar aka C5 at taga?

    The only way NoyNoy will lose is if GMA and Villar cheat to kingdom come and you idiots are part of it.

    • cath

      wait, so you mean to say that taking advantage of influence and power is not a form of corruption?


      • Uh.

        E si Noynoy “aka” hacienda luisita at hindi makapag desisyon ng maayos? Ano ba Noy, walang new taxes? or meron? Narinig mo lang ata yung speech ni Villar sa Makati Business Club na imposible na hindi mag impose ng new taxes.. haha! L for Loser!

    • Noy2 Tamad

      Fucking Losers!

      Mag-isip ka naman… abnoy ka rin… hindi ka dapat boboto sa taong abnoy at tamad… 9 years sa senado walang naipasa na law… mas magaling pa sa kanya si Lito lapid.. naka-tatlo…. eh si Noy2 ZERO!!!!! WALA … WALA… Paano tayo aahon???? You can’t eradicate corruption… be realistic! ask every government employee!

    • anthony

      trust Noynoy????!!!! for what???????!!!!

      what has he done that I can trust him for??????!!!!

      what has he shown to show that he is trustworthy?????!!!!

      to show you how ridiculous using “trust” as basis in voting:

      a. no amount of trust in Manny Pacquiao can make him defeat the 6 ft 7 in.WBC Heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko

      b. im not a doctor, but hey, you can trust me to do a heart bypass operation on you

      his very ridiculous slogan – HINDI AKO MAGNANAKAW – shows that the best that he can do is preserve scarce resources (and that is even highly doubtful)

      what the country needs now is someone who can help GROW/ENLARGE the resources, so the most number of Pinoys can benefit!!!!

      the real FUCKING LOSERS are the fans of Noynoy!!!!!!

      what did the death of Tita Cory do that made Noynoy a presidentiable overnight?????!!!!!!

    • edyeeh

      Your brain is washed with surveys and Noynoy’s two-person contest illusion.

    • hay nakuuuu

      bakit kase si villar lang ang dinadrag mo?? mas madame pang qualified na candidates kesa kay noynoy…and you probably dont know them because you’re an idiot

  7. Suzy

    NOT just Kamag-anak Inc, Kapamilya Inc, etc., etc., pa! God forbid… this thought gives me the creeps!

  8. ana q.

    question: oh noy!, how are you related to the professional heckler, pray tell?! Either it’s really true that “great minds” think the same, or write the same, as the case may be, or maybe there’s a fishy connection somewhere?!

    • barbara milano

      so, is professional heckler a good blogger too? siguro, great minds think alike talaga, ma-check nga…
      anyway, keep it up ohnoy, i love visiting your blog, you express the frustrations, vexations and blind fury some of us feel about the yellow mob following this candidate…
      Isn’t it funny how they bestow almost mythical-like qualities to him? claiming that he is a “clean” candidate by virtue of being the son of heroes, who buys this stuff? Did LP let them inhale yellow heroin or something? What is equally frustrating is the way they defend this candidate to high heavens and seem unaware kuno of his shortcomings…hello, we are voting for the president of our land, we need a president who will hit the ground running, not someone who will scratch his bald head and wonder what he will do next. He can’t just sit on his thumbs and do nothing like what he did in the Senate..

  9. Mr._________

    @Villar-Hater guy

    Mas gusto ko pa ang ALLEGEDLY corrupt na may abilidad kaysa sa PROVEN NA WALANG ABILIDAD na mapapaglaruan ng mga PROVEN NA corrupt din.

    Example: Thailand. Generally corrupt government pero one of the most progressive countries in the region.

    At dun sa mga tira mo kay Villar:

    1)Tignan mo muna kandidato mo. Nagtatago yan sa “malinis” na persona, pero ang baho niyan kapag rinisearch mo talaga.

    2.) C5 at taga? Hindi mo yata alam ang specifics nun. ang MCTEP(unang daan na ginawa) ay one entrance, one exit lang. So kung galing c5 at gustong bumaba sa las pinas/etc, hindi mo pwede gamitin ang MCTEP kasi nga ONE ENTRANCE AND ONE EXIT TOLL ROAD yun. Yung ginawa ni Villar, pwedeng bumaba sa las pinas/etc. Open road. Ano ang problema dun?Siya ang isa sa mga tao na nagsuporta dun at dumadaan yun sa mga lupa niya. Para tumaas ang market value ng lupa niya? Maaari. Conflict of Interest? Pwede. Corruption ba? Hindi ata. Nagnakaw ba siya ng pera ng gobyerno? Ang problema lang dun, e clever siyang naisip niya na gumawa ng daan na makakatulong sa nakatira dun and at the same time, maincrease ang market value ng lupa niya.

    Marami pang ganyang project si Villar.

    1.) Daan Hari (linking Bacoor with Alabang)

    Puro subdivision niya ang nandun PERO, ang mga nakatira sa Cavite, ay maaari nang umiwas sa mas mahaba at madalas traffic na daan. Corruption? Hindi. Conflict of Interest? Pwede.

    Sa huli, nakakatulong sa maraming tao ang mga project niya at mga law niya. Bagaman may conflict of interest, mas napapaunlad pa ang mga area na yun dahil sa mga projects. Mas magiging mainap sa tao na tumira dun. Hence, pati na yung local government ng area e magkakaroon ng unlad(tax payers’ money at pag-usbong ng businesses sa area).

    Ngayon, si Noynoy ba na “MALINIS” o si Villar na nagpapaunlad sa mga area na may project at gumawa ng mahigit 700 bills with 50+ laws filed?

    Nakapili na ako.

  10. Mr._________

    @Villar-Hater guy,

    Napaka-arrogante ng sinasabi mo na matatalo lang si Noynoy kapag dinaya. Ano ang basehan mo doon? Survey?

    Sige kapag nanalo si Villar o si Erap, Gibo o Gordon- mag EDSA 4 kayo. Wala kaming pakiilam. Hindi lang kayo ang tao sa Pilipinas. Mayron paring nag-iisip.

    Kinokondisyon niyo ang majority na may dayaan kapag si Noynoy ang natalo. Ang yabang. Akala niya sure win na siya.

    Yan ba ang gusto nating presidente? Ang sama ng ugali.


    Buti kahit paano nakarma na siya- Nice one Baby James :))

  11. cornholio

    keep up the posting! sipag lang at sana mamulat ang mga mata ng iba ,

  12. phillip borromeo

    Can we have a president who has this Medical record?

    Excerpts below from the medical record says NO!

    History of Present Illness: The patient is a 36-year old single male with a history of profuse salivation and labile moods since his childhood. He was observed to be sleeping excessively, disoriented and confusing family and household member’s name. When interviewed at the time of psychiatric assessment, the patient said he had difficulty in speech, poor concentration, impaired thinking and melancholia brought about by the stresses of his work and the break-up with his flight attendant girlfriend. He also claimed he felt clumsy and uncoordinated. He also describes what appeared to be a deep sense of foreboding and feeling that the “world was coming to an end.”

    Current Symptoms:

    1. Psychomotor retardation
    2. Slowed gait and activity
    3. Lack of initiative
    4. Melancholia
    5. Fatigue
    6. Lack of self-confidence
    7. Lack of sexual interest

    Substance Abuse History:

    * Smoker = Yes, up to two (2) packs a day
    * Drugs = Yes, teen-age experimentation with Marijuana and various pills
    * ETOH = Yes, solitary drinker


    The Psychologist conducting the interviews noticed that the patient would occasionally walk slowly and aimlessly around the room when being interviewed. He appeared inattentive, vague, non-spontaneous and detached in interactions, but passively followed simple commands. He appeared disoriented. There was some difficulty in communicating due to his deep depression and melancholia. On mental state examination, he was a lanky man of medium height who was mildly psychomotor retarded with a latency of verbal replies, and a slowness of movement. He was preoccupied with his inner thoughts, brooded and felt melancholy. He appeared quite elevated and irritable when he spoke of the loss he was feeling when he recounted his relationship with his girlfriend. He expressed a poorly-formed grandiose delusion that the world was ending and described feelings of foreboding but no disturbance in any other sensory modality. The patient was oriented in person and place, with only very mild impairment of time. Attention and concentration deficits were evident, though much in the slightest and confirmed on formal testing that he had minor difficulty in counting down by seven from 100 and could not readily spell some words backwards. Registration and short term memory were intact on testing but he was often distracted and distant. There was evidence of dysphagia, mild difficulty with three-step commands, concretism and trial-constructional dyspraxia (he could not copy complex diagrams). No confabulation or remote memory deficits were identified. His Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) score totaled 28/30. No cognitive impairments. He denied being in need of medical assistance and explained his presence in the school as being due to his sister’s concerns, but did not appear suspicious of possible motives or irritated by his presence in the department. He denied that he had any cognitive deficits. He said he required medication and dietary modification, but did not accept medication offered in fact requiring detailed explanation on why the medication had to be taken.

    In as much as the patient exhibits the following symptoms (1) Depressed mood (i.e. feeling sad and empty) most of the day for 10 days, (2) Markedly diminished interest on pleasure in almost all activities (including lack of sexual interest) most of the day for 10 days, (3) A noticeable fluctuation of appetite most of the day for 10 days, (4) Psychomotor agitation or retardation (i.e. increased restlessness) most of the day for 10 days, (5) A diminished ability to concentrate ordering on indecisiveness most of the day for 10 days, (6) Insomia nearly everyday, (7) Fatigue nearly everyday , And (8) a feeling of foreboding everyday. He is diagnosed as suffering from Major Depressive Disorder.


    A Concerned Citizen

    is will be circulated in the internet now.

  13. cornholio

    hala ka blogger, baka report din ng side ni noy ang blog mo, na down na yung isang wordpress din

  14. Mr._________

    kapag na-down ang blog mo ohNoy, mapapakita lang na sa isang Noynoy Aquino administration, hatred, vengeance at bias ang lalago sa kanya.

    Mag-ingat tayo sa tao nato.

    Kahit peke ang mga documento, naniniwala parin kami dito na medyo may sapi itong si Noynoy. Kita naman sa mga galaw niya.

  15. Mr._________

    Ohnoy. Alam kong medyo inis ka sa nagcocoment na nagtatanong kung sino ang presidentiable mo- pero curious lang ako. Maaari mo bang sabihin kung sino talaga? Curious lang talaga ako. Kahut kapag tapos na ang election. Hihintayin ko. Thanks.

    • weeboy

      alam ko ang gusto mong mangyari perds.. hindi sa pinaghihinalaan kita pero malamang pro-noy ka at inaalam mo ang presidential bet ng blog creator dito at alam ko na kasunod nun, ibibintang nyo dun sa candidate na yon ang paggawa ng blog na to.
      kung ganon lang din ang point mo.. tanong mo na rin kung sino bet ng mga moderator nung mga anti-villar, anti-gibo, anti-gordon etc etc na facebook fan page

      • Mr.__________

        Hoy! Iniinsulto mo ba ako? Hindi ako Pro-Noynoy! Hindi ako tanga. Kaya nga sinabi ko pagkatapos ng election e. Maaasar ko pa ba yung blogger kapag tapos na ang election? mag-isip ka nga.

        Huwag mo akong insultohin. Pro-Villar ako

  16. jansen

    whatever this site posted against Noynoy, I will still vote for him. Majority of the Pinoy wants an honest and sincere leader, and this can only be Noynoy. You can’t let the good man down, kahit ano pa ang gawin ninyo!

    • Corina

      Honest and a good man? really now! taking advantage of his mother’s position by setting up a security agency and having GOCC as clients is honest? Moreover, being a silent witness on the hacienda luisita massacres that has not been resolved up to now, and giving the farmers stock certificates instead of a piece of land, and not passing any laws as a senator while being paid taxpayers’ money is being a good man? If that is your president then God help us!

    • Mr._________

      Ang tamad ay walang integridad

    • anthony

      “honest and sincere” leader???!!!!!


      no amount of honesty and sincerity can make Manny Pacquiao defeat the 6 ft 7 in WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko!!!!!

    • vhinz

      Bwahaha!!!, pati nga si Baby James ayaw maniwala kay Noynoy kaya ibang pangalan ang nasabi…ang hirap tlaga pag ang pinagbabasihan lang ay ang Survey na gawa2x lng ng mga Elitista at Lopez…bka akala mo pumupusta k lng sa sabong, qng sino ang lamang sa bulong-bulungan doon ka ppusta…qng ganito mag-isip ang mga voters ng pilipinas…ay naku, kawawang Juan Dela Cruz!!!…Gamitin lng po ang isipan ntin… hangang ngayon p ba nmn my nagpapau2 pa sa Survey?!!! Sumaryosep nmn!!!

    • brokenglasschip

      “honest and sincere? si Noy?”

      alam ko ito ang sasagutin ni Ohnoy….

      “Eksmyuskee, PATAWA naman YOU!!!”


  17. elisha

    parang arroyo administration ang kaibahan lang walang alam!!!

  18. Macario Sakay

    Dapat ang media maging mapang-ulat… kailan magsasabi ang mga ginagalang at responsableng media? pag may problema na…

    hehehehe kasama naman silang kumikita… kaya kung gusto mo kumita bantayan mo mga sinasabi ng politiko at pag nasa tamang timing, kagaya ng leksyon magparamdam ka na ilalabsa mo ulit ang balita, mabayaran kang hwag na…

    kasi mas mura mabayaran ka kesa gumastos bayaran ang maglilinis ng imahe nila… kaya lakihan ang singil kesa maging barya ka lang…

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