I’m sorry, Noynoy Aquino

On the eve of the elections, I, Pedro Damuho, would like to extend my deepest apologies to Liberal Party standard bearer Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III.

I’m sorry, but when I cast my vote tomorrow, it will not be for you.

I’m sorry, but I can never stomach choosing you to head our already troubled land. You have never displayed a capacity to achieve, much less lead. I’m sorry for the people who have deluded you into thinking you are God’s answer to what ails the country – that you hold the key to a future free from the shackles of poverty and corruption.

They have been blinded by the promise of People Power. They have mistakenly thought your family holds the copyright to change, nay, GOODNESS.

I’m sorry no one believed the so-called spiritual retreat you went through supposedly for discernment. We all knew you were playing to the audience and mimicking your mother’s moveS. We saw through your ambition. We saw that the so-called decision of Mar to give way to you wasn’t his to make. It was a desperate reaction by the Liberal Party to a survey that showed Manny Villar taking the lead from Mar. The upswell of support to your family after the death of your mother Cory was used opportunistically by your handlers to fool voters into thinking with their hearts and not their minds.

I’m sorry that intelligent people – well meaning in their desire for good governance and change – have chorused your name as our savior. I’m sorry that your Liberal Party colleagues have poisoned your mind into thinking you have what it takes – when it has been made infinitely clear by your lack of achievement that you do not.

I’m sorry that your late parents have been dragged into the discussion about your qualifications. I remind you, though, that you started on this path when you used them in your campaign. Whether it was your choice or your handlers’, it was wrong to have done so.

I’m sorry to have seen the Hacienda Luisita issue unearthed. But any presumption that you can do something good for the country must be predicated on what you have done to people under you and your family. We have seen how their pleas for rightful land redistribution were met with bullets and allegations of leftist infiltration – instead of justice.

I’m sorry to have brought up the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) issue. The legitimate media have ignored it – along with the untold millions you illegally made from the right-of-way deal with President Arroyo.

I’m sorry that we attack the corporate world led by your minions in ABS-CBN. The public needs to know how big business aligns itself with you for its own bottom line. We know that the Lopezes of ABS-CBN owe the Aquinos a debt of gratitude as President Cory gave it back to the family under her administration. We know your family now owns a substantial share of the network.

That is why Kris Aquino holds such power — and most celebrities defer to her. Speaking of which, I’m sorry to have dragged Kris into the muck of politics. You know, of course, that she has displayed unbridled arrogance and opportunism to give you all the free airtime you can get. She has also played no small part in deceiving the people when her own actions suggest she is an embarrassment to the Aquino name.

I’m sorry for not believing the surveys that show you have an overwhelming lead. Understand, of course, that we know your relatives and friends have a hand in these supposedly credible surveys.

I’m sorry, Noynoy Aquino, that we thinking Filipinos have chosen to stand up against the tide of yellow – often at risk of ridicule and anger by your rabid fanatics. We have seen how pointless it is to engage them in intelligent debate. We understand they cannot adequately intellectualize their choice of you for their president. Emotional choices are shallow, and cannot stand the test of logic.




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19 responses to “I’m sorry, Noynoy Aquino

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  2. karma chameleon

    Hail to the people who will not vote for Noy2!

    • christian pineda

      true and correct he can not lead the country, he cant be the front funner in saving our people from hunger and poverty, for obvious reasons, he is not the type of person who is deserving to be called mr. president…..

  3. CtG

    Hail! No to ignorance and oligarchy!

  4. reign

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  5. Concerned_Citizen

    And that’s the bottom line..


    Epic success..

  6. poGIBOy

    Very well written Mr. Damuho… I hope you would vote for GIBO (the most logical choice) tomorrow… however, if not for GIBO, i’m just glad to know you’re not voting for a dumbo… : )

  7. I’m sorry too.

    But I’m not sorry to those who will vote for noynoy.

    I’m sorry for myself and a bunch of other guys who will vote for Gibo.

    Because if Noy wins….

    Those who voted for him will deserve all the shit that will come their way.

    While we deserve more. We deserve better.

    I’m sorry for us.


  8. Monique

    I hope noynoy will be able to read this.. LOL 😛

  9. Abnoy - Wag Ka Na!

    1.5 hrs nalang election na! Sana talaga wag manalo si Abnoy. This would be a totally catastrophic disaster for every single Philippine island.

    Oh noy, Anyone but Noy!

    OT: LOVE YOUR BLOG! Lagi ako nag-vivisit dito since I first saw it =)

  10. belle

    that asshole held a presscon right before he voted in tarlac and of course abs cbn showed it. hindi ba bawal yun? gago talaga. what? still trying to get votes? we tweeted ces drilon and other abs cbn people about it and all they said was they thought that he was just gonna vote. plus, they removed our messages. are they insane? there was a chair ready on which he’d sit and there were banners everywhere. siguro nga, like candidate, like tv station. puro abnormal.

  11. mulatpinoy

    they say “bad officials get elected when good citizens don’t vote” but if Abnoy wins I say bad officials get elected when good citizens are misinformed and brainwashed…

    in behalf of my partner tiagongmagsasaka, thanks oh noy for being a beacon of light in this time of “darkness”….your blog is a very welcome read after a barrage of abnoy propaganda in the press and commercial television…may the most competent man win (which of course is not abnoy!! hello!), Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  12. marie

    Mr. PH. Someone just posted — “Quezon Gov. Rafael Nantes, who is treasurer of the LP raised 5 B in funds for the campaign of Noynoy Aquino has been implicated in a large drugs factory complex in Ilcong Island, Quezon.” I googled rafael nantes drugs factory and I found the following link – http://mb.com.ph/articles/256537/pasg-uncovers-int-l-drug-base-island-quezon. The factory was raided 6May and the article came out in Manila Bulletin on 8May. In the site of tamangkatotohanan.wordpress.com there are even pictures of nantes with noy2 + other senators and another picture with mar roxas giving him an award. (I think it’s mar roxas-am not really sure).
    If this is true all I can say is:

    GOD SAVE THE PHILIPPINES and the Filipinos.

  13. noypikon

    done voting, feels light for voting a much worthy candidate for president and that is absolutely NOT Noynoy.

  14. bong

    manalo na ang iba wag lang si noynoy.

  15. tsinay

    Two thumbs up! though it’s quite disappointing to see that Noynoy is taking the lead. I can’t believe that many Filipinos (or should I say MOST!) are bunch of stupid morons… very damn disappointing. If things come to WORST (yes, I know things will be WORST if ever Noynoy wins), can’t wait to leave the Philippines!

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