Do not regret your vote AGAINST Noynoy Aquino

Yes, he DID.

While the a lot of Filipino people showed they have lots of maturing to do, the recent exercise also showed that an equal number are not swayed by images and posturing.

Do I regret lining up for hours — braving the heat and the aggravation of seeing yellow-biased BEI officials? Of course not.

I decided to vote and be counted; I have fulfilled my responsibility as a Filipino citizen. If my candidate loses, and Noynoy wins, I can say I had no hand in letting someone like Noynoy win because I went out and voted.

If the trend is to continue, then Noynoy Aquino will be our president.

What do you say about something like that?

This is what you say: “I voted for someone who I think we should have as our president, but we ended up with a president we DESERVE.”

That is the choice of more Filipinos, and this choice reflects so many things — the level of maturity we have as a voting people, the gullibility of people to what media feeds them, the continued involvement of big business in maintaining the status quo.

I do not regret anything, except being forced to accept a choice that is not mine.

What’s going to happen to the Philippines now?

Many arrogant yellows are celebrating their imminent victory, but when Noynoy breaks down and screws up in the days or months to come, we will be looking in their direction as we proudly say: “DO NOT BLAME US. WE DIDN’T VOTE FOR HIM.”

We voted on the basis of what our conscience and good sense dictated. We saw that Noynoy was not the candidate to take us forward. This is what I believe to this day, and even as we extend an olive branch of peace, we will always be vigilant about how Noynoy and his minions run this country.

God bless us all.



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47 responses to “Do not regret your vote AGAINST Noynoy Aquino

  1. pspoverdrive

    hindi pa tapos ang laban OhNoy. Even though AbNoy gets elected. We, the ones who knew what was coming will rally up and throw into the face of the Yellow Menace supporters – “Told you so.”

  2. Mr.___________

    Hey OhNoy, you should continue this blog and comment on every single promise that the ABnoy made and will not be fulfilling.

    The title?: I TOLD YOU SO

    — MISMO! – O.N.

    • maggie

      did you notice that he didn’t make any promises during his campaign except for “TULOY ANG LABAN”…anong laban daw?

      no promises because he knows he can’t deliver…

      we anti-noynoys should be so proud wearing a shirt that reads “I TOLD YOU SO”

      • karma chameleon

        pwede rin “just so we know”:)

        tingin ko medyo matagal-tagal pa siguro ako makakapag-move on.

        stages of grieving: DABDA
        1. denial, 2. anger, 3. bargaining, 4. depression, and 5. acceptance.

        denial stage pa ako. sa tingin ko after 6 yrs sa denial stage pa rin ako.


  3. easydoesit

    i feel so bad today, really. i want to wake up to the “I TOLD YOU SO DAY” already.

    i am also going to eagerly wait for the day when channel 2 and the inquirer will write something REAL about noy, the president they made. when anomalies, questionable behavior, and incapabilities will surface. imagine how long we can stand the fabricated, bias news they will have on him and the “greatness,” he believes in so bad.

    i wish this honeymoon phase will be over soon!


    • Mr.___________

      Actually I think there wouldn’t be any “honeymoon” phase for Noy. 40% percent voted for him, so it’s logical to think that 60% didn’t want him and thought that other people are capable. This 60% would easily be the opposition.

  4. noypikon

    i can’t put my disappointment into words.

  5. ling

    Dear O.N.,

    Continue blogging, di pa tapos ang laban. The first few months will test if Noynoy is “man enough to face” the challenges our country he is facing. He will have to deal with the “gnome” who will be in Congress! He will be facing the Ampatuans his so-called, “supporters”. He has to deal with the Abu Sayaf, the Roman Catholic Church, MILF, MNLF, NPA, CBCP. And most importantly he will have to deal with Kris and her marital problems which will become a national issue.

    Kudos to all of us who voted not for Noynoy! We are the real patriots!

    Mabuhay ang lahing Pilipino!





  7. Ididn'tVote4thatGuy

    White T-Shirt, with phrase “I told you so” would be the fashion trend within 100 days.

  8. Neutral

    Dear O.N.

    Nice one on the phrase: “DO NOT BLAME US. WE DIDN’T VOTE FOR HIM.” And also, why did the other presidentiables have conceded? Somethings’ wrong about it…hope those guys from the dark side won’t do some magic to let Oh Noy! win…

    Kudos to O.N.!

  9. ArticleRequest

    On the bright side, this blog increased its life span by 6 years.

    Mabuhay yung mga bumoto kay Noynoy, Erap, Jinggoy, Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, etc…. 6 more years of incompetence…

  10. Marlo Flores

    I am sad but not surprised by the results. But what’s with the significant number of Estrada voters? The people surely deserve its leaders.

    Bad news is that the people (the oligarchs, simply known as Kamag-anak Incorporated) will be the one calling the shots. Good news is that it is the same old Philippine politics. It can never get worse and we will see the same Aquino voters wondering a year from now why the country is still in the sewers. Then it would be difficult to resist the urge to punch them in the face and beat the reason out of them. I am glad I left the rotten “country”.

  11. ALJID

    How I would love to punch them.

  12. Pingback: Noynoy Aquino

  13. I can’t wait to see him in the mental hospital..after losing his mind on what’s ahead…Kris will surely be the spokeperson…eeeewww!

  14. kenneth

    the stage is all set…damnit…we got all the clowns…
    everytime i noynoy’s face i really wanna punch the fucking retard…whew…

    id rather have ERAP as my President

  15. PNS

    Oh Noy, keep this up and remember that you are writing history; to us who are commenting too.

    this doesn’t just chronicle the new (shadow) government and Noynoy their front man. it is also the story of the awakening of the True Filipino, altogether a new generation of Filipinos– the mass
    accounts for majority Erap’s votes, but it’s the OLD generation and the elite that has created ths new government.

  16. Suzy

    How about “Careful…we are watching you, President Abnoy”? This is an alternative slogan for the next 6 years as Pinoy suffer the consequences of their very bright choice!!!

  17. honoratoperez

    Sana lang, umunlad nga ang bayan. Sana mas maging maginhawa tayo. Sana magsipag na siya. Sana wag na siya mag-ragnarok, kung totoo man.

    Dahil ang magiging talo dito hindi si Villar. O si Gibo. O si Gordon.

    Ang talo sa pagkapanalo ni Noynoy ay ang taong bayan.

    Ayokong maging isang kahihiyan ang maging Filipino.

    Hope won over competence.

  18. Abnoy Will Eventually Go Down

    Ang sama talaga ng loob ko. I don’t know why I even tried. And I don’t know what we’re fighting for either. Ang daming t@nga at b0b0 na Pilipino.

    Abnoy for President? Erap – 2nd padin with more than 8 million votes as of this counting? Bong Revilla, the highest number of votes in the Senate? With Lito Lapid and Jinggoy Estrado joining him

    This election is a complete joke. The Philippines is a f*ck-up. Meron pala ako nakitang joke na tingin ko nakakatawa:

    *before they call us the sick man of asia

    *now they will call us the special man of asia(abnoy)


  19. Marvz

    dear o.n.,

    this is my very first reply to all your posts and i’m thankful that you started this blog and you wouldn’t end it. i’m thankful too, that for the next 6 years you will be hearing from me and the rest of your readers every so often. thanks so much to you.

    every now and then, i kept hearing and reading on emails, blogs of people telling us not to say bad things about our country, the people, and i have been very proud, hopeful and obedient for i know the filipinos can indeed change and shape up. after monday’s exercise, i felt i’m losing hope for our motherland. the filipinos are getting worse. voting and landing on the second spot for an ex-president who plundered the nation and made the nation a joke to the whole world? how could they be so forgetful and forgiving? those votes could have been for the other presidentiables! voting for noynoy whom they knew all along, has no track records and with dirt in his hands, that he can’t lead this nation without the vultures surrounding him from the start, the elitists, whom they see themselves as the only good and mighty people and yet they voted for this guy? stupid isn’t it? plain stupidity.

    i’m now very certain that filipinos do love and almost always fall easily to tv dramas, actors and actresses, shoutings, crying on live tv, special mention to kritch. they all have a very soft heart for these scenes and the networks of course would grab every opportunity.

    i’m now very certain that for the next 6 years we will be living in the world of dramatic themes and the whole world will be our audience.

    i’m now certain that in the months and years to come, these same old shitty vultures, elitists and the people who voted for this guy would be the same ones who will be trying oust him, plan coups, demonstrate and even once again call for an edsa and they will be once again seen as the heroes for saving the nation from the man whom they held up high. pathetic indeed.

    i’m very, very proud that i didn’t vote for noynoy! and i can tell every ngoyngoyista even to my death that i didn’t voted for their president. it’s your president, not mine.

    with that, i would like to rephrase what you wrote:
    I PROUDLY voted for someone who I think we should have as our president, but we ended up with a president we DON’T DESERVE.

    as for us, yes, I TOLD YOU SO.

    kudos to you, O.N. and to all of us anti noynoy-mar.


  20. ohnoy fan

    He may be the president of my country, but he is not MY president.

    All we can do now is pray.

  21. dennis_pikon

    ON! gawa ka update about what kris said na pag nanalo si abnoy aalis sya ng pilipinas. tayo mismo maghahatid sa kanya sa airport!

  22. blissfulcow

    It was truly heart breaking but we must move on. We must be even more vigilant now. We must keep a close eye on this President Elect. We must throw back at him what all his ads promised. Didn’t his “dear”sister Kris say that she would leave the country if Noynoy wins? I’m still waiting for that. Again… we must keep EYE on him and his cabinet.

  23. vince

    tanong ko lang… yung term ba ni Manny Villar bilang senator hindi natapos instead it will end till 2013?


  24. masayang masaya ang mga taga AKO ANG SIMULA ng putang ina!!!

  25. abot tenga ngayon ang ngiti ng mga taga ABiaS-CBaNgag…

  26. lagot tayo tuloy – tuloy nang tataas ang singil sa kuryente… allelujia!! naliligo na sa red wine ngayon ang mga Aquino-Lopez at mga drug lords… putang ina.. bibili na ako ng cobalt for security reasons… papatayin ko MISMO ang hayop na abnoy na yan na putang ina… gagawin pa nilang messiah ang hayop na yan.. at santa naman kiskis aarrrgghhhh….

  27. makabili na nga carbine….

  28. Shikaze

    If Kris Aquino does not leave the country, will Noynoy make her press secretary? haha

  29. marie

    Hindi si Kuya Boy Abunda ang Press Secretary nya at Kris ang magiging Pers Lady nya…. hay naku – this is so depressing..

    O.N Continue the good fight so that we can be heard through your blog. The majority of Filipinos who did not vote for noy2 have now become the minority…More power to you.

  30. bong

    ang suwerte ng evil cbn nanalo si noynoy bawing bawi sa kanilang puhunan.

  31. bsanti

    please don’t be so pessimistic about his win. i mean i’m also not his biggest fan but who knows he might do something good for the country.

    And obviously, he and his administration can’t do anything if we just keep complaining and tell them “i told you so!” We just have to accept it, work and support him as we try to move forward as a united country.

  32. paul

    I didn’t vote for Noynoy, and he’s probably one of the most obvious TRAPOs in the last presidential race. More than 80% of our country voted for Noy Erap and Villar, which is a total embarrassment.

    I believe however that choosing a leader is just a minor responsibility for nation builders. If we believe in Gordon’s or Gibo’s ideas, we can still continue to live with them. Let’s not be too pessimistic (it’s hard, with someone like Noynoy), but let’s respect the structure and democracy of our country.

    When Erap was president, I hated so much the loud student leaders and the likes of Conrado de Quiros, because all they do is complain and criticize. I don’t think that’s a way to be a citizen. Erap was the worst thing to happen in the last decade, but 1/4 of our country still believes in him.

    We need to educate the masses. We need to pressure the media to stop sensationalizing all the drama and hope and the lives of celebrities. Primetime TV is all about unrealistic drama of heroes and heroines (May Bukas Pa) while weekends is all about showbiz talk shows. The media is taking advantage of the “kabobohan” ng Pilipino. They had months of covering the election, but instead of educating the people to look at track record and platform, they joined the politics.

    Let’s all do our part in educating everyone, and continue doing good in our respective professions and beliefs.

    I’m hoping against hope that Philippines may have a chance, and it can happen in our lifetime.

    • Ismelina

      you are so right 🙂

      NA was so blessed to have the media on his side…but he never used it to say anything beyond “My mom or dad used to say this…”, or the ever gas gas…”Kung walang kurapt, walang mahihirap!”


  33. Drew

    Para sa lahat ng nag comment:
    I am not pro-Noynoy, pero huwag na tayong magtaka kung bakit ganito ang ating bansa, kasi lahat tayo, feeling magagaling… mapanghusga, at makasarili. Kung gusto natin ng pagbabago, MGA SARILI MUNA NATIN ANG ATING BAGUHIN!

  34. Agnes

    well said, well said!!!

    I am looking forward to the day we can tell the yellows: “We told you so!”

  35. grace

    the elections are over and there should be no more color dividing the people…wala na yellow, green, orange. we should be one and support the new administration even if he is not our choice.

    we should respect each other’s choices and not call stupid those who voted for other candidates.

    ang problema sa atin, we think tayo lang ang tama at iyong iba ay mali at pinapairal ang crab mentality. hindi pa nga sworn in as president, we already condemn him to fail.

    whoever is sitting as president will never be successful if we do not do our share. walang perpecto na presidente. part of a president’s success is the support given him by the people. so dapat even though he is not our choice, we should honor and support the choice made by many.

  36. dickhead

    Putang ina talaga. To think na makakakita ako ng mga bumoto sa bopols na yan na walang kaalam-alam na ZERO Laws yung binoto nila. Incompetence reeks. Putang ina.

  37. noone

    If ever sumablay ka NOynoy…call on to your flock of retarded id1ots, and tell them to hold people power at the edsa shrine. When everybody is there already, I’ll bomb the frigging place to oblivion para mawala na once and for all ang symbolo ng inabusong demokrasya sa pinas!

    Tita Cors paki hila ang paa ni NOynoy at ng mga nakapaligid sa kanya…please?! :p

  38. bong

    nakakalungkot ang pag-kapanalo ni noynoy pero mas nakakalungkot ang pagiging bobo ng mga bumoto kay noynoy.

  39. Angela

    We cannot expect anything from him. All he said was “hindi ako magnanakaw” anyway. He didn’t say he’ll do anything.

    God bless the Philippines.

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