Ignoring history makes IGNOYS of us all

WHAT NOW, PHILIPPINES? A kiss for the special candidate.

“It’s so unfair,” sobbed my friend when she learned of Noynoy Aquino’s impending victory at the polls.

“He is not the best man for the job,” she continued. “What did he ever do to deserve the position? If Cory hadn’t died, we wouldn’t even be thinking about Noynoy.”

You can’t help but agree with this reasoning.

I mean, let’s face it: Would Noynoy even be in the equation if his mother hadn’t died? Now, as my friend correctly pointed out, the Aquinos have suddenly been bestowed saintly goodness. In the eyes of those who voted for Noynoy Aquino, the yellow family is God’s answer to our despair and hard-luck country.

Those of us who know the truth point to a very simple explanation of the imminent victory of Noynoy.

Filipinos, on the whole, don’t – or refuse to acknowledge – the lessons of history.

How else can you explain a one-two placement for Noynoy (who has no track record of achievements_ and Erap (CONVICTED plunderer)?


We are a forgetful people – that is the polite explanation. Unlike human resources department of most successful companies we know, in the Philippines, anyone can walk in and DEMAND the position of president simply because he knows the right people, possesses the right surname, and has popular parents.

But you know that already.

* * *

Speaking of forgetting, Noynoy seems to have forgotten about the “supreme sacrifice” of running mate Mar Roxas, who was actually forced to settle on running for the vice presidency because of his dismal showing in surveys.

One of my “bubwits” was having dinner at this restaurant when he overheard talk at another table about shifting allegiance from Mar Roxas to “Jejobama” Binay.

And who was at the aforementioned table? No less than SHALANI SOLEDAD.

I hate arrogant Mar as much as the next guy, but this was one occasion I actually felt bad for him.

You now begin to think back to Chiz Escudero’s belated endorsement of NOYBI on the telly – and who the heck funded it.

Even the yellow supporters are rejoicing that a Noynoy-Binay victory would be a true YELLOW victory, as Binay is the “true” yellow, not Mar.


* * *

There seems to be some truth to this dropping of Mar by LP/Noy supporters. Remember the video of Kris as she was filling out her ballot? She was desperately trying to cover the ballot – even from hubby James (who was sorta copying his wife’s selections).

Think about it, why would Kris bother to cover her ballot unless she WASN’T VOTING STRAIGHT LP?

Ah, now there, as Conrado de Shitroz says, is the RUB.



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22 responses to “Ignoring history makes IGNOYS of us all

  1. easydoesit

    imagine: if noy CAN do THAT to mar this early, what’s the outlook for this “(tam)administration”?

    ang daming masama ang loob sa outcome ng election – i for one am surprised that gibo and villar got only so much, i expected them to reach at least 7 to 8 million each. hmm..may daya kaya? i think it’s possible that they did while transmitting results.

    don’t raise your noy that high this early. PLEASE LANG! nakakasuka. madami kaming nagbabantay at iniisip din ang kapakanan ng ating bayan.

    • Think about this.. Ang question namin. why in Angono, Rizal block vote kay NA? zero sa other presidentiables? then ang may ilan ilan vote is a disqualified Acosta? What the hell is happening????? I read a news that in that particular place shaded na raw ang name ni NOy as president sa mga ballots bago ito ibigay sa mga voters kaya may mga nagrereklamo?

    • ramoj

      I’m a supporter of one of those candidates and I don’t think that there was cheating involved in the electoral process. And I don’t think any of these candidates are that technically savvy enough to cheat this system and not get caught.

      I hate to admit it but noy just had the sympathy of 40% of the total pinoy voters.

      As clique as it sounds, he may have won now but he still has so many challenges to face in 6 years. and being president is > than being senator, congressman, and nike shoe salesman combined.

  2. arm

    somehow, i feel “better” that NoyBi will be “it”- rather than NoyRox (haha). I just wonder if this tandem is really for the better… hay, Pinas! what is in store?

  3. TheArch

    I heard rumors of a NOYBI tandem long, long before. LP was planning to junk Mar and choose Binay instead. Well, that did not happen, of course. At least, in public. But I suspect behind the scenes, they were all plotting it already. I mean, Mar Roxas, for sure, would turn into a Doy Laurel who was disillusioned by the Cory presidency. (Kawawa rin siya dahil Cory did not pansin him, and he eventually resigned because of the atrocities of the Cory presidency.) Mar would surely be a hindrance to the current administration, so they chose Binay, who is by the way a close friend of Cory Aquino. For sure, with Binay on the helm, he will not question Noynoy’s administration. Sad to think of it, huh? But let’s just see.

  4. marie

    O.N. Just an observation. Maybe you can go more into this. In the senatorial slate there are only 2 LP candidates who won..maybe 3 if risa hontiveros barraquel can get in. In the 12 incumbent senators, I think there is only 1 or 2 LP – pangilinan/trillanes (am not really sure which party trillanes belongs to) the rest are either independent, LDP, NP, NPC or Lakas. that does make noy2 a “lameduck” president??? like obama who does not have the “numbers” to pass or is having a hard time passing the bills he wants??? wonder what the count is in congress. what do you think…..

  5. marie

    I didn’t include osmena in the LP win as he ran Independent + he has his own mind.

  6. ArticleRequest

    I can’t wait for “I TOLD YOU SO DAY”…

    12 MILLION Yellow People will regret their decision. Noyfans are celebrating their victory and saying haha to the antiNoys… Lets see them when the truth of Noynoy is revealed and the tables are turned on them!!!

    • red

      as much as I want to agree with you just to give it to those arrogant yellow people, for the sake of the Philippines I really hope that “I told you so” day never comes.

  7. Jeff

    I was just thinking,, is it possible that the real reason why Mar Roxas gave way to Noynoy for the presidency because..

    1. sentiments of the people are for Noynoy.
    2. Mar knows that Noynoy will have a hard time and is willing to share powers with him.

    Is Mar thinking to become a Vice President who is more powerful than the President??

  8. bong

    maraming personal agenda si noynoy kaya imposible yung pangako nya. di nya kayang lutasin ang problema sa luisita hacienda paano na kaya sa buong bansa. remember beholden si noynoy sa mga nag fund ng kanyang kandidatura.

  9. blissfulcow

    Yung nga it’s a known fact that the business men that voted for Noy have vested interests.

  10. blissfulcow

    Makati Business Club is pro noy . . . again, vested interest and not really for the good of the country.

  11. Nols

    The Filipino people voted a moron for a President and choose an ex-con for second place despite the existence of quality viable candidates for the position. Hay…while I love this country, I am seriously thinking of leaving it. Yup, can’t wait for the “I told you so,” and “Don’t blame us he’s YOUR President” day. I don’t think we will have to wait long. Yun lang, those fucks at ABS-CBN will be sure to censor negative press and build him up. That’s what makes the whole situation despicable!

  12. Ismelina

    MAR ROXAS: Et tu, Noy?

    As for Erap going 2nd…:(

    The STRONG PRESENCE of Erap only shows how the poor are not being listened to through these years. Only in this elections did they really raise their voices, and boy–was it loud!

    I think the masa has spoken. Even if Erap did steal, he was still their champion. They romanticized Erap. The gov’t had never paid attention to them and they never get a chance to be heard until election, so thus they made their voices heard.

    I have employees whom I tried to dissuade from voting for Erap. I told them to go for Gibo, even Erap is going to vote for Gibo if he wasn’t running. Jinggoy said vote for Gibo if you cant stomach voting for Erap. My employees are masa vote,they said they want Erap back so he can continue his presidency. It’s a vote of vengeance for Erap…also an emo vote, at least based from the people I interviewed in our place.

    Erap did something we didn’t get to see and only the masa got to see, but what we did see was that he plundered and stole from the country. Our mistake was that we let the senators then make a mockery of the hearings when they walked out. Loren started crying and Aquino-Oreta started dancing. Sigh. Dapat talaga binuksan yung envelope,tinuloy yung mga hearings nya para nirespeto yung proceso. Kasi andyan naman evidence eh. the process could prove or disprove the evidence.

    The masa did not get peace of mind. We did, just because we were content to EDSA 2. But come to think of it, it wasn’t fair to EVERYONE because the PROCESS was never given a chance.

    I went to EDSA 2 then because I knew Erap did something wrong, we were cheated because the process was cut short.

    Now, with this Erap victory glaring and slapping us to the face…hay nako.

  13. ob1wan

    It’s funny to read the comments of people who declares they want the best for this country and yet they want to see the next president to fall flat on his face. Don’t you people realize that if that happens, it’s the country and the people who are going to suffer for his failures.
    If you truly want our country to get out of the rut it is in, do your part. It doesn’t matter who won the election, if people whose candidates lost the election are just going to sit on their butts and wish for the failure of the winning candidate, then this country is going nowhere.
    Noynoy is not a great leader, even he realizes that. He knew he was going to need a lot of help and the help he needs most is from the populace.
    No leader can do it alone. If nobody follows him, he will fail. If a large percentage of the population prefers to drag him down, he fails.
    The choice whether this country will rot does not rest on the president’s shoulder alone. The burden is on all of us.

  14. ce

    I still cannot for the world, understand why people voted for a guy who could not show any worthy accomplishment; whose family uses force against their employees (Mendiola massacre and Luisita massacre); who was not even in the political equation until his mother died! Someone wake me from this bad dream!

    Here’s a good read:
    Grace in defeat – FROM THE STANDS By Domini M. Torrevillas | The Philippine Star >> News >> Opinion

  15. ninja

    The conspiracy theory between US and automated elections: http://article.wn.com/view/2010/05/08/USA_Questionable_Leadership_

  16. ninja

    12 million people voted for Noynoy? Please rephrase to 12M votes were counted for Noynoy.

  17. ninja

    Correction: http://article.wn.com/view/2010/05/08/USA_Questionable_Leadership_on_World_Democracy_by_Bev_Harris/

    Please don’t say 12M (or now 13M) people voted for Noynoy, because it is more accurate to say 13M votes were credited to Noynoy.

    Questions to ponder: Who brokered the deal between NA and INC? What did Ronnie Puno, DILG sec and master election operator do during this election? Which pres candidate benefitted from the administration machinery? Who funded Erap? The plot thickens.

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