Kris Aquino: The tactless wonder strikes again!

The Greenies (supporters of Gibo Teodoro) were right in striking back at the Kritch for her less than savory remarks that hit Sun Star Cebu.

Thanks for the negativity Kris! You're making it easy for the anti-NGOY like me.

The GREEN TEAM movement started September, 2009, when a group of young, passionate volunteers WITHOUT political pedigree/lineage, decided to come out to support the vision of Gilbert Teodoro. This MOVEMENT had NO FINANCES to begin with, and continues to OPERATE on a VOLUNTARY BASIS.

Our volunteers troop to our DIRECT CAMPAIGNS without MOBILIZATION FUNDS, and often, they end up using their OWN MONEY just to be able to join the activities of the GREEN TEAM. Without financial backing, this MOVEMENT has grown by leaps and bounces, with the HELP of the Social Networking Sites, like FACEBOOK. Our commitment to this endeavor does not stem from promises of getting KEY GOVERNMENT POSTS if ever Sec. G1BO Teodoro wins the Presidency.

This PURE VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT has elevated the level of campaigning in this country, contrary to what OTHER CAMPS have reduced the Filipino Electorate to.

The MOST RECENT statement of Ms. Kris Aquino towards OUR GREEN TEAM volunteers DID NOT COME AS ANY SURPRISE. Knowing that the their campaign has been nothing but a CAMPAIGN OF HATE and ARROGANCE, it was expected considering the continuous GROWTH of our VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT and the gravity of SUPPORT that Sec. Teodoro has been getting, with the recent endorsements from different sectors of society. We WILL NOT RESORT to whatever BEHAVIOR their campaign has been perpetuating, but we SHALL defend our FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO DIGNITY and INTEGRITY AS HUMAN BEINGS.

These statements ONLY motivate us even MORE to work HARD for the NOBLE CAUSE of electing a PRESIDENT who has a POSITIVE MESSAGE, PLAN AND ATTITUDE in SEEKING REFORM in this country. To those who have MADE their CHOICES, we shall RESPECT your decisions and this campaign has INSTITUTIONALIZED that RESPECT for diverse choices. However, POSITIVTY must CONTINUOUSLY be the THEME of the CHANGE we WANT and DESIRE, because once it becomes BACKWARD LEANING ONCE AGAIN, our DEVELOPMENT as a PEOPLE, as a NATION shall NEVER be REALIZED.


Spokesperson/ Communications Director

Attaboy, Greenies! It’s what this blog has been saying all along — actually, what everyone else who’s not connected to the NGOYNGOY has been saying.

An INTELLIGENT, DISCERNING person should take a look at the pronouncements of Aquino and his minions and infer how the wannabe president will administer over us should, saints help us, he win at the tills.

Noynoy Aquino has been always about the politics of division — hurling black propaganda and other nasty stuff at his competitors and arrogantly positioning himself as the lone beacon of goodness in a sea of excrement. We know, of course, that it is his only recourse — for what can he say about himself in terms of achievements except for the pedigree he wields? Walang bahid ng aksiyon. Walang bahid ng kasipagan. Yan si Noy!

When Kris Aquino hits the organization of the Greenies, she shows an ignorance of order and management — reflected in the chaos and sari-sari store operation of the yellows. Remember how stupidly inane the first Noynoy Aquino commercials were — courtesy of Kris and Boy A? Remember how disorderly the pronouncements and stands of Noynoy are? That’s SOP in the LP.

Chaos and disorder. That’s Noynoy and Mar for you.

Remember Ondoy? While Manny Villar was mobilizing volunteers and goods to reach and help as many people as possible, Noy and Mar were busy commandeering relief goods to label and call their own.

That’s also when the yellows started to attack Villar, too — devoting precious time and energy to mudsling instead of helping people.

Think about it. Has Noynoy ever been known for helping people as Villar, Teodoro, Gordon, et al have?

You know the answer to that one.

* * *

Oh, by the way, Mar (or Mr. Sanchez) is appearing in the Hot Seat segment of Bandila tonight. Bombard the sh*t with questions para mapikon! 🙂

But I digress, for I expect the usual bias of Ces Drilon. Shameless lady.

And, oh, expect Noynoy in the Hot Seat in the final edition of the segment on Friday. Of course, this is his golden moment to brainwash at so late an hour before the elections!

ABS-CBN, class act as always (insert sarcasm here).



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27 responses to “Kris Aquino: The tactless wonder strikes again!

  1. easydoestit

    notoabnoy classmates, did you see ces drilon’s report on hacienda luisita farmers and their stand on whether noynoy will really distribute their hacienda shares last night?

    ces tried so hard no to be biased. but she wasted no time and gave a hero’s ending for noy again. ces, just make a report and say: noynoy all the way. it will save you and abs some airtime. i can’t stand watching you anymore! in denial ka na walang pinapanigan pero dilaw na dilaw! WAKE UP! HAVE SOME SHAME!

    • mulatpinoy

      yes, I watched that segment and I wanted to throw something at the the TV while cursing as I painfully listened to her biased reporting…Abias CBN, mahiya kayo! anong klaseng news programs meron kayo, palitan nyo na lang pangalan ng TV Patrol, NgoyNgoy Patrol na lang…

      and about Bratinella attacking the Greenies, I guess she is quite upset that some of Abnoy’s supporters especially the new and more idealistic voters are shifting to “greener”pastures….akala ko ba kampante na sila sa surveys nila, well.. hirap talaga kung mga kamag-anak ang gumagawa ng results no? walang credibility! guess they really have something to be afraid of as more people are waking up from the hypnotic yellow state they were in….hala, noy, andyan na si gibo, malapit na ko hahaha…

  2. Like the article. Despite the odds thrown at the Green Team, they persevered and we’re on our way to victory. Sulong!

  3. He who questions others’ sincerity must have been grieving all his life for all the infidelities against him.

  4. Krissy, I have one word for you – MAYEN!!!

    We enjoy how you suffer your insecurities which are rooted from your upbringing in a dysfunctional family.

  5. ling

    @ nelson: Amen!

    “Lone beacon in the sea of excrement”

  6. Buddy

    I am a supporter of G1bo Teodoro and I have only attended ONE gathering for him organized by the Green Team and I felt the DEEP sincerity of everyone who joined the event. If I am already hurt by what Kris has said, imagine what the active volunteers feel. They are the ones who devote so much time and effort and even own money to make things happen for G1BO.

    I wasn’t forced by anyone to join the said event, I wasn’t enticed by the artistas or whatnots. I attended the event out of my own initiative because I (WE) believe in G1BO.

    And for what it’s worth, If I believe in Noynoy I would have done the same but too bad.. I don’t and NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE (not even in my wildest dreams)!

    • adolfo mortera

      did you also see tv patrol’s last-minute propaganda against villar last night? this time, they allowed much airtime to risa hontiveros’ filing of plunder case against villar re the “cheated” bulacan homeowners…in the end, they showed a very short disclaimer from bangko sentral saying that villar’s documents were legal and above board..imagine, talagang in interview pa nila si risa na halata namang gusto lang nilang i pull down si villar..ces drilon and risa are witches! but the mother of all witches is kris with her grease!

      • mulatpinoy

        yah, so true…they’re really pushing hontiveros for the senate kaya kahit walang basehan na case against villar they’ll exhaust all the airtime they can spare to feature this woman… imagine BSP naman ngayon kelangan mag-explain after the PSE…they won’t stop their dirty political mudslinging even if our important institutions’ credibility get hurt in the process…they won’t stop at nothing just to get elected, look who’s salivating for power now, yan ba ang daang matuwid? matuwid my ass! baka daang puno ng mga ahas at buwaya!

      • Buddy

        I try not to watch TV Patrol anymore. I’m sick of NA’s smug face and the “discreet” campaigning of abs-cbn for him – yellow font, yellow cursor.. yellow everything!! They’re making me yellow sick.

  7. karma chameleon

    can I ask a question?

    pwede ba ito i-SUPER LIKE???

    go GT! ;-P

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  9. ivy this is a bit late, but this shows how arrogant these people are.

  10. amity

    I was able to read the article about Kris’ tactless remarks. I question the kind of sincerity that she was talking about when she referred to flocks of people waving something yellow whenever her brother would pass by. I doubt that those people would still be “sincere” once they find out that Noynoy is nothing but a pretentious wannabe. Yes they do that, but are those people truly informed? Noynoy’s camp keep on talking about solving corruption like it’s a simple mathematical problem. The reason why the masses are just too eager to don yellow t-shirts is because they like what they are hearing from Noynoy and his camp even if in reality none of Noynoy’s promises could ever materialize–not in 6 short years and certainly not when he becomes president.

    I am deeply offended because I am supporting G1bo and I have never said anything negative about the other presidentiables. I have even urged my undecided friends to take a look at the other presidentiables’ platforms so that they can objectively decide who has better programs and visions for the country.

    Being president should not be the end all be all of every candidate. As much as you would want a certain candidate to become president, you also have a moral obligation to your country to help your fellow citizens come up with an informed choice before casting their ballots. Noynoy and his camp has been doing a great disservice to the country by spreading outrageous claims just so he could occupy the highest position of the land. Isn’t that deceitful and self-serving? And don’t those two elements make up the very thing that Noynoy swears that he will eradicate–corruption?

    Kris, the only reason why there are so many people waving something yellow whenever your brother passes by is because the country is terminally ill. And instead of giving them sound medical advice, your brother insists that they’ll be healthy in no time even when in fact they are dying. People will always listen to what they want to hear.

  11. ling

    Gibo campaigns don’t have artistas to draw crowds. The crowds go to Gibo’s campaign to listen to his platforms since his supporters are raving about him, and so the undecided come and lend their ears to him. Nunca, and never did Gibo mentioned any mudslinging and promise heaven on earth or utopia in his administration. I get tired of all the bullcrap LP and NP are slinging at each other and to other candidates. These two parties are the parties of TraPos (Traditional politicians). All they do in campaign sorties is to exchange accusations and bring in artistas to draw crowds.

    The “Yellow Submarine” is sinking, that is why the “Kritch” is doing some desperation moves.

    • josephine garcia

      alam nyo ang masasabi k lang talaga palang mga tanga kayo na humahanga kay gibo.akla ko ba matalino kayo. si gibo ay tuta ni arroyo kung gusto nyo talga ng pagbabago dapat hwag nyo iboto si gibo dahil palabas lang nila yan na nagkatampuhan si gloria at gibo pero kapag nanalo si gibo ganoon pa rin ang takbo ng pilipinas, kasi may connection pa rin yan sila gloria at hindi ko na kita ang na totoong tao si gibo. kitang kita na arrogante rin at plastic kaso lang magaling lang sya magtago at mapagkunwari. itaga sa bato kapag si gibo ang manalo ay naku kawawang bansang pinas dahil hindi pa rin tayo nakaalis sa pamumuno ni gloria. baka lalo lang lulubog ang bansang pinas

      • ling

        Gibo is actually challenging anyone to file a case against Mrs. Arroyo once he is President. He gives the Judiciary independence, since it is a co-equal branch of our government as what the Constitution said! Gibo knows what he is going to do, and is prepared to such questions since he Mrs. Arroyo’s is his co-partymate.

        Ikaw, Ms. Josephine Garcia? Alam mo ba paano ni Noynoy ma persecute si Gloria?

  12. Notfornoy

    Nakita niyo na ung bagong propa ng yellow yeam? Yung “i discern therefore i vote for noy”–well something like that. Hahahaha. Una, rip off sa i think therefore i will vote for gibo. Ikalawa, alam ba nila meaning ng discernment? Im sure theyre referring to the duscernment ni san ignacio, dahil ang daming feelingeras na schoolmates ni noy ang supporters niya. Hay nako, mahiya naman sila.

    Naisip ko nga, kung siya president, tapos may deaisyon na kailanagan gawin, sasabihin niya, “wait, i need to discern first.. I will go on retreat..”—-PATAY! haha. Walang sariling salita.

    God bless the Pinas..

  13. Dickhead

    Waaa, bat may News Blackout kay dick gordon sa ch2? Gordon, Gibo deserve to be frontrunners.

    • ling

      Hello Dickhead! The reason why Sen. Dick Gordon may news blackout sa ABS was these:

      This is Dick Gordon’s shining moment!

  14. noypikon

    G1bo works hard on this campaign trying to prove that he is indeed fit for the position unlike Noynoy who does nothing but blame here and there.Us, G1bo supporters and volunteers alike wanted change just like everybody else only that we start campaigning for that change by choosing G1bo over Noynoy.

    Whatever you say Kris, will reflect on your brother’s moral and electoral standing, i just hope that whatever your tactless mouth would bring out in the open wouldn’t chase you back.

  15. anybodybutnoy

    I’m not voting because I’m not 18 yet, but this would have to be one of the reasons why I wouldn’t want Noynoy to be president.

    Why spend all your time putting yourself on a pedestal and making others feel inferior, just because you claim to be “good” and “not corrupt”?

    Reflect on yourself, loser. Where’s the morals your mother taught you? And she was so religious. And you… uhmm..

    Thanks for continuing to bully your opponents. Nice campaign strategy.

    God save the Philppines if Noynoy wins.

  16. josephine garcia

    kung si gibo ang iboto nyo nauto kayo ni gibo, dahil palabas lang nila yan na wala silang connection ni gloria pero kapag manlo si gibo sigurado tuloy yan ang samahan nila. TUTA kaya yan ni gma, kaya talaga naman akala ko matatalino kayo hindi nyo ba alam naiisahan lang kayo ni gibo, palastic at mapagkunwari magaling lang siya magtago kung anong klaseng tao is gibo,kitang kita sa pagmumukha nya arogante at plastic, kaya kapag si gibo ang manalo sya ang pangalawang gma, at nakikita ko hindi sya sincered sa taong bayan.

    • ling

      hay naku, josephine garcia, paulit-ulit naman yung comments mo! paki mention nga yung mga achievements at plataporma ni Sen. Aquino dito sa Ohnoy?

    • noypikon

      FYI Gibo Teodoro clearly states his platforms for our country unlike your candidate. He has clear plans, much more decent and hindi sya na mamanipulate, even Gloria could not manipulate his own decisions because he can decide on his own and he can campaign na hindi kinakailangan manira ng ibang tao. hindi katulad ng ginagawa ng kandidato mo kay Villar. Let’s just see how your dear president perform in the next six years.

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