Boycott these shameless pro-Noynoy Aquino companies!

If you publicly cast your lot with Noynoy, you deserve very public retribution!

Ordinarily, I find nothing wrong with going yellow. But let’s not kid ourselves. These unscrupulous companies are not merely keeping the memory of Ninoy and Cory alive; they’re shoring up support for the yellow criminal.

Why should we buy products that promote the Hacienda Luisita killer? You gotta be effin’ kidding.

Along with the ones you know, there may be lesser-known names in the mix below.


Red Ribbon tastes better anyway.

1. ODM – This watch brand features grandkids of Ninoy and Cory wearing (what else?) yellow watches and Ninoy like spectacles. Identity crisis alert!

2. BOARDWALK – Gimme a break! Cut that yellow ribbon out of your billboards and ads with Kris Aquino on them.

3. BENCH – Owner Ben Chan has perfected the marketing of the yellow crap via products that supposedly make us remember Ninoy and Cory, but actually help brainwash the populace into choosing Noynoy.

4. PHILIP STEIN – That Cory commemorative watch sure looks pretty. But we all question the timing and image of the arrogant Kris looking down on us from that EDSA billboard. Even with the recent changes in the ad’s color scheme, I simply cannot forgive you for the criminal gratis promotion of the Aquinos.

5. NATIONAL BOOK STORE – The Ramoses (not the FVR branch) sell Noynoy yellow ribbons, yellow propaganda books, and have pulled out the expose title “Greed and Betrayal” that puts the Cory administration and Kamaganak Inc truth out.

6. MAG NET – The magazine stand owned by Ces Drilon. You know, that incredibly biased talking head on ABS-CBN who has become the de facto publicist of every LP candidate – with special TLC for Noynoy and Frank Drilon. She also minces no words for OTHER parties and personalities. Whatta BIATCH.

7. MY PHONE – Did I get that nice-looking yellow phone that Kris wants us to buy? Heavens no!

8. GATEWAY MALL/ARANETA CENTER – Ground zero for the two mama’s boys cum pikons cum arrogant pricks. This mall is where they get money from your wallet and put it into Noy’s and Mar’s. Simple as that.

9. MONGOL-STAR PAPER CORPORATION – Goddamn pencils! Tell me about it. I just wanna shove one of those pencils into Kris Aquino’s nose.

10. GOLDILOCKS – I nearly crapped my pants when I saw the commercial. You must’ve too.

11. ABS-CBN – ‘Nuff said.


Here’s a middle finger in your faces, you pieces of excrement!



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13 responses to “Boycott these shameless pro-Noynoy Aquino companies!

  1. maria elena basco-tiamson

    pati cafe mary grace, makaNoynoy din, oh well sa mahal ng ensaymada nila, baka ginamit sa LP campaign ang proceeds….

  2. Edward

    These methods tell holistically the lot that is with Noynoy. Deceptive, win-at-whatever-cost, profiteering, making useless (definitely useless) noise, conjuring (hint:magic) a perception of majority.

    They’re promoting an unintelligent kind of campaigning that create unthinking mobs instead of wise voters.

    Why don’t they spread his platform and advocacies? I guess there is none.

  3. adolfo mortera

    the only company that we can’t include here is meralco! we are stuck with it. lalong magiging garapalan ang power rate hike pag si noynoy ang maging presidente. holy angels, give us a way out!

  4. arm

    During the Tears for Fears concert, before the encore, some lady was flashed on the big screen waving her hand with an L shape. Immediately, the whole araneta coliseum exploded with the BOO sound. The camera men just had to focus on her, again! This time, without the “laban” sign. But, people have spotted the face- the BOOs became even louder.

    Concert yun, hinde campaign rally. Ayan, na BOO tuloy. Haha. People aren’t that stupid, Ngoyngoyistas! People “know”.

    • easydoestit

      it’s just frustrating that the abnoys are all out when it comes to showing their yellow colors while the supporters of the other candidates are either:

      – quiet, afraid to be judged by the yellow race;
      – not covered by the media so the only powerful force are the abnoys; or
      – are simply not aware that them being quiet equates to the surveys being more accurate.


  5. alab

    Laban na! Labanan ang mga tao at kumpanyang ididikta sa atin kung sino sa tingin nila dapat maging pangulo…I’m sorry oligarchs, people know better, your beloved abnoy who you audaciously compared to gandhi (kapal ha, insulto kay gandhi yan!) and moses daw (grabe tamaan kayo ng kidlat!) will never win…nagigising na mga tao and on election day, you will know the bitter taste of defeat…good will always triumph in the end….Filipinos deserve a credible leader not a mentally challenged class clown!

  6. mickey

    nakalimutan nila sa list ang rose pharmacy.. 🙂 when i saw the plastic na may noynoy and mar, tinago ko agad sa bag ko ung plastic.. d nako bibili ng gamot sa rose pharmacy again.

  7. bernardo carpio

    some swatch watches also have nonoy right on their faces.

  8. iya mercado

    I have long stopped patronizing ABiaS-CBN and PDI. The rest in the list will now follow suit.

  9. karma chameleon

    i think bench and penshoppe should be on the list too. a few months ago i was looking for a (my presidential candidate’s color) polo shirt with the Philippine map on. To my disappointment, they (salesladies) told me that only yellow, black, blue, red, and white colors were the only ones available.

    From now on, I won’t patronize these clothing lines plus the above mentioned manloloko brands.

    bugger off!

  10. karamazov

    buti na lang nakabili na ako ng greed and betrayal nung isang araw bago pa na-pull out yung mga books

  11. Nick G

    Is Magazine Exchange same as Magnet? I was a former customer of Magazine Exchange in Megamall, pero after the start of the campaign, they placed a lot of yellow ribbons on their racks so I told them outright I am no longer buying from theirs.

    I believe business establishments that caters to the general public should not outright support a candidate unless they would like to cater only to a supporter of a particular client. Its bad business. For non supporters, it gives some sort of a negative feeling being inside an outlet of an opposite party. They hav the freedom to do it, but again- Its bad for business. Just do it outside the business.


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