Noynoy Aquino: The president of surveys and 7-11

ANO KAMO? Why choose the best when you can choose the least?

The conditioning is so insidious that it has eroded the hope of some people I’ve talked with.

They despair that the good fight is done — that people have been brainwashed into seeing (and voting) yellow.

Noynoy Aquino, confident from the very beginning, has begun to look downright arrogant when he grants interviews. Remember the infamous TV interview when he, in so many words, threatened that people might take to the streets if their will is thwarted.

“Vox populi, vox dei!” he said.

Oh, snap. He could have said “Vox populi, vox jejemon!” and it would have sounded the same to me. Meaningless shit from a man who pretends to know everything.

The same arrogance is put on display in his TV advertisements when he endorses the lame LP senatorial slate. “Kailangan ko sila!” he declares, in a selfish, haughty tone — as if ordering us to go fetch him a cup of coffee in true haciendero master fashion. There is no “we” in this guy — unless it is inserted in one of the speeches made for him.

There are crucial key points that should be obvious to even the less discerning viewers:

  • Noy is selfish. Me. Me. Me.
  • Noy already assumes he is the winner.
  • Aside from thinking he holds the copyright to People Power, Noy assumes he can call one should he need to (if and when he loses).
  • Noy is selfish. So effin’ selfish.

So I say give him his security blanket of surveys (which his relatives have a direct hand in [go figure]) and polls. Let him wallow in his arrogance and delusion. Let him pat himself on the back and, heck, give him all the ABS-CBN minutes he can shove up his ass. Give him all the column inches that the Inquirer and even the Star (owned by LP partymate Sonny Belmonte) can give until we fatigue from all the yellow exposure.

Let the people who bought drinks at 7-11 and chose the yellow cups rejoice in their victory. A vote is supposed to be free, not bought.

The truth awaits Noynoy’s arrogance on Monday — and that’s the only survey that really counts.


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30 responses to “Noynoy Aquino: The president of surveys and 7-11

  1. Rap

    Don’t lose hop, tuloy ang laban pre. a lot of people know that noynoy is incompetent

  2. noypikon

    God forbid, I wish NoyNoy’s defeat. I heard someone say Vote Noynoy, Vote Wisely I can’t help throwing up, my goodness he looks intelligent and credible pa naman tas he’s for Noynoy pala nasira tuloy yung porma nya.




    • perezhonorato

      Manalo man si Noynoy, tuloy ang buhay. Kakain pa rin tayo sa labas, mag-grocery, magpaparenovate ng bahay, papasok sa trabaho, sa eskwela, magpapagas, magpapabakuna ng AH1N1, magpapafacial, bibili ng bigas, magbabakasyon sa abroad.

      Ang kawawa ang mga Pilipinong umaasa sa gobyerno
      para sa health services, para makapag-aral, makabili ng bigas.

      • karma chameleon

        If Noy2 wins, I won’t wait for my classes to start this June.

        I’d rather:
        1)apply for a visa (stat!);
        2)pack my belongings quickly; and,
        3) vamoose to another country!!!

        sinong sasama sa akin?😀

  4. arm

    Eh, no “FOR” gibo and villar nga eh… matutuo muna kayo magsulat ng tama, ngoyngoyistas!

  5. julio

    we all have ethics here and properly educated to choose who really is competent, unlike kris aquino who was quoted saying: “gusto ko silang pagsasaksakin”, or noynoy aquino calling for a civil disobedience after losing an election…..crazy…crazy…crazy….said Bishop Rosales….hope we are not like kris and noynoy!….I know we are noT!

  6. isusuka ng pcos machine pag noynoy ang iboto nyo….. kc nga crazy eh….

  7. easydoesit

    Mga Ngoy…read on!! Go all other colors!!🙂

    The Iglesia goes Yellow (

  8. catchan1980

    Today, I’ve managed to convert my mother’s color from yellow to red.😀 It’s not over till it’s over!

  9. marie

    You really don’t know about the INC. I was talking to an INC guy and it seems a lot of them are not happy with Manalo supporting Noy2. Might be that at lot of INC followers are not “sheep” and they’ll follow their conscience and not the dictum of Manalo. Let see what happens on Monday. Does anyone know who El Shaddai will “ordain”??? Sure na ba si Villar?

  10. perezhonorato

    Ibalik sa Senado!

  11. mulatpinoy

    sometimes I feel like I’m part of the nation’s yellow nightmare, I want to scream enough of this yellow circus but I can’t because a barrage of yellow jokers, yellow ringmasters, yellow clowns are all busy parading and loudly repeating their ode and patronage to their yellow mascot, Abnoy!

    If Abnoy wins, I hope not, please Lord, it’s not because he is the best man for the job, it’s because he has the right surname and the right friends who are in high places and can influence/ manipulate the news and surveys to his advantage…But the truth is, Abnoy cannot and will never live up to his parents’ achievements because what he has now, the senatorial and congressional seats was largely due to the “utang ng loob” the voters had to Ninoy and Cory, remove Abnoy’s surname and see if voters or his so called “friends” will even consider him as presidential material…I hope we have given enough gratitude to the couple already so we can move on and choose a credible and worthy leader especially this coming election, enough of this BS already!

  12. 4thecountry

    Carmen Pedrosa says Philippines Star is stopping publication of a letter she received from an Agular Friend in Boston confirming what she has been saying about Noynoy in her column. View a video of pedrosa on youtube.

  13. jansen

    Stop arguing now! At the end Noynoy will emerge as the winner! Wag na kayong hihirit dahil it’s a fact mga talunan ang kandidato nyo. kahol kayo ng kahol dahil di nyo matanggap na talo kayo! So, waht kung I’m for Noynoy, that’s my right as a voter! Wala kayong paki! Di vah! bow.. mga pikon!

    • emdyey

      @ Jansen: Yeah it’s your right as a voter. But it also shows that you did not think about it that much. We are not pikon, we are just exercising our minds and are wise enough to think of our country’s future. It’s obvious in your post how downright cheap you are.

    • thinker-belle

      So what din kung ayaw namin sa mahal mong kandidato? Wala ka ding paki kasi hindi lang namin ito karapatan, RESPONSIBILIDAD namin ito bilang mga tunay na may malasakit sa bansa natin. Hindi katulad mo, nakikisakay lang sa kasikatan ng kandidato mo kaya hindi na nag-iisip. Sino may sabi sayong talunan ang kandidato namin? Yung survey na pagmamay-ari ng mga kamag-anak at kaibigan ni Noynoy? LOL.

      Di mo matanggap na may baho rin ang sinasanto niyong malinis kuno? Sino kaya ang pikon ngayon?😄

      “Bayan muna bago ang sarili.”

      AS IF. Hindi pa nga nagsisimula ang botohan, feeling winner na. Assuming masyado. Saan diyan ang “bayan muna bago ang sarili”, aber? Kung totoo talaga yan, maghahasa muna ng credentials para maging karapat-dapat maging presidente ng Pilipinas. Hindi yung ginagamit ang emosyon ng mga Pilipino sa sakripisyo ng ibang tao, dahil lang alam nila na sa susunod na halalan, siguradong hindi na siya papansinin.

      Masyado nang ginatasan ni Noynoy ang legacy ng mga magulang niya. Nakakahiya. Ganyan pala ang sinasabi niyang “bayan muna bago ang sarili.”

    • Mr.________

      ba’t ba ang daming katulad ni Jansen? Kaya hindi umuunlad Pinas dahil sa inyo- kung bumoto kayo p-0arang tinutuloy niyo lang ang isang soap opera

      Mga tangang Subhumans- stop emo politics!

      Masaya rin kapag si ABnoy ang nanalo-= puro coup at rally- baka maimpeach panga si Gago

    • bong

      yah right arrogant ka rin tulad ng master abnoy mo. pwe

  14. bantot

    Wag iboto c Ngoyngoy…mas lalong babagsak Pilipinas pag sya presidente. Sa congress at senate nga walang nagawa at pinaka-quite what more pag President na.


  15. Jasper

    I wanna share this at FB. tnx.

  16. Last April 27, 2010, I wrote a post entitled “Bloggers’ Choice This Coming 2010 Election “and this post contained a poll. The poll is about who among the candidates running for president and vice-president were chosen by different Filipino bloggers. I want to thank the bloggers who voted, participated and commented on this poll, as a matter of fact, a total of 211 bloggers participated. As of 1:45 p.m today, May 7, 2010, I officially closed the poll, and now I present to you the results. Please click the link’-choice-the-results/

  17. R!SSa

    yang abnoy na yan ang mananalo walang duda. yan abnoy na yan ang pag asa ng bansa. abnoy pag nakaupo ka pakulong m gma at kasuhan na villar ng corruption, kulong mga ampatuan…

    • Mr.________

      haha, what a folly, “pag-asa” ng bansa-

      ngayon pa nga wala pa siyang magagawa- what do you expect.

      O kapag nakulong si GMA at Villar- ano mangyayari? Maayos ba ang climate change dito? Mabibigyan ba ng transparency ang government dealings? mabibigyan ba ng quality education ang mga low-income income households? HINDI

      kasi yun lang ang gagawin niya- hahabulin niya si Gloria(Hindi pa nga sigurado kung meron siyang kakahayang habulin to) tapos “hindi siya magnanakaw”

      tapos nun- eh, di Ragnarok na.

    • Honorato Perez

      Wag mong idamay ang buong bayan.
      Ikaw R!SSA, mag-isa ka!

    • perezhonorato

      Mag-isa ka.

    • sherbear

      obviously, the candidate of your choice reflects what kind of supporters he has. Wag ka nalang po magsalita you’re just embarrassing yourself. I’m not expecting you to change your vote ‘coz I bet you’re too shallow to do that. I just wish that once you cast your vote you wont regret that decision for the next 6 yrs of your life. adios!

  18. ewanko

    ang taong tumatawag sa abnoy ay abnoy din,,hahhahaha

  19. perezhonorato

    Urgent: Quezon Gov. Rafael Nantes, who as treasurer of the Liberal Party raised PhP5 BILLION in funds for the campaign of Sen. BENIGNO AQUINO III, has been implicated in a large drugs factory complex on Ilicong island, Qeuzon raided by the PASG on Thursday. For details see MANILA BULLETIN today 5/9/2010 Page 4. Police uncovered documented millions in bank money transfer to Aquino and political allies. A PNP report links Noynoy financial backers to RP narco-politics. Pls pass the alarm

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