Tuloy ang laban kay Noynoy Aquino!

This is a solemn promise, friends. I will keep this blog up even if the unthinkable happens.

So far, it has been disappointing result with more than a quarter of the total votes counted (as of 10:30 p.m.)

Aquino 5.8m

Estrada 3.2m

Villar 2.2m

Teodoro 1.5m

Villanueva 453k

Gordon 226k

Acosta 61k

Perlas 19k

Madrigal 17k

Delos Reyes 15k

The upside is that more than half of the votes have yet to be counted. And Noynoy’s co-brat Mar Roxas is not in first place (although I am still anxious about Binay as he’s a known Aquino loyalist).

When I voted this morning, I was outraged at finding no less than six yellow-shirt clad “observers” camping in the classroom where voters of five precincts lined up. The yellows were definitely not Bangon Pilipinas supporters — I’ll tell you that much.

If I hadn’t made a fuss about it, those Ngoyngoyistas would have stayed there unfairly — eating snacks and making a mockery out of election protocol and rules.

What was worse was the Board of Election Inspectors chairman was not doing anything to rectify the situation — and even mocked us who called her attention to it. “Why don’t you talk to them?” she arrogantly said.

Ganyan ang laban na tapat. Elections pa lang pinapakita na ang kayabangan at pandaraya.

Did you also see the preponderance of yellow shirts? One proclaimed “Our future is not for sale.”

Oh, really? On the front it should have said: “This voter does not think.”

I take heart and maintain hope that the disturbing trend reverses anytime soon, but if it doesn’t, we should take heart that we voted and DIDN’T choose the yellow man with a hollow and false image.

Di tayo nagpaloko.

But again, we must take everyone to task — everyone responsible for the travesty. ABS-CBN, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, MBC, and every media person who knowingly ignored the issues against Noy and purveyed lies and spin about him. Six years of mismanagement and Kamag-anak, Inc., God forbid, will be on your conscience.

P.S. Winnie Monsod, you can go to heck. I see the Abnoy every time I see your image on TV. Winnie Monsod is a big hypocrite who laments that the she sees the Senatorial slate composed of old names who didn’t necessarily perform.


And you support NOYNOY AQUINO — with a famous last name and nothing more. Look in the mirror, Winnie.

Yes, see yourself.



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81 responses to “Tuloy ang laban kay Noynoy Aquino!

  1. bong

    heartbreaking. d pa tapos ang laban! who knows erap might overtake noynoy.

    • karma chameleon

      no to erap. we already had enough of him.

      sana nga noynoy will prove us na ‘maitutuwid’ niya ang daan patungo sa pag-unlad ng bansa.

      makapag-apply na nga ng visa!

    • Lossers.

      Monkeys are lossers.

      • ALJID


        As expected from a Noynoy fan. The Noynoy voters in the end will become the ultimate losers. The election result is a sad reflection of the weakness of the Filipinos.

      • karma chameleon


        jejemon ka ba?
        -pababalikin ni ____ ang mga jejemon sa elementarya.


      • this is demo"CRAZY"...onli in da pelipins

        you mean…looser!
        hay naku mag aral ka muna…

    • i am very much frustrated of the result… what i didn’t understand is why some of the 50,000 bgan looks like not present on barangays where signal of cellphone is out of reach… and why is that smartmatic insisted to use the cellphone carriers like globe and smart to transmit the er data to mboc, central server and kbp. why not bgan??? we all know that pldt (smart) and globe also abs-cbn are known corporations of the aguino’s why they insisted these companies should be used for election… we have been outsmarted by dumb people who patronage famousity and political dynasties… please research on the campaign fund of ngoyngoy unggoy (supported by unggoy chiz) where they came from and you will be astonished that most of these comes from drug lords… may God save our country let us not be crippled by drugs like other countries in south america.. those who supported ngoyngoy d’ abnoy are like zombies to me who have no known intellectual capacity who only respond to whatever commanded to them by opportunist elite… i need to protect my son and my family this time because i have already forecasted our future… we are not safe anymore… we need to join our forces together we the people hate elite with their pure salivating promises… let us continue our fight for clean, peaceful and progressive country for our children and our childrens’ children… …. .. .. . .



    Please visit:

    to sign the Petition to the Supreme Court of the Philippines to Lift TRO Re: Hacienda Luisita

    We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with the United Luisita Workers’ Union (ULWU), the Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA), the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP), and the Alyansa ng mga Magbubukid ng Gitang Luzon (AMGL) in appealing to the Honorable Chief Justice Reynato Puno and to the other members of the Supreme Court of the Philippines to lift the temporary restraining order (TRO) it issued in June 2006 upon the petition of the Cojuangco family that prevented the government from distributing the 6,000-hectare Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac.

    We declare that in December 2005, Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman and the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC) issued an order revoking the stock distribution option (SDO) agreement between Hacienda Luisita Inc. (HLI) and the farm workers. The same directive ordered that the property be parceled out among the workers.

    Therefore, we the undersigned, respectfully appeal to our justices’ sense of truth, justice, and accountability to allow the government to distribute the Luisita land to the farmworker-beneficiaries.

    Justice delayed is Justice denied


    Published by Maria Elizabeth Embry on Apr 24, 2010
    Category: Justice
    Region: GLOBAL
    Target: Supreme Court of the Philippines
    Background (Preamble):
    The Central Bank Monetary Board resolution from 1957 required distribution of Hacienda Luisita’s land to small farmers within 10 years. When 1967 came and went with no land distribution taking place, the farm workers began to organize themselves to uphold their cause.
    A case was filed on May 7, 1980 by the Marcos government against the Cojuangco company TADECO for the surrender of Hacienda Luisita to the Ministry of Agrarian Reform, so land could be distributed to the farmers at cost, in accordance with the terms of the government loans given in 1957-1958 to the late Jose Cojuangco, Sr., who died in 1976. (Republic of the Philippines vs. TADECO, Civil Case No. 131654, Manila Regional Trial Court, Branch XLIII)
    On January 16, 1986, (Cory) Aquino delivered her second major speech in Davao and said, “Land-to-the-tiller must become a reality, instead of an empty slogan.”
    In the same speech, Aquino also said, “You will probably ask me: Will I also apply it to my family’s Hacienda Luisita? My answer is yes.”
    The snap elections took place on February 7, 1986. Marcos was declared winner, but was ousted by the People Power revolution. Cory Aquino was sworn in as President on February 25, 1986.
    On January 22, 1987, eleven months into the Aquino administration, the Mendiola massacre happened. Thousands of frustrated farmers marched to Malacañang demanding fulfillment of the promises made regarding land reform during the Aquino campaign, and distribution of lands at no cost to beneficiaries. At least a dozen protesters were killed in the violent dispersal. More were seriously injured.
    The Stock Distribution Option (SDO) was a clause in the 1988 Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) that allowed landowners to give farmers shares of stock in a corporation instead of land. The landlords then arranged to own majority share in the corporations, to stay in control. This went against the spirit of land reform, which is to give “land to the tiller”.
    On May 18, 1988, the Court of Appeals dismissed the case filed in 1980 by the Philippine government—under Marcos—against the Cojuangco company TADECO to compel the handover of Hacienda Luisita. It was the Philippine government itself—under Aquino—that filed the motion to dismiss its own case against TADECO, saying the lands of Hacienda Luisita were going to be distributed anyway through the new agrarian reform law.
    A month after the case was dismissed, on June 10, 1988, Aquino signed the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law. Soon after, Hacienda Luisita was put under the Stock Distribution Option (SDO) that Aquino included in the law. Through the SDO, landlords could comply with the land reform law without giving land to farmers.
    On May 9, 1989, Luisita’s farm workers were asked to choose between stocks or land in a referendum. The SDO won 92.9% of the vote. A second referendum and information campaign were held on October 14, 1989, and again the SDO won, this time by a 96.75% vote.
    Luisita’s SDO agreement spelled out a 30-year schedule for transferring stock to the farm workers:
    “At the end of each fiscal year, for a period of 30 years, the SECOND PARTY (HLI) shall arrange with the FIRST PARTY (TADECO) the acquisition and distribution to the THIRD PARTY (farm workers) on the basis of number of days worked and at no cost to them of one-thirtieth (1/30) of 118,391,976.85 shares of the capital stock of the SECOND PARTY (HLI) that are presently owned and held by the FIRST PARTY (TADECO), until such time as the entire block of 118,391,976.85 shares shall have been completely acquired and distributed to the THIRD PARTY (farm workers).”
    About 5 years after the SDO was implemented, management began to claim that HLI was losing money. The farm workers’ wages plateaued and their work days were cut.
    Meanwhile, a mall and industrial park were sprouting on the portion of the hacienda closest to McArthur Highway. Losing money but building a mall? the farmers brooded. Something was up.
    Conversion—the real plan
    On September 1, 1995, the Sangguniang Bayan of Tarlac passed a resolution reclassifying 3,290 out of Luisita’s 4,915 hectares from agricultural to commercial, industrial, and residential. The governor of Tarlac province at that time was Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco, wife of Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, Jr. Out of the 3,290 reclassified hectares, 500 were approved for conversion by the DAR.
    As land was being converted, the area left for farming grew smaller and smaller. More work days were cut, and wages were practically frozen. Mechanization also reduced the need for manual labor.
    Mass retrenchment
    By 2003, the farm workers’ daily wage was down to P194.50 (P9.50 after deductions for salary loans and other items), and work days were down to 1 per week.
    They finally saw the futility of having four board seats against management’s seven (the SDO agreement allotted 4 board seats to the farm workers ahead of the 30-year waiting period for their stocks). They were always going to be outvoted. They also feared that their board representatives could easily be manipulated because they were not as well-versed as management in corporate matters.
    The SDO had to go, they concluded.
    The union leaders scrabbled together a petition to revoke the SDO and stop land conversion in Luisita. It was signed by 5,339 farm workers and filed at the Department of Agrarian Reform on December 4, 2003. In July 2004, the union tried to negotiate a wage increase to P225 per day. They also asked for an increase in work days to 2-3 days per week. Management said no, saying the company was losing money.
    Management then issued notices retrenching 327 farm workers effective October 1, 2004. A month later came the workers’ strike, then the massacre.
    Under pressure from public outrage over the November 2004 massacre, the Arroyo
    administration, through the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), formed Task Force Stock Distribution on November 25, 2004 to study the causes of the workers’ strike. The Task
    Force was later renamed Task Force Luisita. In March 2005, teams were sent by the DAR to Luisita’s 10 barangays to investigate the SDO.
    the DAR’s Task Force Luisita submitted the findings and recommendations of its
    investigation. This formed the basis for the government’s decision a few months later to revoke Luisita’s Stock Distribution Option (SDO) and order the distribution of the hacienda’s land to the farmers.On December 23, 2005, the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC) formally ordered
    Luisita’s SDO revoked, and its lands put under compulsory acquisition.
    But the Cojuangco family would not give up the land without a fight. A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was obtained from the Supreme Court by June 2006 preventing PARC from revoking the SDO and distributing Hacienda Luisita’s land. This TRO has been in force for more than three years now.
    Source: gmanews.tv/story/181877 published in four series
    By STEPHANIE DYCHIU 01/18/2010

    pls forward to family & friends, post @facebook, twitter, etc.

    Maria Elizabeth Embry
    Antioch Ca

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  4. mary grace sanchez

    Dapat imbestigahan ang NGONGOY na yan kung anu-anong mga sindikato ang
    nag-finance ng campaign niya – mula drug dealers, arms smugglers at
    illegal businesses!!! THE NERVE OF NOYNOY AQUINO TO RUN FOR THE
    PRESIDENCY!!! Regardless of the outcome after the elections, the
    investigations should proceed to send a strong message to criminals
    financing candidates !!!!!

  5. mary grace sanchez


    Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s Political Consultant – Lito Banayo is said to be managing the solon’s affair in cleaning his name on the Dacer-Corbito case. And Banayo does this with huge help coming from renowned drug lords’ deep pockets. Sources reveal that around 2 billion pesos worth of drug money has already been fueling Banayo’s campaign for Lacson’s sake. About 500 million of this money was used to court various RTC judges to actually quash the case. Another 16 million was initially used in an attempt to stall the issuance of a warrant of arrest. Though the plan to sabotage Lacson’s WOA ran futile, the millions paved the way for him to leave the country a month before the warrant was served last February 05. Obviously, Lacson was tipped-off about his looming arrest and he apparently bagged the opportunity to plot his escape.

    Although at a “runaway state”, Lacson is still able to micro-manage his defense in the Dacer-Corbito case with the assistance of Banayo and of course Chinese tycoons running a drug trade under the senator’s protection. To name a few of these “financiers” is Kim Wong who owns a chain of restaurants and casinos in the country. In 2008, headlines included Lacson’s ill-gotten wealth amounting to $180 million under a hoax account in Hong Kong. The said money was part of Lacson’s pay-up after working with Wong’s drug dens. The charges, however, did not materialize as more controversial issues in mid of 2009 bumped it off the political arena. Coincidentally, Wong just happens to be an “indispensible” persona behind military and PNP officials, including Ret. PNP Chief Avelino Razon who is seeking a mayorial post this coming election.

    The costly escapades of Lacson and his supposed well-financed “trick or two” to actually evade arrest by the Interpol shows how well-financed the senator is outside the country. Thus, it is likely true that the former claims of Dacer-Corbito state witnesses- Glenn Dumlao and Cesar Mancao of Lacson “manhandling” their testimonies on the murder case are accurate. The late night visits of Lacson to Dumlao and Mancao in the US with his promise of financing their families in the Philippines are nonetheless being funded by the likes of Wong.

    Other than stage-managing his case, Lacson is also making use of the nearing elections in his defense. As sources further revealed, Wong is also doling out part of the said 2 billion drug fund on Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s presidential race. The idea is to actually lure Aquino to incur a huge political debt to Wong. By the time Aquino bags the presidency, Wong and other legitimate tycoons who invested on LP are entitled to ask for favors. Among these anonymous benefactors is of course Lacson. We could only guess that he would be pressuring Aquino to grant him his murder case during his administration. At a heartbeat, Lacson and Wong would ask no more than assistance to scrap the Dacer-Corbito case. This way, Lacson could reclaim his political stature and protect the drug market which Wong domineers.

    The “mismanagement” inside LP and the rumored “pushover” leadership of Aquino, would undoubtedly make him an easy prey for Lacson and Wong.

    “Critics blame it on Weakling Aquino”

    The loose leadership of Sen. Noynoy Aquino inside Liberal Party as reflected on his ill-managed campaigns that have been the cost of his flat lining public support also led to the supposed entry of formerly accused drug lord- Kim Wong in his political wing. Kim Wong, who had been formerly accused as Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s protected “drug trader”, is also a well-known “financing” alter ego of Lacson and Mayorial candidate former PNP Chief Avelino Razon. The tycoon who owned chains of casinos in the country is rumored to be Lacson’s “eyes and ears” within LP’s doors. Using around 2 billion pesos worth of drug money, Wong was able to sneak into LP’s political affairs.

    Apparently, Wong’s entry inside Aquino’s presidential parade is masterminded nonetheless by Sen. Lacson. As expected, Lacson is planning on remotely controlling the affairs of Aquino for his advantage to include the probable dumping of his case by the time Aquino ascends to Malacañang. Furthermore, other than Wong, other Chinese tycoons are also playing a role for Lacson’s behalf, one of which is a renowned real estate investor. Intentionally, these personalities would make-up the pressuring bloc that would push Aquino off the edge in favor of “dry-cleaning” Lacson’s no-guilty defense on the Dacer-Corbito case.

    Unfortunately, this drug money is trailing LP’s dealings. The 2 billion is merely the tip of the iceberg of illegal money laundering and “political deception” that would no sooner absolve Lacson of his high crimes and rectify his former clout in protecting drug lords such as Wong. Other than courting LP with billions of pesos, Lacson’s camp is also using his political consultant, Lito Banayo, to seal his ties with LP. Banayo, who had been a close-friend of the Aquinos with his former participation in the emancipation of the course against the Marcos dictatorship, is also running a good show inside Aquino’s camp. Acting like a good confidante, Banayo is “sweet whispering” LP about the entry of this huge sum of money under the names of Wong and others.

    LP admitted negligence on overseeing their campaigns and even their candidates’ platform presentations. At first they blamed it on “flooding” donations that reached an overbearing point that involved LP feeling unappreciative of the support being extended to Aquino. Ironically, LP confesses their faults with a bang of showing off but there should be nothing to be proud about illegal drugs feeding Aquino’s presidential ambitions. Not unless they thought they could keep it a secret from the public.

    Blind leadership is what’s causing LP’s collapse. Some say, this is something the Party has brought upon itself after choosing a “wimp” over Sen. Mar Roxas. Conflict-ridden LP keeps making absurd excuses to the next. But what does this “divisiveness” and fluidity of authority and control in LP suggest? If Aquino could not sniff out one crime committed within his backyard, how would you expect him to run a government safeguarding an archipelago with 90 million inhabitants?

  6. Jan Bautista

    That’s right! I have been supporting this site and will continue to do so in the coming years (or months) that it will take before we can all have a truly competent leader.

  7. honoratoperez

    di pa tapos.

    Kung matalo man si Villar, ang talo, ang mga Pilipino. Sa mga sandaling ito, lalong tumitibay ang paniniwala ko kay Manny Villar. Dahil, sa lahat sa kanila, siya ang ang pinakamatuwid, pinakahanda at may pinakamalinis na hangarin sa bayan, tapusin ang kahirapan ng mga Pilipino na kailan man di na matuto-tuto.

    Kung matalo man si Villar, tuloy ang buhay natin. Ang kawawa ang mga mahihirap. Walang magagawa sa inyo si Noynoy.

  8. truly pinoy

    with the way things are turning out, we will have a new president a year or 2 from now, in the person of Jejomar Binay; may be earlier than this, Korina will file an action for legal separation

  9. luraaa

    Good to hear that your blog will continue even after the elections. I decided to accept the truth after reading the news. Clearly, the Philippines isn’t ready for a change.

    This is one effed up country. How disappointing.

    • karma chameleon

      kelan pa kaya tayo matututo?

      • luraaa

        Kailan? Hmm. Let’s see.

        When people would realize that their ‘Chosen One’ is not really ‘The One’.

        When the international community would mock this country for having elected these incompetent leaders.

        When the Filipinos would open their eyes that this country needs more than a ‘humble’ leader to change.

        When most people start packing their bags and racing to the airport, and others would realize that the number of Filipinos leaving the country have doubled.

        When foreign investors would leave this country and look for other neighboring Asian countries that are starting to have the edge (and adding English in their school curriculum).

        Sa sobrang dami ng mga pwedeng maging realizations, ayoko nang isa-isahin. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can come up with these. I’m beginning to understand why most Filipinos who leave the country become citizens of that nation and insult their fellowmen like they aren’t Filipinos themselves.

  10. mary grace sanchez

    Anybody BUT NoyNoy: “Si Villar, in my
    opinion is a very strong candidate, isipin niyo, he was attacked by
    Ngoy and LP, attacked by Erap and Enrile, attacked by Madrigal, also
    attacked by Gordon, attacked by JC and Perlas, even managed a 3rd
    position as of now. Isama na natin sina Banayo, Quiros, Monsod,
    Esposo, ABiaSCBN and etc. Still topping the results at
    third position.”

    • bong

      may posibilidad kayang sabwatan na nangyari para pabagsakin si villar. honestly mas maraming dapat ipaliwanag si noynoy sa tao kaysa kay villar. mas deserving si villar kaysa noynoy para maging presidente.

  11. Miko

    I witnessed a PPCRV volunteer in our precinct assisting then convincing an illiterate voter while filling up his form, to vote for Noynoy rather than the voter’s chosen presidential candidate. Having PPCRV nationwide doing the same thing, no wonder Noynoy got his numbers

    • karma chameleon

      aray! ganito na nga ba ang mga tao ngayon?

      naiiyak ako dahil akala ko gusto natin ng pagbabago, pero anong nangyari? nagtagumpay pa rin ang mga trapo at ang mga hindi nag-iisip! naiiyak ako dahil magkakaroon na naman tayo ng mga pasakit at hinagpis. Noon pa tayo nagtitiis. Ayokong isispin ‘to, pero parang tinutukan natin ng baril ang ating kaakuhan.


      I think I will never have an IOTA of hope for this country.

      call me cynical, but I hope Noynoy will prove me wrong.


  12. ting

    so really disappointing…sad that we will have to suffer even if we voted wisely…

    media has a lot to do with this, they committed sins of omission and commission at the expense of the Filipino people, but equally to blame will be the people who believed all these lies and voted for NgoyNgoy….

    i will look forward to your future blogs..

  13. A concerned student

    If you just concentrated on your candidate rather than bashing on another one, then maybe you could have gotten results that you like.

  14. easydoesit

    kawawa naman tayo pag si noy. nakakatamad maging pilipino. 😦

    • karma chameleon

      forgive me for saying this, pero nahihiya akong maging pilipino.

      there, i said it.

    • bong

      korek ka dyan. d nya kayang alisin ang kahirapan dahil sa luisita hacienda lang di nya kayang lutasin buong bansa pa kaya. marami pa rin ang mga bulag, pipi, bingi at mga bano na pinoy.

  15. perseus

    O ano, pahiya kayo ano? si Noynoy ang nanalo sa election na ito! Puro paninira ang website nyo, ano.. kinain na alikabok ang mga manok nyo! O hihirit pa kayo!

    • karma chameleon

      oo. hihirit pa kami. wala kang magagawa sa mga ‘intelektwal’ na opinyon namin. at hinding-hindi kami mahihiya na ibang kandidato ang ibinoto namn.

      totoo. si noy2 nga ang nanalo. may magagawa p b kmi dun sa mga taong nagnanais bumoto ng kandidatong tamad at nagpapaasa lamang?

      ano? masaya ka na dun? wag kng mg-alala, di kami magwewelga at uurong ng edsa 4.

      nag-iisip kasi kami.

    • @perseus

      hahaha! typical noynoyista… ang mga tulad niyo ang dahilan kung bakit walang asenso ang Pilipinas!

    • marie

      Ang sabi nga nila “He who laughs last, laughs best.” Lets’ just wait and see what happens after 6 months. That is what all of you are saying…We will improve after 6 months. Abangan ang susunod…..
      At isa pa, if you don’t like this blog, why log on? What are you trying to prove??

      TO PH…. Congratulations on this blog. I found it very informative and amusing. At the most, we have your blog to go to for info….More kudos to you

    • easydoesit

      give it some time, perseus. LITTLE time. then we’ll be laughing at YOU, yellow YOU. 🙂

  16. anybodybutnoy

    I don’t think napahiya ang mga supporters ng blog na ito. They fully did their mission which was to prove that Noynoy is not worthy of the presidency. In his victory, this also doesn’t mean he is still worthy of the presidency. I’d have to say that he should be able to prove to the Filipino people that they did choose the right leader.

    And I’m sorry for saying this but, I don’t think he can prove it.

  17. Gordonoid

    Winnie denied supporting Noynoy. The one circulating our emails is a hoax google it, there’s news clip in gma 7 that she herself refused to have composed it.

  18. mary grace sanchez

    Aquinos and the Roxases were not political allies before & this was supposed to be a grand milestone in Philippine history,with Mar taking the extra step & settling for VP. In the end Noynoys group turned traitors and junked Mar for Binay.The LP is now known as the party with no scruples at all. Manloloko. The poor Mar Roxas was junked in the end by his own – LP. The instructions last week was for the group of Butch Abad to put Noybi , just that word in their shout-outs and this was the exact group which hailed Mar Roxas as a hero for giving way to Noynoy. Napakatraidor naman. The Aranetas are not going to take this sit down. Watch Mar Roxas and Villar investigate everything about Noynoy’s funding. Noynoy doesn’t have the majority in the Senate and the grievances beween Villar and Noynoy are irreconcilable. Like his mother Cory who junked Doy Laurel, Noynoy did the same to Mar Roxas with the Peping Cojuanco & Boy Saycon (the evil duo) at the helm.

  19. Abu Mohsin

    Ngawa ng ngawa ang mga supporters ng mga talunan…dapat ang mga katulad ninyo should be moving to ensure that the winning candidates keep their promises made during the campaign.

    After all, wala naman ciguro masama sa mga promisang ginawa ng mga nangunguna sa bilangan…ang pinaka-importante ay dapat they should deliver.

    Tapos na ang kampanya at walang kadudang mas pinaniwalaan ng bayan ang taong walang habas ninyong ina-alipusta.

    Masakit man sabihin pero lahat tayo (sumporta man o hindi) ay nakatali sa mga mananalo ngayong eleksyon kaya obligado tayong sumporta kung tama lang naman ang gagawin niya.

  20. Abu Mohsin

    @ Mary Grace Sanchez, you have a myopic view of the unraveling of the candidacy of Mar Roxas and your information about the so called “junking” has no basis in truth and in fact.

    Why am I saying this? First, it’s not Noy who controls the LP machinery but it has always been Mar and the other LP stalwarts like Butch Abad. Second, you should do your fact check as to who is carrying the NoyBi brand because these people are not from LP but are the people under Chiz Escudero and Lito Banayo. It’s true that Noy may have benefited from their efforts but Noy has no power over them considering that they have their own machinery. Last but defintiely not the least, the Aquino family’s core supporters who have supported Noy’s candidacy like former Negros Occidental Governor Bitay Lacson and the thousands of volunteers in Panay and may home province in Negros have steadfastly stood by the Noy-Mar.

    Unlike Cory and Doy who have different opinions on how a post-Marcos government should be run and were just mere partners of convenience. The Noy-Mar tandem have no such baggage to take into consideration as it was Noy and Mar that the LP had carried right until the day of the elections.

    I should say that the Binay-Mar fight for the VP post is a preview to the battle in 2016 and it has nothing to do with junking.

    Nice try Mary Grace Sanchez 🙂

  21. mary grace sanchez

    Abu Moshin…you sound like that old fart i debate with in Facebook…That’s probably he didn’t reply to me there when i posted the same…Unlike you i am who i am…no masks…I am not afraid…

    So you admit that NGoynoy has no power over the LP…just goes to show that he will be the puppet on a string. The party of opportunists.

    And you are a typical trapo! Nice try too!

  22. roch

    Sir, please continue this blog and continue our fight. Thank you.

  23. tondo_girl

    and i voted for mareng winnie when she ran for the senate. buti nga di nanalo.

  24. balatucan

    kawawa naman kayo. kahit anong paninira ginagawa nyo, nanalo pa rin si Noynoy.

    Sabagay, kayo na naman ang Opposition.

    Eh wala namang nakikinig sa inyo eh.

    • Marilyn

      Yehey nanalo na!! The first ever _____ president of the Philippines!! Magbubunyi tayo!!! LOL

      Walang nakikinig??? Pinagtatawanan na nga tayo ng ibang bansa!!! For heavens sake!

  25. roch

    Also, Prof. Winnie is not supporting Noynoy. The blog was a hoax.


  26. mary grace sanchez

    Mas kawawa kayo Ngoyngoyistas kasi soon enough makikita ninyo ang malaking pagkakamali ninyo! Makikita ninyo na ng sinuportahan ninyo ay walang magagawang matino!

  27. mary grace sanchez

    sa mga pangalan nalang naginagamit ng mga Ngongoyistas…halatang puro duwag!

  28. berta

    Para sa mga taong naghahanap ng kaunlaran, eto nga siguro ang nararapat na paraan para mapakinggan. You accuse Mareng Winnie of being a hypocrite, mas malala pa kayo.

    Kung ikinahihiya ninyong maging Pinoy, lumayas na lang kayo sa Pinas at magtiyaga sa mga blue collar jobs sa ibang bansa.

    This kind of negativity is what’s going to keep us from moving forward.

    You think “intellectual snobbery” will help us solve our problems. Baka dapat gamitin n’yo ang katalinuhan na ‘yan para tumulong sa ikauunlad ng bansa sa halip na sa walang katuturang pagbabatikos.


    • Mr.___________

      ‘Kung ikinahihiya ninyong maging Pinoy, lumayas na lang kayo sa Pinas at magtiyaga sa mga blue collar jobs sa ibang bansa. ”

      – Sa lahat ng sinabi mo gago ka (kasama na yung mga comments mo sa baba tanga), ito lang ang logical. Buti nalang Dual Citizen ako at makapag-aaral ako sa ibang bansa next year- never to face the uncertainty of A retarded presidency again. Blue collar job? baka mamaya kunin pa kitang katulong e. haha!

  29. Abu Mohsin

    @ Mary Grace Sanchez, sorry ma’am but i think i’ve posted my e-mail address when I replied to this blog. I dont know and I dont remember if we ever had exchanged repartes in FB but I’m not hiding the fact that I’ve been rooting for Noynoy ever since.

    At age 33, I am not quite the “old fart” that you think I am because I still have the mental faculties to separate fact from fiction which you have so carefully woven into your previous comment.

    Anyway, let’s level off by agreeing that the controversy regarding the likely defeat of Mar in the 2010 polls has a lot more to do with the 2016 presidential polls than to any “junking” in the recently held elections.

    • mary grace sanchez

      @ Abu Moshin…you are young but your idealism is displaced….too bad!! I”ve been involved in politics for half of my life & that’s a very long time. My oldest son is your age…and i think i have reared him well as he engages in critical thinking. I would like to help you in a way and refer you to this column…. “The problem with the Liberal Party and all those faces behind Noynoy is that vengeance is in their hearts. With them in power, we can expect the worst.

      Did not Noynoy say he would not recognize the next chief justice of the Supreme Court if he or she is appointed by President Arroyo?

      Noynoy obviously doesn’t believe that there are three separate branches of government, co-equal and co-independent—the Executive, Legislative and the Judiciary. Only a dictator can say what Noynoy said. Unless, of course, he wants to abolish the Supreme Court.”

      Now it can be told. During the last weeks of the campaign, the Liberal Party coalition behind Noynoy almost broke up.

      It all began after Senator Francis Escudero and his group within Noynoy’s camp started rooting for the vice presidency of Makati Mayor Jojo Binay and launched the “Noy-Bi” campaign.

      It seemed that the sisters of Noynoy had always suspected the group of vice presidential bet Mar Roxas of not being loyal to the his running mate. Thus, Noynoy’s supporters reportedly started campaigning for Binay instead of Mar.

      The Aranetas, who have been spending for the campaign—and that includes Noynoy’s campaign—got wind of this and stopped the funding. It came to a point that the Noynoy and Mar camps started blaming each other for lack of funds.

      To the credit of Noynoy, when he realized that the issue might cause the Liberal Party to implode, he stood by Mar.This explains why Noynoy even went to the extent of saying that he would share about 70 percent to 80 percent of his power with Mar. That prevented a breakup which could have been fatal to the Liberal Party’s campaign.

      The problem now is that this “bad blood” between the supporters of Noynoy and those of Mar may not end with Noynoy’s victory.

      One thing is sure, all is not well within the Liberal Party. And we will see it soon enough.

      * * *http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/insideOpinion.htm?f=2010/may/11/emiljurado.isx&d=2010/may/11

  30. Abu Mohsin

    hmmm…@ Mary Grace Sanchez again…talking about the control of Noy of the Liberal Party…shouldnt we be asking ourselves if it is right for any single person to control a major political party?

    A political party represents political ideals and should not serve as a mere vehicle of any politician.

    The resurgence of the prominence of the LP and NP in the latest elections is very encouraging although personality politics is still very strong.

    I dont know if you’ll agree with me but unlike the “well organized and well funded”tightly controlled and centralized NP under Manny Villar. The LP with its nationwide volunteer base fueled by “idealism and principles” was able to mount a successful national campaign.

    The LP campaign run on the message of restoring honesty integrity to governance and the volunteers united by a common belief were able to mobilize voters without the vaunted billions of Villar or the Lakas-KAMPI party machinery of Gibo.

    As it is, I do not see Noynoy as puppet of the LP stalwarts because every one in the country knows that it’s not to the LP that Nonoy owes his victory.

    He owes it to the people who gave him resounding victory in yesterday’s election.

    • mary grace sanchez

      “The LP with its nationwide volunteer base fueled by “idealism and principles” was able to mount a successful national campaign.”….say that again???!
      If the biased tri-media organizations were not in the pocket of LP do you honestly think “your” message would have have reached the millions that you speak of?!!

      Speak to me again in a couple of months….let’s say 6 months & tell me if you still believe that NgoNGOY owes his mandate to the filipino people.

    • ALJID

      Excuse me Abu, while I pick up my jaw up on the ground..

      • mary grace sanchez

        Yes Abu..me too!!! Btw, volunteerism cannot fund a billion campaign run!..So tell me where did LP get the funds apart from the freebies that his Kritch, big business & crony tri-media gave him, not to speak of the drug money that Panfilo Lacson through his padrino has contributed to the LP? Poor Aranetas & the Roxases…ginamit na trinaydor pa! Yan ba ang idealism na sinasabi mo?!! Ang pinakakawawa ay ikaw at ang mga anak mo(kung meron ka na)!!! You just sold yourselves to the devil-incarnate!

  31. Pingback: Noynoy Aquino

  32. arm

    Things will unfold soon enough and we will see what Ngoy and company are truly made of.

    I am not ANTI-Noy, but surely, I know in the deepest recesses of my brain that he isn’t the best guy for the job (at least among the candidates for 2010).

    To Noy supporters, ask yourselves, why is he the man for the job? No wise cracks and bickering: just REALLY think about it- why him?

    • A concerned student

      Most of you think I’m pro-Noy with all my comments but I’m somewhere in the middle. What I am against from the very start is negative campaigning. Of bashing another candidate because of the superficial things. Like I said in my other comments I completely understand when national issues were discussed but commenting on someone’s posture and his mental capacity and saying his supporters are bobo for voting him is downright mean. That’s all I’ve been saying.

      My presidentiables were Noy, Dick and Gibo.

      Regarding Noy, yes, I’ve contemplated in voting for him. I know his record in the Senate is lackluster and is still very much hilaw but I believe he has the capacity to inspire the people. And for now, that’s one of the main things that we need right now. Inspiration for a better Philippines. Hindi sapat na maayos ang mga taong may posisyon, kailangan pati mismo ang taong bayan kumilos.

      And for now, I believe character outweighs intellect. Intellect is good when used with proper intentions, but it can also be the most evil thing when you’re in the position. Gloria was intelligent diba, since she was a Georgetown graduate and yet look at our state now. Look how corrupt the system is. Villar is intelligent, he’s a good businessman, but then he uses his intellect on getting illegal money “without” breaking the law.

      I could still think of two more reasons and I know I still need to elaborate more but I’ve yet to do my schoolwork for tom.

      So there. People have commented that I was the one being disrespectful of the people here. I wasn’t. All I’m trying to say was please stop the bashing for the wrong reasons. It’s not healthy and it’s not productive. And like I said in my previous comment, maybe if the admin here concentrated on discussing the good points of his candidate then maybe his candidate would have won.

      • ALJID

        The capacity to inspire people? We have Susan Boyle for that…

      • Mr.___________

        Yeah, just being the typical Juan Tamad would inspire millions. Ayaw ko nang mag-aral- papalit ko nalang pangalan ko sa Aquino tapos pwede na akong maging presidente.

        “Character outweighs intellect”

        Oh, is that right? Mabait pala si Noynoy no? Kahit pa may TRO sa Hacienda Luisita, Hindi matapos-tapos na kaso sa Hacienda Luisita Massacre, Gabundok na kasiraan na ginawa niya kay Villar. Arrogante sa ilang points ng Campaign(“Ibang survey nabibili sa Quiapo”-when asked about SWS Survey). Haha, oo nga mabait. Tapos yung mga matalino at mayaman may stigma kaagad sa tao. Parang si Villar, evil daw kasi mayaman-“magnanakaw”- To all Filipinos: ever heard of the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”? Dito kasi ata sa Pilipinas, “Guilty until proven inncoent.” Si Gordon at Gibo- matalino, magaling- pero ano ang sabi ng bobong pinoy? “Bossy, corrupt, dicktador, evil”- ayos no?

        ” I want Noynoy because he is credible. I dont like intelligent president-magaling magnakaw.”-yan ang sabi sakin ng ka-debate ko isang beses.

        Dahil dyan, nalaman ko kung bakit hindi maunlad ang Pinas. Ayaw kasing bumoto ng mga capable people. Yung tipong may napatunayan. Si Gloria, sa tingin exception to the rule, kasi kung titignan mo ang History wala namang bansa na umunlad kapag ang presidente aminadong walang alam. Ay oo nga pala, diba si Gloria, may “character” rin? Kaya nga gusto siya ng mga tao noong EDSA DOS at nung naging Senador siya. Maganda rin ang Pangalan niya diba? May naaalala ako dito….

        E kaso nga lang, sa bansa natin, parang ang mga masipag at matiyaga na may galing at talino na gustong maging transformers para bumangon ang Pilipinas e talo kaagad- kasi ang gusto pala ng bobong pinoy e yung tipong kandidatong may magnada at mabuting mama at papa na itutuloy ang laban kahit pa hindi na alam kung ano pa ang ipinaglalaban. Plus din ang maging artista o magkaroon ng mga kapamilyang celebrity.

        Ang ganda sa Pinas.

      • Mr.___________

        Oh, “concerned” student, if the blogger concentrated on the good points of his candidate, people like you will still not vote for his candidate.

        Cause you want someone na “walang bahid” even though all facts are pointing at another direction.

        Cause you want someone who would still continue the never ending soap opera in Philippine politics at the expense of real change and real progress.

        Cause you want someone who will bring back the “good old days of people power”.

        Gusto niyong “ituloy ang laban”- laban sa ano?

        If you really wanted to pick the best candidate, it is your responsibility to research on all the candidates, not just expect some anti-Noy blog to give the research to you in a silver platter.

        Oh, I forgot, isn’t this blog and all its facts another reason for you not to vote for the ABnoy?

        Pero siguro you don’t get it- all you see here is “black propaganda”; I call it “the truth”


  33. Jasper

    This is the disappointing image of our society.

    Everything is “justifiable”.

    -If you are are non-performing; some will criticize you and some will defend you.

    -If you are performing; some will still criticize you and some will still defend you.

    San tayo nyan? So, wala nang “standard” lahat pwede. Some corporate gurus says that they prefer qualification and experience; I don’t think so, because that is very obvious with the result of this election. Nevertheless, let’s see and review his performance…kung mag-perform nga.

    I can’t believe that Erap got 8M or more votes this is seriously unbelievable. Minsan gusto kong isipin kung madaming bulag at bingi sa mga Pinoy.

  34. thinker-belle

    It was irritating to see people clad in yellow swarm the cluster precincts. They even wore ID’s which had “Noynoy for President” written on it.

    When will we ever learn? 😦

    Still, whatever the results come to be, I am proud to have voted for someone who could truly do the job. Too bad the Filipinos only wanted “rearrangement” instead of “change”.

  35. mary grace sanchez

    @ Concerned Student….just one issue….Is it right to circumvent the law just for greed???? Is it right to deprive farmers their land as promised? Is it right to have people killed just to keep a parcel of land which in no way will impoverish the landowners???

  36. Edward

    the good thing is that I hope you still continue your blog. we can all say “we told you so”. I heard someone say that he will make a shirt saying “I didn’t vote for Noynoy”. Where are you? I hope that shirt is already for sale 😀

  37. honoratoperez

    “I promised Noy that if he does WIN, and I’m a cause of stress for him & his presidency, I’ll gladly take my 2 boys to live any­where there is TFC so that I can continue to work but w/ our overseas Filipino brothers & sisters.” Kris Aquino.

  38. berta

    Eh sino nga ba ang puno’t dulo ng mudslinging na yan? Di ba ang mga kagaya n’yo?

    Kung bastusin ba ang pagkatao mo hindi ka lalaban?

    Kung bastusin ang pagkamatay ng mga magulang mo, di ka ba lalaban?

    Kung bastusin ang nanay mo, hindi ka ba mangingitngit?

    Kung bastusin ang mga miyembro ng pamilya mo, kahit ang isang kapatid na kagaya ni Kris, o isang pamangkin na kagaya ni Josh hindi ka ba magagalit?

    Kayo nga dyan, mapintasan lang ng kaunti ang mga kandidatong sinusuportahan ninyo, daig n’yo pa ang asong ulol kung magalit.

    Pag may nagcomment lang dito na di sang-ayon sa mga kuro-kuro ninyo, kulang na lang ipako n’yo sa krus.

    And that’s what makes you, hypocrites!

    • ALJID

      Berta, walang nambastos sa pagkamatay ng mga magulang nina Noynoy. Ang nakakabastos eh yung ginagawa nilang panggagamit nila sa pangalan ng mga magulang nilang patay na. Wala ding bumabastos kay Josh dito. Kaya natatadtad ng kritisismo yang idol mong sina Kris at Noynoy, kasi sila mismo nagbibigay ng motibo.

      Ginagamit nila ang kahit papaano’y malinis na pangalan ng mga magulang nila. Lagi silang nagsasabing wala daw nagawa ang gobyerno at puro sila corrupt. Eh si Noynoy, may nagawa ba? Etong si Kris naman, ngawa ng ngawa tungkol sa kamatayan ng nanay niya. Hindi man lang siya nagbigay ng respesto sa sarili niya pang ina at ginagamit pa ang kamatayan ng nanay niya para sa pangangampanya. Kahit ako eh di masikmura ang panggagamit nila. Samahan pa ng may kinikilingang pagbabalita ng ABias-CBN.

      Hindi kami hypocrites. We’re just saying what we want to say. If you can’t stand it, then why are you still reading this blog? Go somewhere else where Kris Aquino is treated a saint and AbNoynoy, a messiah…

    • Mr.___________

      Ito lang ang masasabi ko: Ang tanga mo gago.

      Si Abnoy ang nagsimula ng mudslinging(Noong 11% nalang lamang niya Kay Villar noong January)

      Si Abnoy ang nagsira ng mga pagkatao(Villaroyo, “mga supporters ko hindi bayaran” WTF?)

      Si ABnoy ang nag-abuso ng mga namatay(inabuso ang ina niya para manalo siya, inabuso si Danny Villar para masiraan si Villar- ang galing ni gago)

      Well, wala akong sagot sa “binabastos ang miyembero ng pamilya”- alam mo kung bakit?- kasi kabastos-bastos naman talaga ang Kris Aquino na yan.

      “Kayo nga dyan, mapintasan lang ng kaunti ang mga kandidatong sinusuportahan ninyo, daig n’yo pa ang asong ulol kung magalit”

      – o? hindi ba mga ABnoy supporters yan? Alam mo kung bakit?- tignan mo sarili mo gago. Kung sumasagot kami ng ganito e dahil yun sa malaki niyong kabobohan at katangahan.

      “Pag may nagcomment lang dito na di sang-ayon sa mga kuro-kuro ninyo, kulang na lang ipako n’yo sa krus.”

      -O? parang kayo uli yan e. Sa facebook page ng ABnoy, binubura ang mga puna namin na parang walang kasiraan ang kandidato niyo. Ang galing niyo mga gago. Buti nga dito napapakita pa ang comment niyo. At kung parang ipako namin kayo sa krus, ano magagawa niyo? Teritoryo namin to mga ulol- an ang ineexpect mo? Sasabhin namin tama ka at magsosorry kami? Ano kami?tangang katulad mo?

      “andthat’s what makes you, hypocrites!”
      – sabhin mo yan sa sarili mo kung sino ka man gago. ikaw ang may kasalanan kung bakit hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas. Bumoboto ka ng mali ANG TANGA MO! ANG TANGA MO!


  39. Pinaycolada

    And what about Villar? Didn’t he use the same formula with Nanay Curing and Danny? Di nga lang pareho ang impact, but same principle.

    It’s easy to criticize someone than to look at their positive points. Yan ang bane of existence ng nakararaming Pilipino. Tanungin mo naman, sa kabila ng kanilang pang-aalipusta’t pagbabatikos, anong ginawa nila para sa bayan? Wala.

    And you’ll waste six years of your life doing nothing, just because you hate the president. You’ll spend most of your time making snide comments about Noynoy, rather than do your share to make the Philippines a better country.

    You ask people like Berta to leave this blog, just because she’s fighting for what she believes in. If Pinas is such a Godforsaken place, then bakit d rin kayo umalis? I doubt that Pinas has any need for arrogant people like you who waste your time away, lambasting leaders, but in reality, do nothing for the common good.


    • ramoj

      Hi Ms pinaycolada,

      You know most of us here, including Sir O.N. and with the exception maybe of ‘concerned student’ blogger, will definitely be obliged to support our president-elect aquino because….we are OBLIGED to pay our taxes.

      So in the next six years we will be working and paying our taxes to a president that we don’t believe in. And that entails a lot of sacrifice on our part.

      Thus Mr. O.N. and the rest of us here and, maybe someday you as well, have the right to continue sharing our collective sentiments because of our taxes.

      Let’s just make sure that he lives up to his ‘messianic proclamations.’

    • ALJID

      Berta called us hypocrites because we are fighting for what believe in and speaking it all out loud. Wala akong makitang positive points sa kabila. Ah, parents lang pala nila sina Ninoy at Cory.

      Kung naniniwala ka sa matatamis na salitang binitawan nina Kris at Noynoy sa mga ads nila puwede din yun?

      We are exchanging views sa blog na to. If you can’t stand it, leave..

    • Mr.___________

      I’d rather have villar na “mangagamit ng ina at kapatid” and has the capabilites and leadership skills proven by track-record, not to mention his great managerial skills than the ABnoy na “mangagamit din ng ina at kapatid” and has no capabilities to govern whatsoever.

      Siguro ikaw ang gusto mo si Noy kasi ABnoy ka.

      Seriously people, I don’t get the logic as to why people would vote for the two biggest jokes in this election- NOYNOY AQUINO AND ERAP ESTRADA- while the most competent and proven presidentiables- VILLAR, GORDON, GIBO(to an extent) and even PERLAS!- has occupied the back of the race.

      Yeah, good job people- keeping the longest running telenovela alive for millions of pinoys to watch.


  40. fuck you ngoyngoy and supporters may the hell comes to your lives…

  41. pinaycolada

    Well then, by all means, let your voices be heard! http://www.facebook.com/pages/DEAR-NOYNOY-AQUINO-suggestions-to-a-new-president/121758441177379

    Instead of wasting your time whining and bitching, being all cliquish in here why don’t you go on ahead and tell him what you think?


  42. ArticleRequest

    I TOLD YOU SO DAY is coming soon.. dapat may tshirts. Let the yellows celebrate…. In time the tables will be turned on them.

  43. Mr.___________

    Nakatatawa yung mga Noynoy supporters, akala nila evil tong blog at hindi productive. Double Standards talaga

    Pero, what do you expect from supporters of the ultimate Retard?

  44. ann

    15m of the population paid peanut. we all get a monkey… XD

  45. dickhead

    The likes of Gordon, gibo and perlas ought to pack their bags because they don’t deserve to rule here –

    14M misinformed/idiots/retards/showbiz creeps/dimwits

  46. dickhead

    Ang daming tanga dun sa page ng dear abnoy. Bakit silang mga tanga pa ang pinakinggan ng diyos? Putang ina ninyo mga 14M na bug0k

  47. noone

    Here is how I saw the election results:

    14M NOynoy votes = 14M stupid hypocrites who are all social climbers, inept and lazy individuals.

    8M Erap votes?? = 8M M#!@#F@$%!! Bobong ignoramus P#$!$%! Bobo talaga!!!

    All others wanted REAL change.

    Bagong systema nga ng pagboto…lumang gawain naman ang pagpili ng iboboto…popularidad.

    This country is fcuking depressing and hopeless! arggggg

  48. eherson

    Nakakalungkot talaga! Napakarami kasi ng masang pilipino na basta-basta nalang bumoto dahil sikat, popular, akala nila mabait o dahil sa kasikatan ng magulang. Ang pinaglalaban nila manalo ang “manok” nila at hindi ang ikabubuti ng bayan. Eh kasi naman itong mga masang pilipino na ito, they’ve got nothing to lose. Sino ba yan sila, eh karamihan dyan hindi naman nagbabayad ng tax eh! or nasa ~500 – 1,500 lang ang tax kadabuwan. Ang kawawa ang mga ginagatasan ng gobyerno ng tax tapos makikita mo ganun lang ang mananalo. Masakit mga ‘igan, lalo na para sa kagaya ko nga ~20k++ ang kinakaltas na tax kada buwan (hindi sa pagyayabang, pero para maintindihan nyo ang hinanakit ng mga taong tinataxan ng malaki). Masakit isipin na ang tax na yun ay mapupunta lang sa gobyerno na di karapat-dapat ang mamuno.

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