Serving up lies daily:

"Oh my Josh, este, gosh! Kakaoverwhelm naman ang suporta niyo! Buti na lang naloko ko kayo! Jejejeje!"

The crapfest behind the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino continues.

As mentioned by a commenter to this blog, is being purveyed and positioned as the definitive source of truth regarding our favorite non-starter.

But what the site actually does is to propagate lies by debunking the valid issues about the Ngoyngoy.

Cases in point:

2nd Bogus Psychiatric Evaluation
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 22:17
CLAIM: May unverified psychiatric evaluation diumano tungkol sa mental health ni Sen. Aquino na isinulat noong 1979 at pinirmahan ni Fr. James Bulatao, SJ from the Ateneo Psychology Department.

TRUTH: Both Fr. Bulatao and the Psychology Department of Ateneo de Manila University have separately come out with a formal statement denying the said document. Fr. Bulatao categorically denied having written and signed the report, while the ADMU Psychology Dept. condemned the repeated attempts to use the Ateneo Psychology Dept. for black propaganda.

Noynoy Aquino’s Psychiatric Evaluation
Friday, 09 April 2010 09:39
CLAIM: Si Noynoy daw ay may mental disorder ayon sa isang “leaked” document from 1996 mula sa Psychology Dep’t. ng ADMU na pinirmahan ni Fr. Tito Caluag.

TRUTH: Both Fr. Caluag and the Psychology Department of Ateneo de manila University have separately come out with a formal statement denying the said document. Fr. Caluag called the document “bogus” and said he is neither a psychiatrist nor was he ever connected to the Psychology department. The statement of the Ateneo de Manila University is even more succinct. Moreover, ABS-CBN News has confirmed that the network received the faked psychological evaluation from two Nationalista Party sources. Please read on

The Ateneo’s Jesuits, widely recognized as rabid supporters of Noynoy Aquino, will, of course, move heaven and hell to discredit any report of this sort.

A little birdie told me, however, that Fr. Bulatao could not have personally discredited the report as he is already confined to quarters — bedridden with the ravages of old age; his mind not in exactly the best way. How could he possibly remember all the reports he made?

More telling, though, are two uncontested facts that LP and the yellow mafia CANNOT answer.


2. NOYNOY AQUINO HAS CONTINUOUSLY DECLINED TO UNDERGO A PSYCH EXAM. If you ask me, for an issue this crucial and potentially damaging, ANYONE put in his position would only be so glad to undergo a psych exam. PERO MAY SAYAD TALAGA, E.

Noynoy’s FB Fan page
Thursday, 29 April 2010 05:09
Noynoy’s official Facebook fan page has been temporarily taken offline (unpublished) due to some technical/security issues. The admins, together with Facebook and some volunteer experts are working non-stop to resolve the problem.  You may still check your wall for important announcements from Sen. Aquino’s Facebook Fan Page.

NOTICE: If you come across any other Facebook fan page bearing the name of Sen Noynoy Aquino, please report them to us by sending an email and please include the URL link of the FB page.

Technical/security issues, my royal ass.

You know what is really happening? Many of the FB fans of Noynoy have begun to see the light and have “un-fanned” him. It had gotten so bad that Nacionalista’s bet Sen. Manny Villar has overtaken him as of this morning.

Type: Public Figure
Fans: 327,709 people like this.

Meanwhile, his (NOYNOY’S) stupid Nazi administrators have apparently blamed the Gibo camp for “hacking” their account — all because they saw how many more “likes” the Gibo account has gotten over the last week or two.

Yan! Diyan kayo magaling. You just love blaming every misfortune (karma?) you get on other people instead of looking at the obvious — that voters have become discerning, and you’re losing the steam you got from Tita Cory’s demise.

The black propaganda you level at your rivals — in the absence of Abnoy’s track record — is starting to boomerang.

Hacienda Luisita: Ano ang mga paraan upang maibigay ang lupa sa mga magsasaka?
Sunday, 21 March 2010 18:33
CLAIM: Ang iginigiit ng mga magsasaka ng Hacienda Luisita agarang pagbabahagi ng lupa sa kanila, sa halip ng “shares of stock” lamang, na itinuturing nilang illegal.

TRUTH: In 1989, the farmer-beneficiaries of Hacienda Luisita overwhelmingly approved stock distribution instead of outright land distribution. Hacienda Luisita then adopted the Stock Distibution Option (SDO), provided for by Section 3(a) of CARP.

No bigger lie has been put out than the real story behind Hacienda Luisita. All of us unaware of the situation there can be swayed by lies that farmers really wanted stocks instead of land. Are they as dumb as Noynoy to want that? Would you trade stocks for land you can call your own? I will not dwell on this further. You can reference other posts on this blog. Damn Noy.




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29 responses to “Serving up lies daily:

  1. dark fiend


    • miles

      I think there is a great misinformation here about a person who have undergone a psychological test. Speaking for myself I have undergone twice pero hindi nangangahulugan buang ako. I had my first psycho evaluation when I was due for promotion from my job. and the second one when I filed for the dissolution of my marriage.

      Sa akin lang among the candidates running for president, only NoyNoy would be an honest president at hindi magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan.

      • bernardo carpio

        it’s different with you. you are not running for president of this country. and not to belittle your experiences, but the endless issues he’ll face will definitely take its toll on his head. unless he won’t care at all.

        who said noynoy is honest at hindi magnanakaw? ‘di ba nanggaling lang ‘yan sa LP at sa mga ads niya? sorry but this man hasn’t proven anything yet to deserve our vote.

  2. ninja

    The shares of stock was reported to have given the farmers their dividends of P200 a year.

    “Noynoy and his sisters own 16.6 percent of the hacienda. Multiply 16.6 percent by P190 billion and you get P31.5 billion.”

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  4. mulatpinoy

    I was also wondering how an eighty plus priest can sign so legibly on the “denial” report, … and besides can’t he personally come out and deny it or is someone stopping him or maybe he doesn’t want to lie?…Oo nga pala ateneo sila di dapat pag-isipan ng masama, kahit na they maliciously floated the idea that villar owned a lavish house in the US na sa totoo owned by mugabe pala…sobrang bilib nila kay abnoy, they are risking the little credibility they have left..

    what’s funny with abnoy is with one finger pointing at someone as being “evil”, there are four fingers pointing back at him, 1st the issue of his mental capacity which is of public interest because he is running for the highest position in the land, being unclear about it is dangerous because who would want a madman as president?.. 2nd, his zero performance at the senate, with no laws passed shows what a slacker he is, 3rd, his tendency for corruption, proof of which is the formation of his security agency in cory’s time, he had government-owned agencies as clients kaya please lang abnoy, you’re not as clean as you claim to be and 4th is the Hacienda Luisita massacres which until this day no justice has been served coupled with the Aquino clan’s refusal to hand out lands to these poor farmers and manipulating them to accept stock dividends instead…to defend this person who is far from the ideal and not the saint media is portraying him to be is not only the height of stupidity but also of hypocrisy…

  5. Thats right. How can he handle such position if he cant handle just being a senator? without a single law passed? what the.. I think he’s still so young in terms of leadership. I dont think he can handle responsibilities as big as being the president of our country.

  6. Nova

    I would like to share this picture because I read something about Noy saying these exact words RE: taking a psychology test.

  7. Ateneo Lying

    The Ateneo de Manila University requires their students to undergo regular psychiatric testing, every year – from what I heard. Though I am not sure if this practice was in place during the time when Abnoy was there, it is their responsibility as “Jesuits” to provide this information to the public if available.

    The fact that they said Abnoy never underwent psychiatric testing at the university is an obvious lie. Kahit hindi required itong test dati, anyone who isn’t blind will see that there is something wrong with Abnoy Aquino and that he obviously sought help.

    ATENEO (just like Abnoy) – NOT TRUSTWORTHY!

    • Mr.___________

      Hey that’s unfair- I’m from Ateneo and I think I’m not an inborn liar. The Ateneo does not teach me to lie.

      It’s all good to make noise against the ABnoy but when it comes to generalizations, buddy, think first about what you’re saying.

      • Ateneo Lying Padin

        I am obviously not referring to Ateneo alumni & students.. But the management is using the Ateneo “stature” (whatever that will be worth when the truth is exposed) – na pagtakpan si Abnoy.

        From Ateneo ka diba, can you deny that you are required to undergo psychiatric testing from that school?

      • Mr.___________

        Basta- Not all Ateneo students are liars.
        But I agree with one guy here- Ateneo is using its stature as a respectable institution to defend ABnoy. Just be sure to not make generalizations to those who study there.

        Pero, because of this Noynoy-Ateneo situation- I’ll just go to the US for College- I don’t wanna be studying under rabid Noynoyistas(That’s the situation in the College- In High School though, It’s not the case)

        When Noynoy wins, I bid you good luck, Noynoyista Bitches! I’m outta here! HA!

    • Nova

      Coming from the same school I would like to point out that Ateneo doesn’t make us take full-blown psychiatric evaluations. But yes, every year the guidance office requires us to take tests to determine personality traits and what not. MBTI, Rorschach, projection tests, career test, etc. With the thousands of students being handled by a group of maybe 30 staff I’m sure someone who is mentally ill would have slipped through the cracks. Psychiatric testing can only capture so much about a person.

      If I made you take a test then surely I could find ten different things wrong with you, too. To make it clear I am not defending Noy. But he is still a functioning member of society and not a detriment to the lives of other people (at least currently). We should not make jabs at people based solely on the fact that they could possibly be mentally ill. We should focus more on credibility and on the fact that he has none.

      • Ateneo Should Tell the Truth

        I’ve already taken a psychiatric exam before I went abroad, thank you. And there are no “10 things” that are wrong with me. In fact, I am quite normal. Now, if I made you take the psychiatric test, there might be 10 things that are wrong with you. Bakit mo ina-assume na lahat ng tao, may katok?

        You are not defending Abnoy but you are defending Ateneo, an accomplice. Which is exactly the kind of thing that pulls the Philippines down. Mental health is also highly important in this case because Abnoy is running for President.

        I also can’t help but add.. Assuming (as you confirmed) that everyone in Ateneo has undergone psychiatric testing, why did that school insists that the one running for Pres. “never” took it? May tinatago ba sila?

      • Nova

        I assume there is something wrong with everybody because that is my point of view. There is one thing wrong with me and at least I can acknowledge that.

        There was no mention of PSYCHIATRIC TESTING. That is different from a PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION. Please check the statement released again. And of course I would defend the honor of my school. Wouldn’t you do the same? They released a statement that was true. End of story.

        Yes, his mental health is an issue. But something we cannot test because he refuses. So instead of focusing on that, we should just stick to the hard facts. He is not capable. He lacks experience. He is a pawn in this defining moment in history.

      • Ateneo Should Tell the Truth

        You said yourself that his mental health is an issue, why do you want to keep on avoiding it? To protect the reputation of your beloved “The Ateneo”?

        And why would I want to defend the “honor” of any school if clearly they are dishonorable? Parang bata naman yan.

        Psychiatric testing, evaluation, et al whatever you want to call it. The point is that they “tested” NoyNoy Aquino and then denied it. As this blog post even pointed out ,”Fr. Bulatao could not have personally discredited the report as he is already confined to quarters — bedridden with the ravages of old age; his mind not in exactly the best way. How could he possibly remember all the reports he made?”

        Assume what you will. I’m outta here.

  8. Nakunaman

    Abnoy-roxas daw ang manok ng INC.

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  10. You are ALL wrong about Noynoy. I personally knew him when he was younger and the more that you try and insist that there’s something wrong with him, the more it becomes pretty apparent that his enemies are pathetically desperate to the point of madness. Discuss issues — after all do not tell me that someone like Erap or Villar is entirely SANE!

    • syzygy58


      Personally knew him? So do I!!! LOL! Heck, anybody can say that!

      Discuss issues? A candidate’s MENTAL FITNESS for the highest position of the land NOT AN ISSUE ? Ah i see the madness of your logic sir, your camp throwing “issues” at other candidates as ISSUES, but mental fitness for ALL presidential candidates NOT AN ISSUE? Aye, there goes the rub, NOT IN MY TERRITORY for you then eh? LOL!


    • bernardo carpio

      a psychiatric test will prove if you’re telling the truth.

    • Mr.___________

      Judging from work experience, I firmly believe that all of the candidates are sane and yours is the real retard. Only a retard would spend 12 years just making 9 laws and none of them getting passed.

      Only a retard would say he was a ‘fiscalizer” and that we have “too many laws”.

      Yup, only a retard.

      • thinker-belle

        I agree with you, Mr.___________!

        Only a retard would come up with his own word just so he can say he “did” something in the Senate.

        How embarassing! Di niya alam na walang word na “fiscalizer” sa dictionary? And to think he graduated from Ateneo. Tsk tsk tsk. You put that school into too much shame, Noy.

  11. bernardo carpio

    eto pa isang katulad ni noynoy – an excerpt from cruz’s column:


    Cardinal Rosales is no Cardinal Sin
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 22:25:00 05/04/2010

    IF YOU SEE MASSIVE CHEATING IN NEXT Monday’s elections, what would you do? Would you sit back, fold your hands and do nothing as a prince of the Church has suggested? No, it is your duty to protest, to show that you will not take the cheating sitting down. It is your duty to see to it that truth and justice be done. It is your duty to join another people power if one is called.


    ibang klase talaga ‘tong mga taong ‘to, gusto ng gulo! and aside from that, cruz missed the whole point. it’s not whether the filipino people want another hello-garci happening, or that we will just sit back and do nothing when that happens, but that we are against the idea that the only way noynoy will lose is because he’ll be cheated! tama ba ‘yun? ‘wag nalang tayong mag eleksyon at survey na lang ng false asia ang gawin nating batayan para sa pagpili ng presidente.

  12. Edward

    yes, if I was a farmer, I would choose a piece of paper instead of a land I can call my own…

    …I’m just messing with ya.

  13. ling

    here’s the thing, i think we should amend some provisions in our current Constitution.

    The requirement for President are these:
    1. Must be a Filipino citizen.
    2. Knows how to read and write
    3. Must be 40 years old.

    Pwede natin i-add must be psychologically competent, if the Constitution will be amended.

    • karma chameleon

      can you also include “must have a post graduate degree”?

      ang mga nurses nga katulad ko may mga reqs din ang presidente pa kaya?

      ibalik na natin ang 1973 Constitution at i-abolish ang 1987 Consti.

      pwede bah?

  14. noypikon

    Psychiatric test should not be an issue only if Noynoy affirmed to take Villar’s challenge of taking Psychiatric test for the benefit of people’s doubt. Now, Noynoy made it very clear that he does not want the truth to come out by denying the challenge even though fellow candidates agree to take the test to erase any doubt voters has in accordance to their mental capacity.

    It only shows that Noynoy indeed has bad air in his brain.

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