Marian Rivera needs a psychology!

Marian wants you to smell her armpit -- it is WAY better than a Noynoy presidency.

You kinda feel sorry for her.

Largely because of the shameless “panggagapang” and (let’s be fair) arm-twisting of the Kritch Aquino, celebrity endorsers lined up for Noynoy Aquino. Do you think they even know or care about the platform (and competency) of the Ngoyngoy? Of course not.

For instance, GMA queen Marian Rivera is all out in her support of Noynoy Aquino — even daring to take on the issue of his mental incapacity and abnormalities.

Wrong move.

Marian Rivera’s now famous quip onstage at the Edsa (causing a shitload of traffic and inconveniencing an untold number of commuters and motorists) : “Isa po akong Psychology at nakikita ko naman na wala siyang diperensya…”

Uh, okay. You didn’t say you were a linguist.

Marian can learn volumes from the Kritch, who doesn’t think before she yaks. The lesson here, though, is: THINK BEFORE YOU ENDORSE, MARIMAR.



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7 responses to “Marian Rivera needs a psychology!

  1. talakerita

    hmm… oh diba? ang galeng galeng ko talaga ano?
    ang ismud pa ng eskin ko! ahihihi, este, jejejeje :))

  2. ArticleRequest is Noynoy’s apologist website and the Yellow Army pays for advertising HEAVILY. I bet dun ata nanggaling yung ganung uri ng pag – iisip. Thats where all the Noynoy defenses start cos every Noy supporter reads it.

  3. easydoesit

    did y0u see what psychology rivera and the rest of the yellow gang did to EDSA yesterday? the traffic started from their area and lasted until past guadalupe!

    grabe ang abala! imagine how many people who were supposed to be enjoying their long weekend were hassled? sa inyo ba EDSA?!

  4. She’s better to look at than heard. By the way, I would like to invite you to join and have your say about anything on this new News Forum. You can even win the cash prize for the most number of referrals. See you there! Thanks.

  5. adolfo mortera

    la salle graduate daw yang si marian ha. tsk tsk, kris knows she is gullible, and marian was sucked in by kris’ motor mouth.

    let’s digress a bit. everyone knows by now that pastor quiboloy has endorsed gibo. eto na, mar roxas wants to talk again to quiboloy and convince him to support noynoy instead, and drop gibo – this after quiboloy has publicly announced his support for gibo..

    ang kapal! noynoy and mar will do anything to be in power, kahit na itapon ang delicadeza..maybe they can’t accept rejection. cbcp earlier downgraded noynoy in its list vis-a-vis RH bill, and then quiboloy’s endorsement of gibo.

  6. unos

    well, i never really liked this dyolog like speaking marian rivera, kundi lang sya mestisa at sumikat dahil nawala si angel locsin sa gma, kantong kanto dating nya, walang breeding at tactless parang si bratinella and parang natataeng umarteng kris, no wonder she’s supporting abnoy…magkakasama ang magkakauri…

    and speaking of abnoy, he confirmed that he has talked to binay, he wanted him to become his secretary of dilg if he becomes president, so he is already assuming that he has the presidency in the bag….wow the chutzpah and arrogance of this man! I hope he loses and spare us from his thick face, his bloated ego, his incompetence and his bratinella sister’s self-importance and histrionic antics…to think his sister Ballsy had the gall to call the farmers of Hacienda Luisita spoiled, well, you who have never worked for P9.50 a day in the scorching heat with families to feed have no right to insult them, your family especially your inept brother don’t have the right to occupy the highest position in the land…the blood of those farmers who fought for their rights is still in your hands…hwag kayo magmalinis!

  7. Nova

    I think she meant psychology patient.

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