The crazy world of Noynoy Aquino

In memoriam:

The blog that supposedly broke the news about Noynoy’s psychological woes is now down. has been taken down — presumably by its owner who was probably cowed by all the media attention and the LP circus that followed it.

Of course, LP and Noynoy have been attacking the veracity of this information. Former Jesuit priest Carmelo Caluag has also gone on the record to say the documents have been forged — without categorically stating: “NOYNOY IS NOT LOONY.”

There was something funny about the way ABS-CBN picked the news up WITHOUT first checking on its unimpeachable veracity. I told myself, hey, is the network finally opening its eyes to the fact that its anointed is more than a card short of a full deck?

The answer is that it is has picked up the story to discredit NP — who now is on the defensive. Now that’s CRAZY! Noynoy doesn’t have to answer yes or no if he’s bonkers or not, but NP is now being put in the hot griddle.

Everything about Noy — the posture, the drooling, the short temper, the arrogance — points to something not quite right.

Previously spoken in whispers and snickers — and one very public autism story that was simply in bad taste, the allegations about Noynoy were stuff of urban legend.

Now, the very public discussion has opened a can of worms that is even worse than Baby James saying “Vilyay!” Because it has been made very public, Noynoy is hard-pressed to come out with a defense — and that defense is not forthcoming.

For instead of saying categorically that “SURE, I’LL SUBMIT TO A PSYCH TEST!”, he instead challenged Sen. Manny Villar to undergo a lie-detector test.

That’s weird.

Non sequitur.

While we’re at it, you can ask a mentally disturbed man to call a red bag a blue bag, and he’d be so convinced that it would register as truth on the lie-detector.

I mean, look at Noy. He is so supremely, disturbingly convinced that he can lead this country — a victim of an LP brainwash.

Poor guy.



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21 responses to “The crazy world of Noynoy Aquino

  1. just a girl

    keep up the great work, ohnoy! this is entry is spot on! especially the DROOLING. LOL!

    noynoy’s reply on tv as to why he’s not going through a neuro-psychiatric test:

    “bakit naman nila tayo gustong imbitahin na sumama sa kanila sa mundo na kailangang tratuhing totoo ang peke?”

    huh???? as you said, why didn’t he just deny it outright, and even say that he’s willing to face the challenge and take a psychiatric test?

    NOW it’s obvious that he’s hiding something.

  2. Everyone who applies for a job go through psychological testing. Why would a Presidential candidate, applying for the No.1 job in the land should not go through with it? Why would AbNoynoy refuse? Baka naman natatakot na malantad ang katotohanang Abnormal nga siya.

    I don’t wonder or surprised on the things that ABiaSed CBN does… they’ve already made up their mind in supporting AbNoynoy’s candidacy.. it shows in the way the deliver the news. Yesterday, they dignified Jose De Venecia’s allegation against his former Party the Lakas Kampi. It’s obvious that the allegation comes from the sore loser!

  3. mulatpinoy

    not only is LP fielding a candidate that is not only LAZY (not passing any laws as senator), an OPPORTUNIST (using his parents’ legacy as leverage for his candidacy), CORRUPT (setting up a security agency and taking on government-owned corporations as clients during his mother’s term), and a COWARD (not standing up against his relatives on not giving the poor Hacienda Luisita farmers the piece of land due to them and standing silent in the midst of the farmers’ massacres), they are also fielding a candidate that is also MENTAL…

    no wonder noynoy’s attack dogs like solita monsod has been viciously attacking other candidates like Villar in her newspaper column in PDI and QTV news show, they want us to be distracted and be focused on the dirty labels the LP dirty political machine and Kris Aquino’s controversy-hungry showbiz chums are churning. It’s a grimy ploy so we wouldn’t notice the glaring weaknesses of their precious noynoy, I also can’t believe how media giants like ABiased CBN, PDI and respected journalists like Conrado de Quiros are taking part in all these, where is the objectivity of the media?Apparently in this campaign, it has been conveniently pushed aside…they are proudly showing their political colors and it’s sickening…I just hope that the pebbles of dirt they have ruthlessly thrown out there will crashing down on them like an avalanche of garbage…

  4. Suzy Santos

    poor misguided guy indeed. and poor misguided voters too. poor Pinas!

  5. edyeeh

    Yes, I got to that conclusion that he was brainwashed by his own party. A real political puppet.

  6. perezhonorato

    Yes the signatory is fake. But what about the contents?

  7. notfornoy

    Labo ni Noynoy. Wala namang masama sa pagkakaroon ng Clinical Depression. Bakit siya takot? Lalo lang niya hinihila ang sarili niya pababa. Ako mismo ay may Depression, pero ayos lang naman ang work performance ko. Di naman masyadong makakaapekto yun kung may therapy. Dahil sa reaksyon niya, malamang maraming may mental issues ang magagalit sa kanya. Parang sinabi na rin niya na wala kaming kwenta.


  8. ohnoy fan

    Hi ohnoy blogger. Can you write about the thing that Pulse Asia came out with? They said that the Filipinos will not vote for the candidate endorsed by Dolphie, Pacquiao, and Revillame but will vote for the candidate endorsed by Aquino, Escudero, and the Church?

    Please laaaaang!!!! Super biased.. HELLOOOOO!

  9. Big Aquino win in informal “7-Elections”
    Aquino Wins Big in 7-11 “Elections”

    Leading presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III topped the “7-Elections,” a nationwide informal presidential poll conducted by the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores.

    Aquino, the Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer, was selected as the nation’s next president by 87,959 people “voting” in 450 stores all throughout the country.

    Former defense secretary Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro was a far second with 37,226 votes. Sen. Manuel Bamba Villar Jr received 32,727 votes; Sen. Dick Gordon garnered 26,010 votes; former President Joseph Estrada received 14,968 votes; while 14,944 people opted to not have a candidate.

    Voters choose their candidates by buying 16oz Gulp cups with the likenesses and official colors of their preferred presidential candidates. A barcode is assigned to each aspirant. All votes are carefully audited and results are published online at

    Jose Victor Paterno, president and chief executive officer of Philippine Seven Corporation, the licensee of 7-Eleven stores in the country, said the survey has “the potential to provide a pulse on the upcoming National elections.” “Our strong network of over 450 stores caters to Filipinos from all walks of life and may offer a good indication of how the real elections will turn out,” added Paterno.

    Similar 7-11 elections held in the US, conducted with coffee cups for ballots, were predictive of the outcomes of the national elections, including the 2008 US polls where Barrack Obama was elected president. Florencio “Butch” Abad, LP campaign manager, said the survey validated the LP’s belief “that the Filipino people continue to believe in Senator Noynoy Aquino’s ability to bring about a clean and compassionate government that will put an end to corruption and alleviate poverty.” March 23, 2010

  10. Chiz Sison

    Yan si noynoy, May diperensya sa pag-iisip yan. Eh Inuumaga daw yan sa Video games eh! Hanggang 5AM!!! Tapos, Naka tunganga lang sa isang sulok habang TUMUTULO ang LAWAY nuong bata pa siya.Yan ba ang susunod na presidente? papaano kapag naka upot na yan tapos nuon siya nagpa kita ng sinyales?? NAKAKATAKOT!

  11. Chiz Sison

    Yan si noynoy, May diperensya sa pag-iisip yan. Eh Inuumaga daw yan sa Video games eh! Hanggang 5AM!!! Tapos, Naka tunganga lang sa isang sulok habang TUMUTULO ang LAWAY nuong bata pa siya.Yan ba ang susunod na presidente? papaano kapag naka upot na yan tapos nuon siya nagpa kita ng sinyales?? NAKAKATAKOT!!!

  12. Ronald Echem

    Dapat susunod na presidente yung mag reresolba ng kuryente, hindi pwede yan ganyang public service pero 100 percent business. Pinas ba ang nangunguna sa taas ng kuryente dito sa asya. Bakit kasi hindi tinuloy ung nuclear power plant dahil liliit ang singil sa kuryente at liliit din kita nila. Sabi nila dictator si marcos, pero matalino sya dahil alam nya darating ang panahon mag tataas ang lahat ng bilihin pag tumaas ng husto kuryente. People power ? ano ba ginawa? eto kulelat na pinas sa asya talo na ng taiwan, thailand, malaysia, lalu na ng singapore 1st world country na. Kaya dapat nilang ibaba singil sa kuryente para marami pumasok na negosyante dito sa pinas… Pag aquino na naman umupo dyan patay tayo sa kuryente lalu nyan, diba si cory nagbigay sa meralco sa mga lopez.

  13. Mudra

    Please keep your visions to yourself Noynoy. Not all are into weed. A weak person like you should be attending SPED classes instead. I can see pain, confusion, and loneliness behind those eyes, Noy. You should be afraid. Very, very afraid. Pls fork out the truth and admit you just want to play video games and smoke all day.

  14. thinker-belle

    I’m sure most of us (if not all) have seen and/or heard his campaign ads on TV and the radio (the dramatic music that plays along makes me want to barf). Says Noynoy, “Utang ko sa inyo ang lahat. Kayo ang aking lakas.”

    Sounds like an inspirational line when he delivered it, but is damn funny when you really think about what it means. In english, “I owe you everything. You are my strength.”

    Meaning, kung wala ang mga nauuto nilang [blind] supporters, he has nothing but weaknesses; which is clearly seen on his “track record”.

    Oh wait. On second thought, there’s nothing to see pala kasi wala namang laman ang “track record” niya. LOL!

    I just love how Noynoy himself admits that he has nothing to offer the Filipino people except for his last name 😀

  15. Choknat

    Hindi dapat laban lang ng laban. Kailangan, alam din ang gagawin, at may tiwala sa sarili, yung kayang harapin ang mga hapon ng bansa ng mag-isa. MANNY VILLAR FOR PRESIDENT!

  16. Toralba

    Tomador at adik sa sigarilyo. Matindi ang bisyo ni Noynoy. Baka sa sobrang stressful ng trabaho bilang presidente sa kanya eh atakihin siya sa puso or magka lung cancer sa kaka sigarilyo niya just to cope with the stress.

  17. ninja

    The word is that ABS learned that an authentic document revealing Aquino’s condition is about to be released. What they did is to invent this report, blame it on the NP and confuse the public about the authenticity of the contents of the report when it is released.

    Caluag has a radio show on ABS. They could have very easily have discredited it BEFORE they released it.

    But that is just the word on the street. 🙂

  18. Garapal

    Wala na ako paki sa mga kasinungalingan ni noynoy, basta ako, SOLID VILLAR!

  19. DOLL

    sabi nya sya daw ang magpapabago ng bansa natin at kailangan nya tayo para manalo sya at magawa nya ang dapat ituloy ng ama at ina nya…bakit kahit hindi ka namin iboto magagawa mo pa naman yun ah… pwede ba wag mo naman gamitin yung ama at ina mo para manalo ka, aquino ka lang pero di mo kautak ang ama mo!!! wag ka muna pumasok sa pinakamalaking pwesto at sulosyonan ang pinakamalaking publema sa bansa natin dahil hindi mo pa nasusulosyonan ang hasyenda mo!!yan nga lng di mo na kayang sulosyonan anu pa kaya yung publema ng bansa natin.. magisip ka nga

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