Noynoy Aquino is Barack Obama? The audacity of stupidity!

Don't insult the man by comparing him to the Abnoy.

For the longest time, the LP has been dangling and pitching Noynoy as the Philippine’s version of US President Barack Obama – particularly when people point out the Ignoy’s lack of achievement in public service (and in whatever field, truth to tell).

How dare we, contest the Ngoyngoyeros, question their yellow candidate when Obama has a “similar” modest background (State Senator from ’97 to ’04 and a US Senator from ’05 to ’08). Despite the woeful, flawed analogy the fanatical yellows shamelessly dangle in front of voters, we can indeed learn some lessons from the Obama comparison.

What? Has Oh Noy gone yellow?


But indulge me, please.

  • Obama (as Noynoy is, according to surveys) was not the overwhelming popular choice.
  • Obama vigorously criticized the administration of GW Bush and his rival John McCain. Noynoy has made this into an art – albeit an ugly work of art. To stay popular, Noynoy has pandered to the sensationalist fascination in us – the same fascination that keeps us glued to the TV while omniscient talk show hosts and reporters unearth the scandalous and seedy. Taste and truth often take a backseat.
  • Obama promised a lot of great things, but found reality to be a harder pill to swallow as his inexperience showed. Lesson: moving, articulate speeches are nice to listen to, but a candidate must prove he can WORK.
  • Obama got former rival Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State for a reason other than to make peace. As a woeful neophyte, he didn’t even have a network to speak of.

But let us not sell Obama short, for how he has handled the healthcare reform agenda deserves praise. Noynoy has never shown any balls of conviction in the past. Oh, wait, he did. He showed balls (or is that gall?) when he voted not to have the Hello Garci tape listened to in Congress. Of course, it was part of the sweet deal the Aquinos and GMA made via SCTEX.

This “fiscalizer” never moves except to protect his or his family’s interest.

So, among the other things that the yellows peddle in support of Noynoy Aquino, consider this notion totally INSANE.



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14 responses to “Noynoy Aquino is Barack Obama? The audacity of stupidity!

  1. Suzy Santos

    ang kapal. wait, kapal is tame. to be fair, this kind audacity has no name in fact!

    “no tiene nombre”, as the alta sociedad of forbes and the hacienderos of negros would say…

    que grosero!

  2. Romeo

    Not by a long shot, Obama has more hair compared to Noynoy’s few strands.

  3. adolfo mortera

    having said those, let me add the ff personality traits:

    obama is charismatic and psycologically and mentally fit to work. noynoy is not.

    obama does not salivate when he talks. noynoy does. (tingnan nyo ang laway sa kanyang kaliwang gilagid pag nagsasalita ng matagal…)

    obama walks well, with a confident air. noynoy limps, parang madadapa sya pag naglalakad…baka idapa nya lalo ang pilipinas pag presidente na sya…

  4. adolfo mortera

    another point of comparison:

    obama is lumpen, he belongs to the working class. noynoy belongs to old elite and rich in our society.

    noynoy does not have the humility of obama. he is arrogant, presumptuous, and averse to criticism. notice how he reacted to the tv coverage of the results of psychological assessment he sought from ateneo. he dismissed it as a non-story which should not be given importance by channel 2…he thinks he can do no wrong? he is clean?

    the image he foists on the public is:

    cory and ninoy are good.
    i am the son of cory and ninoy.
    therefore, i must be good.

    what logic. holy sh_t!

  5. 1875

    Hi, is there any way I can send you a private message? I’d like to invite you to check out and if you like, contribute to a document/article. Are you on Pinoyexchange? If you are, my username there is 1875, feel free to send me a pm.

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  6. Philip

    Yeah, Obama was a big disappointment to the Americans!

  7. zach

    We love your blog. We used to be half-assed Noy supporters but our eyes were opened. You can read about it here

  8. hexagonzo

    if we’re hard-pressed to have a comparison, noynoy is more like the george w. bush of the philippines than anybody else.

    i would suggest getting hold of the book “the bush dyslexicon” and you’ll see how uncannily noynoy reflects dubya.

    here’s a few lines from the book:

    “his (dubya’s) base supporters were intoxicated — stupefied — with his sly daily hints that he was clinton’s opposite. they fell completely for his ritual promise to “restore honor and dignity to the white house,” notwithstanding his own highly questionable past. that bush may, in his personal life, have had some wilder times by far than clinton ever did, or that bush’s public ethics were immeasurably worse than clinton’s, were thoughts that bush’s followers could not take in, so fully propagandized had they been. for it was the manichean view itself that most appealed to them — bush/clinton were cast as eternal opposites, like light and dark, or life and death, the good son coming, in his father’s name, to end the bad dominion of the man from hell.”

    if that doesn’t sound like noynoy and his minions, i don’t know what does. and to think the book was written in 2002. eerie. just like noynoy.

  9. Ten

    cory and ninoy are good
    kris is an offspring of cory and ninoy
    but kris is immoral
    therefore noynoy is immoral

    mali ata…take 2

    cory and ninoy are good
    kris is an offspring of cory and ninoy
    but kris is immoral
    therefore noynoy is not an offspring of cory and ninoy

    ah ewan

  10. ela

    what a joke!

    rotfl. exaggeration without reason eh.


  11. Hi.

    Just a question.. Is there proof about him voting not to hear the garci tape because of the SCTEX thing?

    Sorry, I was pretty young during that time and honestly, was a little oblivious to the country’s situation.

    I’m anti noynoy just so it is clear. Hate him with all my guts. Hates how I have to see yellow ribbons as his campaign materials when it was originally used for Cory’s death. I hate how people cannot see that he has ridden on his mother’s death. I hate how they think that riding on his mother’s death is something that a person with values does.


  12. notfornoy

    Ayos yan, kung pareho nga sila, patay na tayo. Malapit na mag-crash ang US dahil kay Obama. Tayo na ang susunod kung manalo si Noy.


  13. thinker-belle

    More people are finally starting to use their heads for the upcoming election!

  14. alsharafa

    Me and my friend from Arizona has actually been talking about the comparison between the two, months before the yellow zombies drew similar points. And actually, comparing Noynoy and Obama is quite appropriate. But that is meant to be an insult for both rather than a compliment. For one, what people don’t know about Obama was that he was an under-performer back during his time in senate and Americans (or at least the intelligent ones) often mentioned half-jokingly was that the only thing Obama had going for him back then was his attendance record. Then there’s the criteria for their popularity as both had something inherent in them rather than because of their achievements. For Noynoy, we all know its mamma and papa. As for Obama, he had his race going for him (this is considered racism since it was a bias towards his black american status). Then there’s that close female advocate that both of them had. Noynoy had Kris and Obama had Oprah and both women made promises in exchange for voting for their candidate. Kris of course promised to leave the country had Noynoy won (a promise she didn’t keep). As for Oprah, she promised to go on a diet (she kept her promise but relapsed later on). And likewise, the media keeps covering for the inadequacy of both men, but the American media just manages to do it better.

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