Kris Aquino Yak!

Viperium Kristeta: Don't let the snake fool you!

The unbelievable heights of Kris Aquino’s ignorance and arrogance are continuously put on display via her Twitter account. If you haven’t seen her recent spew, here it is:


On Thursday 29th April 2010, @itsmekrisaquino said:

I saw endorsement tvc of Pinoy sports icon saying words to the effect na laban ng laban wala naman napatunayan. In politics, Noy has won 3 straight terms sa Congress & won almost 15 million votes sa Senatorial in 2007. How sad na he didn’t think na in politics- knock out nga sya. In politics si Noy ang may napatunayan because Noy has never lost an election! Ika nga, undefeated ang record nya!

Of course, you know the Kritch was referring to Manny Pacquiao in the TV commercial endorsing Sen. Manny Villar, where the Pacman mouthed the aforementioned line.

If the Tweet was the Kritch’s lame attempt at a comeback, well, then Kris deserves to be punched squarely in the face by the pound-for-pound champ. That was way stupid, even Baby James should poke her eyes out and say “Vilyay!”

What, exactly, does being elected three straight terms in Congress prove, in this country where a lot of people select familiar names that often fall short in terms of performance?


But I digress. Kris was being, at least, honest. What else can she brag about her brother in terms of performance or “napatunayan”? Well, she could say her brother has had celebrity girlfriends like Bernadette Sembrano, Diana Zubiri, and Korina Sanchez.

But that might tick Shalani off.

She could say that her brother has helped the clan retain control of Hacienda Luisita by working hard and closely with President Arroyo – even to the point of orchestrating the Hacienda Luisita Massacre and causing the non-playing of the nefarious “Hello Garci” tape.

But that might tick the voters off.

So, that leaves the Kritch with nothing to show for her pathetic brother. Yes, Kris, we all know the ineffectual stints in Congress and the Senate as the f*@king fiscalizer.

What else can you say?


By the way, the Kritch is ranting about a supposed fake Twitter account. If you love your country, follow this account. Haha! In your face, SPOILED BRAT!


fake kris twitter:



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16 responses to “Kris Aquino Yak!

  1. ling

    i always look forward to reading your blog! how i wish everybody could read this.

    I enjoy reading blogs with Kris on it! Darn, the girl is so naive, and to think she is going to be forty next year!


    • marie

      Sorry Ling but I disagree. Under that facade of naiveness/”innocence”/sweetness is a woman with an iron will.

      Why do I say this?? Kris was interviewed by QTV’s “Balitanghali” today, regarding Noy detractors she said – “Galit ako sa kanila. Gusto ko silang saksakin.” That is one scary lady……

  2. Who’s Kris Aquino?

    • ArticleRequest

      Kris Aquino (noun) a creature that is proof being anak ng mga “bayaning” Aquino does not mean you are a somebody with “integrity”.

      Everyone keeps saying Noynoy Aquino= anak ng mga bayani therefore may integridad! Yeah right.
      Logical FALLACY!

      Look yellow people at the person next to him, Kris Aquino. Porket anak ka ng mga bayani does not mean you are scripted in life to having “integridad”! Non sequitur! You can be the son or daughter of god knows who but you will always be responsible for yourself. You can have an STD and do naughty things with the mayor of Paranaque and blab about them on national TV and say moronic things for the years to come. You can be the son or daughter of an excon, a dentist, philanthropist, etc. pero you’re responsible for everything else in life.

      C’mon Noynoyistas. If you think anak siya ng mga bayani therefore may integridad si noynoy, hindi kayo nag – iisip! It doesnt matter who the hell mommy and daddy are. Go look at Noynoy’s moron crybaby of a sister and you know that you dont pass on integridad biologically.

      I still cant believe that site “” is still up. Ang bobo ata ang nagsulat nun and to think nasa YM at Yahoo pa yan. Someone has to shut those morons up because they are spreading stupidity and idiocy by the truckload online. Dapat nga …Chat with friends with that Yellow guy staring at you with a link about “da truth”.

  3. oh my..

    Kris all over the place! What a shame….Ninoy and Cory may be really sad…

  4. noone

    Kriatch should just keep her mouth shut.

    NOynoy did win in congress for 3 consecutive terms. But during his 3 terms in congress, what does he have to show, not even to us, but to his constituents, the farmers of Luisita? Zilch.

    He won convincingly as a Senator, yes. But like his stint in congress, he has not a single law passed… again a big “BOKYA”!

    Oh Kriatch, Pacman was just saying what is a Fact…laban ng laban, pero wala naman napatunayan…Meron ba Kriatch? Instead of saying, “gusto ko sila saksakin”, saksakin mo na lang sarili nyo and mga hypNOYtized ng SENSE…some common sense.

    Kriatch, you and your sibling are no Oprah and Obama, baka OHpapa and OHmama.

    NOynoy, isn’t a knight in a shining armor. All that is shining and clear as daylight, is his “O” accomplisment in life.

  5. rae

    despite your negative and mean remarks i’ll stick it out with kris as she’s the best … smart, intelligent… name it and she has it.

    • ohnoy fan

      Smart? Intelligent? Um. Okay, I do not know her educational background, but I am pretty sure she isn’t that intelligent. If she were, would she really expose TOO MUCH information about her sex life (ie., std) to national (international, actually) TV?

      Um. I don’t think so.

    • thinker-belle

      The only thing Kris has is a big mouth. Smart? Smart-ass siguro pwede pa. Intelligent? If she really was, she’d be the first to know how inept her brother is.

    • ling

      you are just blinded! masyadong mapang mata at mapang mataas itong babaeng ito! haven’t yoou noticed in her game shows, she is pikon when someone is smarter than her!

      street smarts is the real measurement of intelligence. and Kris doesn’t have that.

      Okay, saksakin tayo ni Kris! What do you call that?

      Eh di, PIKON!!!!!

    • lmc

      Also STD, a cheating husband and loads of haters. Name it, she has it. Oh, and a gold La-Z boy theater couch to match the rest of her gilded condo unit decor. Name it, she has it.

  6. ohnoy fan

    mas may nagawa si Pacquiao kesa kay noynoy.

    0% crime rate during his fights… and he makes the Filipinos proud all the time.

    Noynoy wins elections as Kritch says.. but he has done NOTHING for our country. Not even make the Filipinos proud of something.

    And the fact that he says that there will be People Power if he does not win? WOW! what a guy.

  7. BY Araneta

    Without the aquino’s and the lopez’s, malayo na sana narating ng Pilipinas!

  8. This whole thing just does my head in (-_-)

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