Let Kris Aquino swear in Noynoy, for crying out loud!

Selling the drama: Are you ready for a six-year telenovela?

Despite the self-righteous proclamations of some Noynoy supporters within the comments section, we have seen Noynoy Aquino’s politics of division from the get-go. Unity? The Abnoy doesn’t know its meaning.

While posturing himself as the one to carry on the fight of his famous parents, Noynoy Aquino has distinguished himself as someone who anything but similar to Cory and Ninoy Aquino.

He crushed the dream of Mar Roxas for the presidency by submitting not to the people’s will, but the will of old opportunistic farts of the Liberal Party.

After hijacking everything yellow and the copyright to EDSA and People Power, Noynoy then furthered his sensationalist, destructive politics by employing against his rivals every dirty trick in the book – fueled and boosted by one-time campaign adviser Serge Osmena.

Polarization, not unity, was in the Noynoy agenda. Polarization, apparently, is still the order of the day.

The irony was there for everyone to see yet, well, there’s no accounting for taste. If 40 percent of the country wants to see a salivating, grass-smoking nutcase rule the country then we have to submit to that.

But the crap has to stop somewhere. I mean, is there such a major need for personal attention that El Drool-o has to refuse taking his oath in front of Justice Renato Corona and make an almost hilarious suggestion to take it in front of a barangay captain?

Why not go all the way and make your oath in front of Kriatch, who will put your hand atop the ABS-CBN/Inquirer script that worked to fool such a big chunk of voters?

Ah, the histrionics and excrement! I thought it would be over after May 10. I was soooo wrong. The guy hasn’t even started his term and we’re already in a pile of telenovela script re-runs!



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31 responses to “Let Kris Aquino swear in Noynoy, for crying out loud!

  1. iya mercado

    You are so right! Actually, I don’t want to have anything to do with establishments that supported this arrogant nutcase. To name a few, I stopped buying/patronizing Inquirer, Phil. Star and I have no intention of tuning in to ABiaS-CBN, ANC ever again!

  2. ALJID

    Ang korni talaga ni AbNoynoy. Sobrang cheezy ng mga iniisip niya. Halos equivalent na sa pagkain kuno nang nakakamay ni ERAP. If he wants to have a clean image, dapat hindi puro acting lang gaya ng kapatid niyang si Kristeta. He’s just making a fool of himself each time he tries to do something just to be called clean and saintly.

  3. ALJID

    Ang korni talaga ni AbNoynoy. Sobrang cheezy ng mga iniisip niya. Halos equivalent na sa pagkain kuno nang nakakamay ni ERAP. If he wants to have a clean image, dapat hindi puro acting lang gaya ng kapatid niyang si Kristeta. He’s just making a fool of himself each time he tries to do something just to be called clean and saintly…

  4. Most people I know are so protective of Kris pag nasasabit na ang name nya sa political analysis of anything Noynoy-oriented. What they fail to examine is that Kris is very much part of that. She even made it official recently by saying that she’s staying to help serve and keep Noy’s promise to his brother’s voters. De facto First Lady. If I were James magseselos ako.

    • interesado

      I will not be surprised if by 2016, this bratty and braggart little sister will run for public office. In today’s article by Ricky Lo, it was reported that she will be leaving her showbiz gossip-oriented shows The Buzz and SNN. This early, I can already sense an image make-over to prepare her for a political career in the future being supported by no less than the rotten ABS-CBN. Nakakasuka na talaga ang mga puwedeng mangyari. God save this country from further ruin!

  5. dickhead

    Tsugi na pala si nantes. Say goodbye to the narcopolitics issue.

  6. Suzy Santos

    Jusme, swearing in pa lang, bobo na. Ano pa kaya sa mga policy making at national issues decisions in the next 6 years. Jeez! mas bobo pa kay Erap napili nyo Pilipinas!

  7. @Suzy Santos

    If you’re asking about policy making, oh, well, maraming gustong policy maker especially those who are salivating for the power. Numero uno na diyan ang TRAPO na si Franklin Drilon, na nangarap maging Little President ulit. Remember, Frank Drilon was the Little President during the time of Cory. The Kamag Anak Inc., interested din dyan sa policy making.. as for AbNoynoy, he’ll just read all the press releases.. can’t expect anything from him.

  8. pspoverdrive

    now, ABias-CBN report that Kritch said her promise to leave the country was just “pabiro”.
    What a bitch.
    Arrogante din to si Noynoy. He should accept Corona as the new CJ of the Supreme Court. I mean, what’s the purpose of filing a impeachment complaint if ever Corona does get biased in his decisions.
    Noynoy really disregard due process. A trait of the hacienderos talaga.

  9. tiagongmagsasaka

    what is noynoy’s beef against CJ Corona? he should be careful in making irresponsible and dangerous statements. He must remember that the judiciary is a co-equal branch of government. He’s acting as if he owns the place. I think Noynoy is still on campaign mode, masyado siyang na-excite sa kampanya niya. If he really has the country’s interest at heart, he should move on, cast aside political differences and think only of what he can do for the Filipino people. enough of this posturing. Tama na! sobra na! umayos ka nga!

  10. Maria Elizabeth Embry

    Please visit:

    to sign the Petition to the Supreme Court of the Philippines to Lift TRO Re: Hacienda Luisita

    We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with the United Luisita Workers’ Union (ULWU), the Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA), the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP), and the Alyansa ng mga Magbubukid ng Gitang Luzon (AMGL) in appealing to the Honorable Chief Justice and to the other members of the Supreme Court of the Philippines to lift the temporary restraining order (TRO) it issued in June 2006 upon the petition of the Cojuangco family that prevented the government from distributing the 6,000-hectare Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac.

    We declare that in December 2005, Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman and the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC) issued an order revoking the stock distribution option (SDO) agreement between Hacienda Luisita Inc. (HLI) and the farm workers. The same directive ordered that the property be parceled out among the workers.

    Therefore, we the undersigned, respectfully appeal to our justices’ sense of truth, justice, and accountability to allow the government to distribute the Luisita land to the farmworker-beneficiaries.

    Justice delayed is Justice denied


    Published by Maria Elizabeth Embry on Apr 24, 2010
    Category: Justice
    Region: GLOBAL
    Target: Supreme Court of the Philippines
    Background (Preamble):
    The Central Bank Monetary Board resolution from 1957 required distribution of Hacienda Luisita’s land to small farmers within 10 years. When 1967 came and went with no land distribution taking place, the farm workers began to organize themselves to uphold their cause.
    A case was filed on May 7, 1980 by the Marcos government against the Cojuangco company TADECO for the surrender of Hacienda Luisita to the Ministry of Agrarian Reform, so land could be distributed to the farmers at cost, in accordance with the terms of the government loans given in 1957-1958 to the late Jose Cojuangco, Sr., who died in 1976. (Republic of the Philippines vs. TADECO, Civil Case No. 131654, Manila Regional Trial Court, Branch XLIII)
    On January 16, 1986, (Cory) Aquino delivered her second major speech in Davao and said, “Land-to-the-tiller must become a reality, instead of an empty slogan.”
    In the same speech, (Cory) Aquino also said, “You will probably ask me: Will I also apply it to my family’s Hacienda Luisita? My answer is yes.”
    The snap elections took place on February 7, 1986. Marcos was declared winner, but was ousted by the People Power revolution. Cory Aquino was sworn in as President on February 25, 1986.
    On January 22, 1987, eleven months into the Aquino administration, the Mendiola massacre happened. Thousands of frustrated farmers marched to Malacañang demanding fulfillment of the promises made regarding land reform during the Aquino campaign, and distribution of lands at no cost to beneficiaries. At least a dozen protesters were killed in the violent dispersal. More were seriously injured.
    The Stock Distribution Option (SDO) was a clause in the 1988 Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) that allowed landowners to give farmers shares of stock in a corporation instead of land. The landlords then arranged to own majority share in the corporations, to stay in control. This went against the spirit of land reform, which is to give “land to the tiller”.
    On May 18, 1988, the Court of Appeals dismissed the case filed in 1980 by the Philippine government—under Marcos—against the Cojuangco company TADECO to compel the handover of Hacienda Luisita. It was the Philippine government itself—under Aquino—that filed the motion to dismiss its own case against TADECO, saying the lands of Hacienda Luisita were going to be distributed anyway through the new agrarian reform law.
    A month after the case was dismissed, on June 10, 1988, Aquino signed the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law. Soon after, Hacienda Luisita was put under the Stock Distribution Option (SDO) that Aquino included in the law. Through the SDO, landlords could comply with the land reform law without giving land to farmers.
    On May 9, 1989, Luisita’s farm workers were asked to choose between stocks or land in a referendum. The SDO won 92.9% of the vote. A second referendum and information campaign were held on October 14, 1989, and again the SDO won, this time by a 96.75% vote.
    Luisita’s SDO agreement spelled out a 30-year schedule for transferring stock to the farm workers:
    “At the end of each fiscal year, for a period of 30 years, the SECOND PARTY (HLI) shall arrange with the FIRST PARTY (TADECO) the acquisition and distribution to the THIRD PARTY (farm workers) on the basis of number of days worked and at no cost to them of one-thirtieth (1/30) of 118,391,976.85 shares of the capital stock of the SECOND PARTY (HLI) that are presently owned and held by the FIRST PARTY (TADECO), until such time as the entire block of 118,391,976.85 shares shall have been completely acquired and distributed to the THIRD PARTY (farm workers).”
    About 5 years after the SDO was implemented, management began to claim that HLI was losing money. The farm workers’ wages plateaued and their work days were cut.
    Meanwhile, a mall and industrial park were sprouting on the portion of the hacienda closest to McArthur Highway. Losing money but building a mall? the farmers brooded. Something was up.
    Conversion—the real plan
    On September 1, 1995, the Sangguniang Bayan of Tarlac passed a resolution reclassifying 3,290 out of Luisita’s 4,915 hectares from agricultural to commercial, industrial, and residential. The governor of Tarlac province at that time was Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco, wife of Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, Jr. Out of the 3,290 reclassified hectares, 500 were approved for conversion by the DAR.
    As land was being converted, the area left for farming grew smaller and smaller. More work days were cut, and wages were practically frozen. Mechanization also reduced the need for manual labor.
    Mass retrenchment
    By 2003, the farm workers’ daily wage was down to P194.50 (P9.50 after deductions for salary loans and other items), and work days were down to 1 per week.
    They finally saw the futility of having four board seats against management’s seven (the SDO agreement allotted 4 board seats to the farm workers ahead of the 30-year waiting period for their stocks). They were always going to be outvoted. They also feared that their board representatives could easily be manipulated because they were not as well-versed as management in corporate matters.
    The SDO had to go, they concluded.
    The union leaders scrabbled together a petition to revoke the SDO and stop land conversion in Luisita. It was signed by 5,339 farm workers and filed at the Department of Agrarian Reform on December 4, 2003. In July 2004, the union tried to negotiate a wage increase to P225 per day. They also asked for an increase in work days to 2-3 days per week. Management said no, saying the company was losing money.
    Management then issued notices retrenching 327 farm workers effective October 1, 2004. A month later came the workers’ strike, then the Hacienda Luisita massacre.
    Under pressure from public outrage over the November 2004 massacre, the Arroyo
    administration, through the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), formed Task Force Stock Distribution on November 25, 2004 to study the causes of the workers’ strike. The Task
    Force was later renamed Task Force Luisita. In March 2005, teams were sent by the DAR to Luisita’s 10 barangays to investigate the SDO.
    the DAR’s Task Force Luisita submitted the findings and recommendations of its
    investigation. This formed the basis for the government’s decision a few months later to revoke Luisita’s Stock Distribution Option (SDO) and order the distribution of the hacienda’s land to the farmers.On December 23, 2005, the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council (PARC) formally ordered
    Luisita’s SDO revoked, and its lands put under compulsory acquisition.
    But the Cojuangco family would not give up the land without a fight. A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was obtained from the Supreme Court by June 2006 preventing PARC from revoking the SDO and distributing Hacienda Luisita’s land. This TRO has been in force for more than three years now.
    Source: gmanews.tv/story/181877 published in four series
    By STEPHANIE DYCHIU 01/18/2010

    pls forward to family & friends, post @facebook, twitter, etc.

    Maria Elizabeth Embry
    Antioch Ca

  11. noypikon

    he does not know anything but vengeance and revenge, nakafocus lang sa paghihigante nya sa gma administration, objective? yes might be but not in terms of uniting our country but of proving that he is against Arroyo and whoever there is to blame.

    he must move on and focus on his platform (if there’s any) and do what he should to save us in turmoil.

  12. dickhead

    May mga kakilala ba kayo na bumoto kay noynoy na nagsisisi na sa ginawa nila?

  13. easydoesit

    i cannot believe that our apparent next president is starting his term with a negative outlook. didn’t he say in presidential debates that he respects the separation of powers? is it out of fear if ever he will be tried soon by the supreme court? or is he threatening them in case they will have to decide on any hacienda luisita case or even noy’s impeachment?

    i am also continually p*ssed off at kris aquino’s arrogance! feel na feel niya talaga ang presidency ni noy and since she campaigned and cashed out big time for his campaign, she feels it payback time already.

  14. mulatpinoy

    the aquino siblings particularly abnoy and bratinella are really wrecking the aquino legacy, making the progeny of the marcoses stand with more dignity and outclassing the snotty “heirs” of ninoy and cory…

    though the country will always have a debt of gratitude to the couple, abnoy and bratinella should stop acting like the country owes them something, stop acting like spoiled dimwit brats!…abnoy was elected not because he was the best man for the job but because he used the EDSA legacy to the hilt, prostituting it to his own advantage and big media outfits (abiased cbn) and big broadsheets (inquirer, star) and journalists like monsod, de quiros, banayo and william esposo flexed their influential muscles to manipulate and omit vital information about this incompetent guy we will UNFORTUNATELY!!! soon call president (eww!)

    not respecting a co-equal branch of the government is starting out on a bad foot, didn’t the jesuits taught him that? he’s really unraveling, starting to show his colors, pikon talaga or is it his mental condition showing?! I won’t be surprised if this guy will be ganged up in congress and in the senate, he played dirty, now it will be payback time…besides, he should be used to it by now especially after stabbing mar in the back, just shows what kind of leader this guy will be, imagine letting his party do that to his vice presidentiable…or maybe he’s not the one calling the shots, in short puppet lang sya at si bratinella kris ang official mascot ng Liar Party..

  15. I did not vote for the yellow man because I felt that his bid for the top post was just a crappy drama, an afterthought of his mom’s death, and hyped like any ordinary telenovela by seemingly selfish media organizations. But now that he’s getting the post, I tried to respect the mandate of the majority, like benefit of the doubt.

    Pero naman, ‘di pa nga nakapag-oath, napaka-adversary na ng mode niya. I can now see a telenovela kind of governance, where secrets are revealed, vengeance are pursued, and dramatic endings with some production number.

    With such a negative start, the next six years will be the longest in history. God bless these 13Mio people.


    We need to brace ourselves ,cause the worst of them all is here…And history might just repeat itself…Noynoy will for sure destroy our country,and while his doing that, Bongbong Marcos is building everythinhg, just what he did for his constituent in the Ilocano country…CORY never brought Democracy in our country, she brought destruction,chaos and mayhem..she brought deaths and suffering..and if that is Democracy,then she could take it and shove it on noynoys ahem..How in the world,can the dumbest candidate in all election anywere in the world could win, and how in the world can they say that systems are a go on those stupid machines and 2 days before election,they have a malfunction,and they were able to change 76,000 Flash cards,and reprogram everything..i mean really??? but i am not surprise..kung yung 12million na bumoto sa kanya ang humawak ng machines,then we all deserve,what he does to our country…There is nothing else we can do than, be vigilant..We need to keep an eye oneverything,and speak up.. write or blog many international newspapers,like the New York times,L.A. , thats what we can do as citizens of the Philippines.. fight for our country-

  17. jazzy

    off topic lang paki post naman to sa site mo: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/191217/automated-polls-were-allegedly-rigged-whistleblower-claims

    now i know why di ako bumoto ni isa sa vp..

  18. dickhead

    Google mo na lang yung GLOBAL ELITES favor AQUINO.

    @all, nabalitaan nyo na ba yung latest dayaan news kuno?

  19. dickhead

    Kaduda duda ang smartmatic na ito.

    Taken from a forum

    Now I love this one
    Smartmatic attempts to bribe a Philippine Journalist

  20. Presidency was Stolen from G1Bo!!!

    Anu ba naman yan!

    Just read a report of massive cheating, Abnoy and Kamag-Anak Inc basically stole the election from G1BO Teodoro through vote shaving. Grabe!!! Someone should get to the bottom of this.


    He added results from the presidency, in favor of frontrunner Sen. Benigno Aquino III, have also been included in the P1 billion payment made by Binay.

    The alleged whistleblower said the presidential race was actually between administration bet Gilberto Teodoro and former president Joseph Estrada, whose votes were shaved by an average of five million each.

    “Si Gibo, si Erap, si Bro. Eddie Villanueva, [ang binawasan ng boto]. Hindi ko ma-figure-out masyado [iyong eksaktong numero]. Supposed to be nanalo si Gibo. Naglalaban [sila ni Erap]. Five or six million ang nabawas kay Gibo. Kay Eddie, almost two to three million. Si Erap, four million yata.”

    • interesado

      If what this whitleblower said is true, ang sakit naman for those whose votes were stolen, and for us whose votes were not counted correctly. I’m sure mega react nanaman ang mga doble carang taga Liberal party to defend their do-no-evil candidate and their secret VP (Binay) who is also the epitome of a corrupt government official, to the bones! May God bless those who have sacrificed and have done nothing to harm this country yet are being made to suffer pain due to the outcome of this elections.

      • marie

        If this report is true then the prediction of Jeanne Dixon is now coming to pass. there are actually 2 predictions. in november 1983, “she said cory will be president, and one of her children will run for the presidency but will lose to a relative. after november 1983, she made another prediction saying that 1 of her children will become president, will be betrayed by a woman and a very rich man which will usher in the most corrupt era in Philippine history.”
        I wonder who the woman is????

  21. interesado

    This guy and the rest of his family cannot deny that they dropped Mar Roxas because he was definitely a threat to him. I never chose their tandem because I never believed that Noynoy had the capabilities to become president and I didn’t like Korina. But I never expected Mar to lose after topping those surveys for several months. I pity him for bowing out and sacrificing his bid for the presidency, only to have the vice presidency slyly pulled from under him as well. Isn’t that the height of “kawalanghiyaan” and “katraidoran”? All the while we thought that Noynoy was not smart enough to deserve the highest position of the land but little did we know that he and those people dictating to him were busy planning the ultimate defeat of Mar. What a shameless bunch of hooligans these people are. Karma will always be waiting in the wings…watch out.

  22. hoy mga gago at gaga maraming may mga kapansanang abnoy sa pilipinas, baka isa sa mga yan ay mga kamag-anak nyo mga gago mahiya kayo sa kanila. kinakawawa nyo sila at hindi si noynoy…. hoy! mga bobo’t boba si noynoy may milyones and tatlong kumpanya ang pinapalakad at sariling kanya, eh kayo merong ganon! kayo ang mga gago at gaga.

  23. arm

    noer- you must change your name to “name caller”. how many more names can you think of to call people who critique ngoyngoy? give us a list and we’ll give you a prize 🙂

  24. Not a zombie

    Noer, may milyones nga, di naman sapat na pambayad ng nagastos. Magsama kayo nung kandidato ng ch2.

  25. blissfulcow

    Did anyone watch Pilipinas Got Talent yesterday where Bratinella was giving out the statistical percentage of Noy2 winnings in Taguig and this other place? Luis Manzano’s face was squirming in disgust. He just kept quiet. I do not watch any show with Kris Aquino in it, but curious about PGT. After Bratinella was giving statistics which had NOTHING to do with the SHOW, I just rolled my eyes and watched something else. I pity James Yap. I really do.


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