Dear Inquirer: Where were stories like this during the campaign period?

Yes, the Philippine Daily Inquirer suddenly regained its sense of fairness and nose for REAL news. It has, gasp, finally seen reason to publish an article negative to its anointed, beloved Noynoy Aquino.
Belatedly, the rest of the people will see what choosing Noynoy entails. A house in disarray, the LP is composed of so many camps scrambling for power.
“Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap?”
Oh, c’mon. Kung walang Kamag-anak, Inc., walang mahirap. Kung walang Hyatt 10, walang ganid.
We’ve also seen the kind of people Noy surrounds himself with: treacherous, two-faced scoundrels who — after forcing Mar to slide down to vice presidency — junked him like yesterday’s paper.
So, dear Yellow Supporters, sorry if we speak up now. WE TOLD YOU SO. Don’t speak of unity when your own elected president (not ours) can’t get his act and his minions together.
Then again, we never expected he could do so.

By Fe Zamora
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—The fight between the “Noy-Mar” and “Noy-Bi” advocates has been traced to the rivalry between the Hyatt 10 and groups identified with the so-called Kamag-anak Inc. of ex-Tarlac Rep. Jose Cojuangco, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has learned from sources in the camp of presidential front-runner Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

The “Noy-Bi” tandem of Aquino for president and Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay for vice president was purportedly fielded to derail the “Noy-Mar” tandem of Aquino and Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, which was seen as “not good” for Cojuangco and his allies, the sources said.

Pastor “Boy” Saycon, who is Cojuangco’s colleague in the Council for Philippine Affairs (Copa), which was pushing for the “Noy-Bi” tandem, denied Cojuangco’s involvement. “Peping is out of this,” Saycon said.

The so-called Kamag-anak Inc. refers to the relatives of Aquino who were allegedly involved in corrupt activities that tainted the administration of his mother, Cory Aquino, from 1986 to 1992.

Cojuangco’s group, according to a source, has zeroed in on former Social Welfare Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman, antipoverty commission head Imelda Nicolas, and Aquino’s campaign manager, former Education Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad, who all quit the Arroyo administration at the height of the “Hello Garci” scandal in 2005. Along with seven other Cabinet members, the group also called on Ms Arroyo to step down at a presscon at Hyatt Hotel, thus their name “Hyatt 10.”

Cojuangco’s group, according to sources, did not want any Hyatt 10 member back in the Cabinet under the new Aquino administration because they were once closely associated with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Cracks in the campaign

In an interview, Soliman admitted there were cracks in the campaign.

“I know that there are people in the campaign who are not comfortable with us. But that’s the beauty of the campaign. There is diversity, there is broadness, and there lies the challenge. What united us is the common desire for change and in seeing “Noy-Mar” as the real partners of the people in effecting that desired change,” Soliman said.

She said the group was “very focused to be united… until we found out that we were not so united when the ads of Noy-Bi started coming out.”

She said Aquino was “made aware of the concerns of the Noy-Mar people.”

According to the sources, the “Noy-Bi” tandem was promoted by groups who campaigned alongside with the “Noy-Mar” volunteers.

‘Sleeping with enemy’

“We were sleeping with the enemy, but God knows and sees everything,” an elderly volunteer said.

“I was deceived. I volunteered to campaign for Noy-Mar. Then sometime in April, my organization was already for Noy-Bi, and I was still campaigning with them in the sorties,” another volunteer complained.

The groups identified with the Noy-Bi campaign include Copa, Philippine Patriotic Movement (PPM), Noynoy Aquino for President Movement (NAPM), Tuloy Pnoy and Yellow Force.

Cojuangco founded Copa with Saycon, Boy Montelibano, William Esposo, Louis Sison, Maria Montelibano and Triccie Sison.

The NAPM was founded by Ed Roces days after the death of President Corazon Aquino in August 2009 to gather a million signatures that would convince Noynoy Aquino to run for president. The NAPM officers include Salvador Rivera, Marcedes Prieto and Briccio Santos.

Roces was duplicating the campaign launched by his father, Don Chino Roces, to convince the widow of opposition Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. to run for president against the dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the 1986 snap election.

Yellow Force vs Yellow Army

The Yellow Force, which was launched during the election period, was apparently organized to rival the Noy-Mar volunteer group organized by Soliman, the Yellow Army. The daughter of Cojuangco, Mikee C. Jaworski, has been identified as a prime mover in the Yellow Force and Tuloy Pnoy.

The NAPM holds its office in Makati on the fourth floor of Parc House along EDSA (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue), just two floors above the office of the Yellow Ribbon Movement, a staunch Noy-Mar volunteer campaign group composed mostly of wives of retired military and police officers, and former members of the Aquino Cabinet. The Yellow Ribbon Movement was organized by Margie Juico, who also served in the Aquino Cabinet.

Ironically, Noynoy Aquino and his campaign manager, Butch Abad of Hyatt 10, have their offices on the third floor of the same building.



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25 responses to “Dear Inquirer: Where were stories like this during the campaign period?

  1. marie

    They also forgot to include the Tony Boy Cojuangco and Albert del Rosario – the election management system that they out together for noy. now, i know how he won in all the surveys – sila rin gumawa. could they also have hacked in the comelec system???? just asking………


    • maggie

      are you thinking what I am thinking? it’s easier to cheat in an automated environment….the thought makes me shudder…who could be the brain behind all these?

  2. marie

    in my opinion, they have not “regained their sense of fairness etc.” I think it boils down to their sales. I for one stopped buying Phil Daily Inquirer and Philippine Star. If a lot of us did that, sales would slump = lose of income = no money. in the words of a noynoyista — buti nga sa inyo. belat. hahaha…..

  3. Ismelina

    I really think that the Hyatt 10 are the termites of Aquino’s campaign–now he gave Dinky Soliman back her post in DSWD. I hate Dinky Soliman.

    I hope he won’t put more Hyatt 10 people in cabinet. If there’s any decency left in him, if he really wants CHANGE, for crying out loud, he shouldn’t be involved with people who supported GMA in the first place.

    It’s obvious those people are just after their own interests.

  4. Ismelina

    Yes, there were precincts, particularly in Mindanao that shows NA as leading–and I’d expect Erap to get a lot of votes there, or Gibo to be 3rd or 4th…but the two and the rest of the candidates have zero or 1 or 2 votes. The rest of the votes went to NA.

    • Erap and Gibo would never have high votes in Mindanao… for Muslims voting for Erap is haram or against the will of Allah… while Gibo is connected to the anti-war and anti-Muslim sentiment.

  5. che

    i think it’s but time for us regardless of what affiliation you’re in to unite and do your part in helping the country move on under the leadership of noynoy. in a democracy the majority wins and he won. in our country everyone has a right to speak up but with your act is it helping the country to rise above the devastation that the previous adm did? this is worth pondering…. you are important in building up the nation in the simpliest way you can. so do it ..but stop pointing your finger at people. act more talk less. i trust noynoy but he must always pray for discernment and guidance and i know he will never fail. if God is with him who can be against him?


    • ramoj

      Hi che,

      Believe me, people who share the same sentiments in this blog will be part of nation building because of our obligations to the government; namely the TAXES that we will be paying for their pork barrels, gov’t expenditures, and manny pacquiao fight trips in the U.S.

      Just like you, we all want this nation to prosper spiritually, socially, and economically. It’s not that we are dis-united with the 40 % group but it’s just that we have a different opinion from the 40 % group.

      And our opinion is…and no offense…

      Noy sucks.

      well…hopefully for now…

      Some people from this site will frown at this. But I also hope that he proves all of us wrong in this website; that he goes beyond the ‘lazy, snobbish, elitist/haciendero stereotype’ and become a combination of Marcos’ intellectual political and economic savviness and Magsaysay’s compassion and charisma…

      Well, libre naman mangarap…

    • Dilaw na Mantsa

      If by moving on means ignoring the potential dangers of a clueless puppet president in the making, then no thank you.


      Then you mjust not be reading hwats written everywere…there was no majority..IT WAS A TACTICAL DEMOLISION OF WHAT A LEADER SHOULD BE…AND THAT IS NOT NOYNOY AQUINO!!!! and if your really paying any attention, you would realize that the whole country is divided, We are not about to agree on someone without so much of an understanding,how a governement is run,and he was diabolically installed, and it may not show up now…but the product of putting a cheap and wrong parts on a good machine will show up sooner than you think…NOYNOY WAS INCOMPETENT AS A CONGRESSMAN, HE WAS INCOMPETENT AS A SENATOR…WHAT MAKES YOU THINK,THAT HE WOULD FUNCTION AS A GOOD LEADER ??? AND WE THE PEOPLE MUST BE VERY AWARE AND VIGILANT…

    • interesado

      Che : Let us not be so naive into thinking that Noynoy is so holy and untarnished that he is the anointed one even by God. This is politics, for heaven’s sake! He is just like any other candidate out there, only he is the son of 2 very prominent figures in our nation’s history who fought a dictatorship, nothing more.

      Now that elections are over, just wait and see if he still acts like the saint that he was projected to be. He will be just like any other winning president, paying back to those who supported him through appointments to the cabinet and other juicy posts. Wake up girl, this is the real world of politics!

      If we who did not vote for him sound so negative to you, why don’t you take time and listen to your candidate who has been so nega this past few days, starting from the appointment of CJ to the issue of taking his oath before a barangay captain (personally I think that was hilarious). He has been a whiner all throughout the campaign. I even started to think that he too was a brat after all, just like the bitchy and braggart little sister.

      Yes I have a personal commitment to support this government, but I am turned off by the whining and the arrogant stance he is projecting. That is why I have resolved to be vigilant and driven to be aware of the details surrounding the current issues rather than be a blind follower. I suggest you also do the same along with praying for the incoming president.

  6. che

    ms marie please refrain from name calling you are revealing yourself. practice sobriety and you will command respect. respect begets respect. we all love our country and that’s it.

    • marie

      i was in a quandary on whether i would to your “observation” or not. i was going to let it pass as i felt that is your opinion and i respect that. in retrospect, i decided that i should answer this.

      1. name-calling – means abusive or insulting language. if your are referring to “buti nga sa inyo and belat”, please do not take my words out of context. the whole sentence read – in the words of a noynoyista etc….i admit that was very immature of me but then who isn’t???? FYI abusive language is “mga ampalaya kayo” courtesy of jansen in the blog titled airport anyone
      2. practice sobriety – i don’t drink. not even socially. moot point.
      3. respect – you’re right. but this has to be 2 way and not 1 way. as i respect your opinion, learn to respect mine
      4. NO loving the country is not enough. YOU MUST ALSO LOVE THE FILIPINO PEOPLE. without us, the people, there is no country… there is just an empty piece of land.

      please remember 60% of the filipino people did not vote for him. if you look at it we are the majority and you are the minority.

  7. dickhead

    “I told you so!” time na ba?

  8. noone

    Sigh! Too late the Hero…if they (journalists, owners of dailies) just listened to their hearts and not their pockets, post like this could have swayed voters from voting NOynoy. tsk! Too late… 😦

  9. adolfo mortera

    i saw it coming. but i wonder where the black and white movement figures in this power play? i saw leah navarro last night speaking in behalf of presumptive president n.a and she spoke like a hen finally coming down to roost. it’s all about power, not principles. it’s all about opportunities for wealth. we never learned from our history. i see noynoy’s presidency will be much worse than gma’s, with each faction pulling strings. for one, aquino’s platform is based on vengeance, hatred, and self righteousness. nothing else.

  10. mulatpinoy

    I heard that incompetence is a ground for impeachment among other things… out NA, watch your step, watch your words, especially watch your actions… if villar becomes senate president and gma becomes speaker of the house then the impeachment process may become easier…there may be hope for our country yet hehe…baka di ka abutin ng six years…

  11. tiagongmagsasaka

    if a president-elect turns out to be so incompetent or negligent of his duties, i think that amounts to betrayal of public trust, which is a ground for impeachment

  12. Inquirer - Worst Paper in Asia

    The writers, editors, and owners of the Inquirer should be ashamed of themselves. They’re two-faced liars and hypocrites, one and all.

    They did a lot of damage during the campaign period. That useless paper should be called out and condemned for their deceit to the Filipino people. Ipakulong ang sinungaling nilang journalists.

    Karma is coming. I hope it will be soon. Gloria, Villar, Marcos, etc. are all victims of their vindictiveness. This election has revealed why the power of media firms should be limited. Grabe ang kagarapalan nila.. Tama si Ferdinand Marcos.

  13. dickhead

    Isama nyo na yung AbiaSedCBN na yan. Lugi yung ibang candidates kay abnoy.

  14. dickhead

    Talunan daw yung di bumoto kay abnoy

  15. dickhead

    Kita naman sa comment section ng youtube na talagang may kumakampi pa sa kanya. Spoiled brats!

    • marie

      All the noynoyistas are like that. Win or Lose they are “pikon”. My barkada was telling me that 2 of her sisters voted for noynoy. her sisters does not want to discuss whats happening in the government – their reason – “magaaway lang daw sila”

  16. pilipinas

    🙂 kayo? may nagawa na ba kayo sa bayan bukod sa manghusga? kilala nio ba sila ng personal para mahusgahan nio? hmm.. wala tayong karapatang husgahan ang sinuman.. wag magdown ng kapwa.. 🙂

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