Not all AIM people are intelligent

Small brain: Asian Institute of Management's Edilberto de Jesus didn't learn a thing at school.

“Guia” sent me this in the comments section:

I received this email from a Noynoy supporter. And it really just got into my nerves. Can you please please help me answer this person?

message from Mr. Edilberto C. de Jesus, President of Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

A message from the E. de Jesus, President, AIM.

Friends, at this stage of the game, I am no longer interested in discussing programs of government.

We have enough smart Filipinos who can formulate coherent and relevant plans. We can argue about these plans ad infinitum.

Our most urgent lack is not “smart.” We need “trustworthy.” Marcos was, arguably, our smartest, most skillful politician. Gloria is certainly the best, or at least, the longest-schooled president we have ever had, with training in the best schools in the Philippines and abroad. And look where we are now.

The crisis we have been facing, most desperately in the last five years, has been, fundamentally, a crisis of credibility, a crisis of trust at the apex of our political system. We have a serious deficit in social capital. How can we expect the country to move under a leader distrusted by over 2/3 of the population?

I have been involved in major efforts to craft programs of government. The FSGO (Former Senior Government Officials) has put together urgent “doables” addressing the range of government concerns that any president committed to do the right thing should be able to implement.

In the recent past, Buboy Macapagal had asked me to join a group that would help prepare Gloria to assume the burden of the presidency, should Erap resign, as was being demanded then, and she, as vice-president, should take step into the office. We worked on many issues, including what would be the most urgent– helping the president select the many officials within her power to appoint by developing the criteria she should observe in making the decision and generating a short list of competent and credible candidates for the various offices.

The task also included issues that needed to be addressed in the first 100 days. It did not take 100 days for many of us to be completely disillusioned about the prospects that our work would get serious attention. Which was why I declined to be considered for the post of secretary of education, when she came to power. But many soldiered on, believing that they had a responsibility to provide what assistance they could.

At this stage of the game, is it not time to make a major effort to persuade our friends still seeking the presidency to unite behind the most trustworthy candidate, as we were able to do in 1986? They have fought the good fight, but how many of the eight presidentiables really have a chance of winning. The race is now a two-horse race, assuming (a big assumption) that it has not been already rigged. Uniting behind a genuine opposition candidate is the best way we have to evade the manipulation of the electoral process.

We can appeal to their statesmanship. Perhaps, appealing to their self-interest would be more effective.

If the likes of Gibo and Gordon want to continue competing in electoral politics after 2010, their best bet would be to back Noynoy. He will respect the political process and help restore a level playing field. Keeping Villarroyo maintain their hold on our political, social, economic, academic, even religious institutions for another six years, perhaps longer if the plot to change to a parliamentary system prospers, will alter the game in a way we cannot even predict. We have seen in the last five years how our systems have been weakened and prostituted. Latest example. key Ampatuan leaders, cleared of charges and released, promptly throw their support to Villar.

As our most prolific contributors to this discussion are wont to say: enough said.

Many thanks for the space.

Just reading this makes my blood boil. Grabe. President na yan ng AIM ha.


Well, Guia, the conclusion that comes to mind is what I’ve titled this entry.

Edilberto de Jesus gives the Asian Institute of Management a bad name. How could someone qualified (and I use this term loosely here) to head AIM as its president be so, well, stupid as to belittle education and qualification in the supposed name of trustworthiness?

But that’s just the point we’ve been making in this blog and in all anti-Noynoy blogs. People have been stupefied (or, rather, stupid-ified) into choosing yellow in May on the sole basis of the supposed “integrity” or “honesty” of Noynoy Aquino. It’s hard to reason with these yellowmongers as they refuse to think for themselves.

A tidal wave of emotion is what fuels their misguided patriotism. After all, we are a historically forgetful people and, instead, ride on passion which grips us in the same way we are glued to the TV set when the latest sordid intrigue or drama is on.

It is often said that the head is above the heart for the reason. But we Filipinos, for better or for worse, have it the other way around.

Again, it is pointless to argue with people who refuse to listen to dissenting opinions.

It is hardest to be understood by the person pretending to be deaf that one who actually is deaf.

It is the argument of an idiot to say that we don’t need platforms or programs of government. If that is the case then let us just forego all of these fora, the campaigning, the THINKING.

What De Jesus and the Noynoyistas want us to do is to shut off our brains and be mesmerized by the yellow ribbon they dangle in front of us while muttering “Remember Ninoy! Remember Cory!” as if trying to hypnotize us into drooling fools (like their master).

“We need ‘trustworthy,'” continues De Jesus. And this is supposed to be Noynoy Aquino?

He again is reciting from the campaign book of the Liberal Party that to this day insists Noynoy is immaculately clean. Really now? One candidate said appropriately: “Diyos lang ang walang bahid.”

But Noynoy, in his supreme arrogance, asserts he is clean.

Clean? SCTEX overpricing, Hacienda Luisita land grabbing, Hacienda Luisita massacre…

Trustworthy? How about the Best Security Agency that he established after Mommy Cory won the presidency? The BSA that bagged government contracts a-plenty.

How can you trust this joke when sister Kris Aquino does everything for him — even dress him up and f**k up his hair? The man has no balls just as he has no wife to speak of at his age. Ask all his ex-girlfriends why they dumped his sorry ass. Would they dump someone who is now being bandied about as the savior of the nation? Noynoy is not a prized catch, period.

De Jesus is playing another card of the LP campaign, which is to create an impression of doubt in other candidates and thus throw their support to the DROOLING ONE.

Yet another card: if Noynoy doesn’t win, then the elections are rigged. WOW, SUCH HEIGHTS OF ARROGANCE!

Really now?

If we look at Noynoy and look at ourselves, do we not see the discrepancy — the sheer unfairness of it all? We all work, study, and strive hard every day.


Oh, and the Ampatuans are for Noynoy, too, DIMWIT.



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22 responses to “Not all AIM people are intelligent

  1. mary grace sanchez

    Am so glad I didn’t send any of my sons to AIM!!!!

    That Dimwit says; “If the likes of Gibo and Gordon want to continue competing in electoral politics after 2010, their best bet would be to back Noynoy. He will respect the political process and help restore a level playing field.”…yah right!!! NOnoy is already conditioning the minds of people to go for another People Power!!! Such arrogance!

    People Power should be the exemption & not the Law!

  2. juan

    please tell me, Mr. Edilberto C. de Jesus, how should i consider someone like noynoy trustworthy?

    i gave him my precious vote before so he could become senator, hoping that he could at least help in his own little way by authoring laws that could help make the lives of filipinos even just a little bit better. but you know what, he turned out to be a sleeping-on-the-job senator, a zero-laws-passed lawmaker, a ragnarok champion instead of someone who championed the people, a justice-obstructing-garci-tapes-protector, etc. and now that he’s asking for my vote again for his presidential bid, should i just take your word, mr. de jesus, that the real gloriaquino is trustworthy? he didn’t care for the filipinos before. and if he ever does change and show his care for us, that’ll be the time when he stops pretending that he can lead this nation.

    sorry mr. de jesus but you just all the more solidified my decision not to trust noynoy.

  3. adolfo mortera

    How does de Jesus define trustworthy?

    De Jesus makes interesting logical fallacies here..

    De Jesus, answer me:

    Does being the son of Cory and Ninoy make him trustworthy?

    Is being an Aquino a birthright to the presidency?

    And dig this:

    If you read between the lines, de Jesus insinuates that if Noynoy doesn’t win, he may have been cheated!

    Go back to Logic 101, Edilberto de Jesus, President of AIM (Asses in Management).

  4. thinker-belle

    “The race is now a two-horse race, assuming (a big assumption) that it has not been already rigged.”

    Who says so? The surveys? How accurate and credible! LOOOOOOOL

    And this came from the President of AIM? Sad to see this coming from a man with such status.

  5. Abnoy Din Si Edilberto de Jesus

    The only conclusion I can get from this is that this Edilberto de Jesus person is either Abnoy, Noynoid, or a Noytard.

    Probably, he also stands to benefit from an Abnoy presidency in some way. Not sure if this unscrupulous person is a member of the MBC, but I suspect he is. MBC is another organization that cannot be trusted.

    Down with Abnoy, ABiaS-CBN, and MBC. Long Live the Philippines!


  6. mulatpinoy

    What is he saying so history can repeat itself? Here are some passages from F. Sionil Jose’s , We Filipinos: Our Moral Malaise, Our Heroic Heritage,

    “We were ecstatic when Cory took over; she had promised agrarian reform which we waited for eagerly. By this time Pepe (Diokno) was already sick. Then some 20 farmer demonstrators were massacred in Mendiola- a senseless tragedy that never happened even in the darkest days of the dictatorship. And all because Cory refused to see the farmers…..”(Dedication part)

    “Even , with his unlighted cigar clamped in his mouth-his signature-President Fidel V. Ramos did not have charisma….He has achieved, however, spectacular success from the lethargy and monumental incompetence of the Cory government. The most impressive of this is the restoration of electricity in the country….Too, the telephone monopoly, once controlled by Cory’s relatives, has been broken…”(p.27)

    “I cannot but be nostalgic about February 1986-what they call EDSA Revolution- but I know only too well that it was not a revolution; it was a restoration of the oligarchy which Marcos has emasculated….There was real democracy in EDSA- it was heady, it was real, but it died soon after, for there was no transfer of power from the oligarchy to the people.”(p.31)

  7. marie garcia

    DECLINE THE POST OF SECRETARY OF EDUCATION???? Is he crazy or has he forgotten that he was the Secretary of Education from 2002 -2004. Check his biography – he was preceded by Raul Roco and succeeded by Florencio Abad. What can one except from an Atenista but lies, lies and more lies. Oh, I forgot they are also plagiarist’s.

    • Mr.___________

      hey not all atenistas are for noynoy and not all are liars and plagiarists.

      You better know what you’re saying before making generalizations.

  8. vicky TD

    This people are playing with our emotions again and again. nakakasawa na. People who are mis informed will simple agree with them. We have made a mistake of unseating ERAP through people power because of our emotions. sana we just allowed the senators to continue the impeachment. kaso mga dramatista din tong mga senators kaya natangay tayo. So sana people will now think hard! Why will we give NOY the presidency even if he spend his 9 years of congrees and three years in the senate doing nothing??? just because he is the son of NINOY and CORY??? think again… May GOD save our country to these people pretending to be patriotic…


    Nakikiusap ako s’yo Noy ‘wag ka nang tumuloy, maawa ka naman sa bansa natin. Alalahanin mo siyam na taon tayong nagdusa kay GMA, tapos papalit ka, sakaling malasin kaming lahat at ikaw ang pinalad, ano na ang gusto mong mangyari sa amin. Tuluyan nang maglaho sa mapa? Tuluyan ng mabaliw sa hirap?

    Noy, alam mo naman na hindi ka handa para sa ganitong responsibilidad, kasi nga sabi mo kaya wala ka pang asawa ay dahil ayaw mo o hindi ka pa handa sa responsibilidad. Naisip mo ba na mas mahirap na ‘di hamak ang magpatakbo ng bansa kaysa sa pagkakaroon ng asawa?

    Isa pa Noy, kailan n’yo ba naisip na ikaw ang tatakbong pangulo ng bansa? Balikan natin ang August 1, 2009, bago mamatay ang ina mo. Sa mga panahon na ito parang wala akong naririnig mula sa iyo, sa mga nakapaligid ngayon s’yo at maging sa ina mo na ikaw ang tatakbong pangulo. Bakit kaya ganon? Una, siguro dahil sa ayaw mo talaga, kaya pati ‘yong mga kapartido mo hindi na rin nag-aksaya ng panahon para buyuhin ka. Pati nga ang ina mo hindi ka na rin naisip, na patakbuhin. Ikalawa, baka kasi alam mo na hindi mo talaga kaya at maging ang mga kapartido mo alam din nila na hindi mo kaya, kaya nga si Mar ang nasa plano na nilang suportahan eh, isama mo na rin ang ina mo, kilalang-kilala ka n’ya, ‘ika nga “mother knows best” alam n’ya na hindi mo talaga kaya, maski s’ya si Mar ang gusto, ayon ‘yan kay Mar.

    Bakit naman nang mamatay ang ina mo, biglang-bigla ay nakikipagpatayan ka na para maging pangulo? Ah alam ko na! Siguro dahil maraming nakipaglibing sa ina mo naisip ninyo na baka pwedeng maging boto ito, konting drama at paawa effect ayun pwedeng bobo-to na sila. Kaya itinulak ka na agad ng mga kapartido mo na mga oportunista na patakbuhin kang pangulo kahit alam nila noong una pa lang na wala kang kakayahan, kahit masagasaan na ang pangarap ni Mar na maging pangulo at Korina na maging unang ginang, tapos ikaw naman nagpabuyo na rin kahit alam mong wala ka ring kakayahan. Ang ina mo na lang ang hindi nagbago ng isip. Si Kiko naman suportado ka daw n’ya, bakit bilib din ba s’ya s’yo? Hindi ‘yan bilib s’yo! Banas lang talaga s’ya kay Mar kaya handa s’yang magdusa rin ang buong bansa sa kamay mo ‘wag lang maging pangulo si Mar. Grabe, naman talaga kayo, tapos sasabihin ninyo para sa bayan! Tapos ipagkakalandakan ninyo PLATAPORMA! Ano ang para sa bayan d’yan? Ano ang Plataporma d’yan?

    Hindi ako maka-Cory, pero sa pagkakataon na ito gusto ko s’yang purihin. Kasi hanggang sa kamatayan hindi s’ya nagpalit ng isip. Kasi kung gusto n’ya, alam ko magagawa n’ya pa ‘yon. Kasi hindi naman s’ya biglang namatay ‘di ba? Magagawa n’ya pang magbilin para sabihin na ang kanyang anak na si Noynoy ang suportahan para maging pangulo ng Pilipinas, pero hindi n’ya ‘yon ginawa, kasi mahal niya ang ating bayan. D’yan masasabi ko na kahanga-hanga ang ina mo!

    Para sa inyo na nagsasabing mahal ninyo si Cory, ngayon ninyo ipakita sundin ninyo ang kanyang pasya na kinamatayan na lang n’ya. Ikaw din Noy may panahon ka pa para patunayan na mahal mo ang ina mo, umatras ka na kung hindi man alang-alang sa bayan kahit man lang sa INA MO!

  10. Lani

    “He will respect the political process and help restore a level playing field.”
    – Really? Ngayon pa nga lang, NA is already fomenting disrespect for the political process by saying if he does not win, there will be chaos, if he loses, that means cheating.
    “Level the playing field?”
    – The use of Pulse Asia and SWS results to create a trend and influence the voting public is already skewing the playing field in his favor.
    Oh, and Mr. de Jesus forgot (maybe deliberately?) to mention Corazon Aquino, the president who had all good intentions and a kind heart (though the farmers at HL will object to this) but led us nowhere except a series of military coups, brownouts, what else?

  11. Rey


  12. easydoesit

    Alam mo Noy, hindi pwede laging madali!

    – Madaling ma-headline sa channel 2
    – Madaling ma-front page sa Inquirer
    – Madaling ma-cover sa magazine si Mikee at Shalani one month before the elections
    – Madaling malagay mga pamangkin mo sa EDSA na naka-yellow
    – Madaling baguhin ang latest line ng Bench ng kulay mo kasi endorser si Kris


    – Ma-realize mo na hindi ka pa handa kasi ang daming bumubulong sa’yo
    – Pakawalan ang ambisyon nila Drilon – naglolokohan lang kayo, Noy.
    – Magkunwari na kaya mo pero hindi naman

    Dami nang na naloko ni Kris. Tama na, Noy. Pagod na mga Pinoy.

  13. sigwa

    What is happening to the supposed intellectuals of this country, Ateneo and AIM? Have they really deteriorated to this level? Does it mean Abnoy not only has the media in its grip, the TV networks both Abiased CBN and sadly GMA too, the broadsheets like Philippine Daily Inquirer, the “respected” media journalists like Monsod, De Quiros, but also the academicians too? Grabe di pa sya presidente, corrupted na ang respected institutions na ito, and have you seen the circus out there? yellow stickers bought in national bookstores (supposedly for the benigno aquino foundation ) stuck on cars, tricycles, trucks and yellow ribbons sprouting like eyesores…

    and what about the news? have you seen the segment in gma news showing abnoy with the media engaging in a light banter? only Abnoy has this short segment, the other candidates didn’t, am quite disheartened that gma news can play favorites pala, kala ko fair and impartial sila… somehow I feel a certain injustice happening in our midst, why doesn’t the media ask the relevant questions like Abnoy’s mental capability and his corrupt security agency in cory’s time, why doesn’t anybody really investigate it, are they afraid of what they might unearth or were they warned against it…with gloria, they’re so diligent digging up dirt, the same with villar but with Abnoy they can be so passive…

    I fear for our country, if Abnoy wins then it just shows that the oligarchs have this country in the palm of their hands, they can subdue, condition the media and place any president they want, even someone who is mentally challenged, unaccomplished, just someone with the right surname that they can order around or ask favors for when the right time comes…By the way, Abnoy’s tri-media promotions, TV, radio, print ads and internet ads with impressive and high powered commercials looks very expensive, like a defective product marketed and polished very well, just wondering who finances these and what favors will be handed out if he wins? Tsk, tsk, Gising Pilipinas! before it’s too late…

  14. Aldren

    Dear mr. de jesus,

    we are not electing mr. friendship here. we are electing mr. president. How did you achieve that position?, if i may ask. is it because of pure luck? or did they consider your accomplishments and all those tangible records which will prove that you are indeed worthy of that position.

    yes i do trust his promise, “hindi ako magnanakaw” but the thing is, corruption runs rampant up to the lowest public officials, from the general to the private officer to mr. traffic enforcer. from the principal, to the teachers down to the students. we need someone who will implement the laws to minimize the corruption. it is imperative for us to elect a president who has a political will. this is not the case of what’s the latest trend or who’s the designer, it is our election. the only time when that single vote of yours is as powerful as the vote of mr. lucio tan. So my advice- put more sense and reason to that single vote.


    it won’t hurt to do your assignments and research. 🙂

  15. iya mercado

    Definitely, I will NOT vote for the cretin. But if we are so damned that he wins, I promise to myself I will not torture myself as to read news anymore. At least, this thought brings me comfort.

  16. Edelberto Rolle

    “Being Old doesn’t mean Being Wise”

    A management professor during my college years once defined “trustworthyness or trust” in his class.”Trust equals Character plus Competence”. In Mathematical Logic: Trust=Character+Competence


    Job Vacancy: Driver
    Applicant #1: God-Fearing but doesn’t know how to drive.
    Applicant #2: Dare-devil but knows how to drive.
    Applicant #3: God-Fearing and knows how to drive with distinction.

    Who will you hire Mr. de Jesus?

    Check out the Answer key:

    Applicant #1: Noynoy Aquino
    Applicant #2: Other Presidentiable/s
    Applicant #3: Gilbert Teodoro

  17. john

    well said… and as an addition to it..How can we vote for someone who started in government service as a legislator…(congressman & senator) ..But up to this day there is not a single bill or law under his belt…What does it tell us?…Is he really capable?…He talks like an idealist….no bends compromises…but he’s running for an executive position…It has a lot of bends and is filled with compromises because the primary goal is to address the greater good….One trait comes to mind …Dynamic…and I’m sorry but Noynoy is not it!

  18. panday

    mr. de jesus, sobrang lugi naman yata ang pilipinas kung LEMON ang magiging presidente natin.

  19. panday

    he was a lemon congressman. he turned out to be a lemon senator as well. and you tell me he’ll suddenly be a president who will function well?

  20. hunkie

    stupid stupid stupid! maybe this guy has edward cullen’s ability to read minds.. how can you be so sure that noynoy is trustworthy?! cmon! if you base your vote to that.. then you really are stupid!

  21. ronnie a. dulay

    AIM ? Maybe that guy went to a different AIM.
    The Assholes Institute of Management ! or Assholes, Idiots and Morons !

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